How to stick users without spending money?

No matter how good the product is, in this era, it is not possible without marketing. Objectively speaking, marketing is also a capability, and it is a very important capability. Under the premise of sufficient product power, marketing is a catalyst for explosives, which can promote explosives to burst in a short time.

Explosives marketing is more based on product level marketing. This kind of marketing is more about product conversion, and only marketing that sells products is really valuable marketing. We often say that all marketing that is not aimed at conversion is a waste of money.

Since the purpose of marketing is to sell products, we will use the logic of e-commerce to see what kind of marketing methods are needed at different stages. The formula for e-commerce is:

E-commerce = traffic × conversion rate × customer unit price × repurchase rate

The following is to launch explosives marketing strategies from the four aspects of traffic, conversion rate, customer unit price and repurchase rate.

Strategy 1: Acquire customers! Absolutely draws traffic
Traffic marketing, in a nutshell, is to acquire users. Here I will explain how to get traffic based on the logic of explosives. Let’s look at how to do traffic marketing from four dimensions.

1. Product Marketing: Finding the “burst point” that excites users

Product is the source and the basis of all marketing. Focusing on product marketing, we should rematch products with users to find the “burst point” of the product. The point that your product is most attractive to users is the core competitiveness of your product. Just dig out this bursting point, your product has the soul.

Let’s look at a classic case of finding a burst point from the user’s perspective. In 2018, the phrase “Second-hand car direct-selling network, no intermediaries to make a difference” became popular in major media. Why is this slogan so hot? One simple reason is to find the user’s bursting point-“No middleman makes a difference”. Users have always hated middlemen. Used sunflower seeds seized this tipping point and brought their direct sales service to the market. Of course, users were led to the seeds. In fact, let’s think about it: Isn’t Guazi used car a middleman? However, this is no longer important for users, who believe that Guazi is more honest.

A product has a breaking point, it is easy to impress users and detonate the market. On the contrary, some products have no problems themselves, but the wrong positioning of the crowd can easily be misunderstood as a problem with the product.

2. Design an appealing slogan: simple, rude, and effective

In today’s era of information explosion, whoever can capture the user’s attention within 8 seconds and who can quickly build user awareness of the product will have the opportunity to win the market. Today’s advertising slogan is more about six words: simple, rude, and effective. The core of a slogan is to convey information, which should be printed directly in the user’s mind like a seal. There are two techniques for this type of slogan: to capture product characteristics and match user concerns, and to complete cognitive implantation directly; to find a precise user population, and to accurately position the product and the crowd directly.

3. Social Marketing: Word of Mouth Communication Is The Key

Social marketing, also called social marketing, is simply marketing based on social relationships. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, there are already 3 billion Internet users worldwide, of which 2.5 billion are expected to be social media users.

Social media has several distinctive features: a more precise target group, a higher conversion rate, and a lower marketing cost. In the Internet era, consumers’ purchase of products is not only the end of one transaction, but also the beginning of another transaction. It is also the beginning of word of mouth. It is this cycle of word of mouth that has made a big difference in social marketing today. Dentsu Corporation summarizes the entire consumer behavior as an AISAS model.

This model is a complete online consumer behavior model. For enterprises, we need to set up corresponding marketing strategies in each link of the AISAS model in order to establish a complete cycle of social marketing. Specifically, today’s social media is very rich. WeChat, Weibo, Toutiao, Douyin, Kuaishou, Zhihu, and Post Bar, as well as webcasts and many vertical websites are actually social marketing platforms. Different platforms have different attributes. We need to choose different platforms based on different products and different marketing goals. If you want to make a cosmetic, and hope you can compare the ingredients or technological content with major brands, then Xiaohongshu and beautiful legends are more suitable for you. If you want to bring goods through the Internet, maybe Douyin is best for you.

4. Content and IP Marketing: The rise of online celebrity live streaming

Today, various Internet celebrity live broadcasts and vibrato screens have risen rapidly, and major stars have followed the trend to major live broadcast platforms. For a time, online red goods became hot. Behind these internet celebrities is the rise of content marketing.

In 2018, the number of online celebrities with more than one million fans increased by 23%, the number of Internet celebrities with more than 100,000 fans increased by 51%, and the total number of Internet celebrities has exceeded one million. The huge number of internet celebrities and fans has created a new economic form. The live broadcast market alone reached 45.3 billion yuan in 2017, and the market size is expected to reach 112 billion yuan by 2020. This will be a huge market.

