What kind of business can maintain growth in a particular period?

In 2015, Bill Gates gave a TED speech after the Ebola virus outbreak. He said that if there is something that can kill tens of millions of people in the next few decades, it is more likely to be a highly contagious virus. Not war; not missiles, but microbes. Prophecy may be magnified several times, but it is a microcosm of fact. Every company turned in the answer in this virus war.

“We have done sufficient market trend research and matching design for the future-oriented business model for each link in the overall business model of the enterprise, and have set up various countermeasures for sudden and uncertain situations. Plans and actions. “Jiang Xinhua, general manager of Hangzhou Juran Technology Co., Ltd. said frankly. The first product it sold online in 2019, the Ingar lighter, was still popular during the epidemic, and everything worked fine.

If the company’s every move does not serve a preset business model, then these moves belong to the practice of “one hammer and one west hammer” and are not sufficient for sustainable development.

Juyan Company was established in June 2016 and officially entered the Chinese market in January 2018. Jiang Xinhua and his team took 18 months to make preliminary preparations, from products to consumer scenarios, channels, price systems, brand tone, completely Doing differentiated design is intended to build a complete business model that is unique and highly core competitive. Jiang Xinhua believes that if an enterprise does not have its true core competitiveness, even if it enters the market, it will be drowned instantly.

Match the right channels for your product
The industry describes the Ingar lighter as a product with its own flow rate. It is not difficult for people who have seen the product to understand. The positioning of the Ingar lighter is the cutting-edge, stylish lighter brand, and the target audience is young people in the 20-35 age group. Around this group, Ingar chose three “right places”: online stores represented by Tmall, tide collection stores represented by T channel (a pseudonym), and new retail represented by chain convenience stores. channel.

In fact, as soon as it was listed in Inga, a nationwide convenience store chain took the initiative to contact Inga for cooperation. This is undoubtedly a good thing for the brand side, but Yinga did not accept. Jiang Xinhua explained this: “What we are good at is brand and market. Although the docking channel may be more profitable, if we focus our efforts here, Important things will be delayed. ”

After making the preliminary preparations, Inge has laid out the new retail channel represented by the chain convenience format as quickly as possible. So far, this is not a heavy volume channel, but as a brand, the layout of the chain channel is to open the way for today Also cater to the future. In fact, the sales volume of Inga in the chain channel is already very considerable in the industry, more than double the average.

This number is not enough to support Ingah’s survival and development today, so Ingah also has a tide collection store. Inga’s target consumers are young people, who have abandoned the shopping mode of traditional shopping streets and switched to commercial complexes with large buildings as carriers. In such a complex