In the internet celebrity economy, content marketing has a very high “star-tracking feature”, and live celebrities do not need to tweet to promote the products they want to sell. They show scene-like effects, such as lipstick on the mouth, jewelry on the hand, and cosmetics in the dressing room, which can all become hot commodities. The same model with the stars, the same model with the Internet hot.

Although internet celebrity products are hot, we should not deify them, but we must first make our products distinctive. Net red products have several characteristics: eye-catching appearance, high recognition, novel functions, and in line with the personality of young people.

Among internet celebrity products, scenario-based and plot marketing are particularly sought after by users. Many internet celebrities associate products with daily life, such as travel and food, and directly implant products into life situations, leaving users unaware Feeling like these products to stimulate consumption, the effect is often much better than the original type of broadcast.

In addition to online red goods, IP (intellectual property) is still a large traffic. In particular, those Marvel series and Disney series that are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people have been increasingly combined with various products and achieved good results. In this respect, the old-fashioned Wufangzhai has done very well. The Disney series and Marvel series of dumplings launched by it are well-loved by children. These two types of dumplings have naturally become the explosives of the dumpling world.

In addition to this IP implantation, there is also a marketing method that is cross-border cooperation. In this respect, the cooperation between Ruiao Cocktail and Liushen is a classic. In a Tmall national tide operation, Ruiao launched a soft water flavor cocktail, which aroused the curiosity of many young people: What would it taste like to put a cocktail in a soft water bottle? As a result, Tmall sold 17,000 bottles of this cocktail in one minute.

Strategy 2: Increase the activation rate and let users experience the “burst point” faster
After we attract users, we need to activate the users, that is, let users buy or use our products. Generally, we refer to the proportion of users who buy or use our products as the total users. Conversion is a very important part of the entire user transaction process. E-commerce often mentions the conversion rate. Good e-commerce can achieve 5% conversion rate, poor e-commerce can only achieve one thousandth. a few. Without conversion, no amount of traffic would make sense.

So how can we increase the conversion rate? One of the most effective ways is to let users experience the “burst point” quickly. Once users experience the “burst point”, it is easy to place an order and complete the conversion. In addition to letting users experience the bursting point faster, we also need to determine the activation path and establish a funnel report. In other words, we need to monitor the entire process of activating users to see at what stage there are more users lost. From the perspective of the App, general registration is the most frequently lost link. Reducing the user’s registration threshold and increasing registration incentives are the most important means to increase the activation rate.

Strategy 3: Word of Mouth + Viral Marketing to Improve Retention
How important is user retention? A survey report shows that for every 5% increase in user retention, profits can increase by 25% to 95%. Simply put, a large part of corporate profits come from old users.

Word-of-mouth marketing and viral marketing need to be used together. We often find that many old users like our products, and they also like to recommend our products to others. However, this heat will only last for a while. So, how to continue this heat? The easiest way is viral marketing.

The process of viral marketing is actually relatively simple, that is, constantly creating surprises and constantly giving users additional stimuli, so that seed users and fissioned users have a sense of participation and gains. A simple fission process is shown below:

In this process, two things are very important: first, the fission copywriting must be interesting, and the fission “interests” must be made clear, and users with interest will be willing to participate; second, the reward link will be issued after the task is completed. Seed users, but also to fissioned users. This makes it easy to form fission open loops, and other users can continue to fission. In addition to viral fission, another way to retain users is to continue to provide users with products or services that are satisfactory to them.

Strategy 4: Repurchase to make users loyal to the brand
Repurchase refers to the purchase of a product or the brand of the product again after the user purchases it. The repurchase rate is a very important indicator, reflecting the user’s loyalty to a certain brand. Users are not obliged to be loyal to a brand. Only by providing better services and greater brand influence, users will repeat purchases.

Another way to increase the repurchase rate is to continuously increase the influence of the brand. In addition to the practicality of the product, there is also a reason for users to identify with the brand. An important indicator of consumption upgrade is brand awareness. Many people buy things first by choosing the brand and then the product.

Therefore, how to strengthen the product brand becomes more important. Strengthening your brand is not necessarily advertising. The best way to strengthen your brand is to toss your product constantly. With the rise of new media, let your product appear in the place where users gather, and more sense of presence. In addition, encouraging users to make more orders, make more friends, and do more user reviews are also good ways to enhance the brand.

Author: former vice president of millet television, millet Group Staff former senior staff officer, author of “I do explosive materials in millet”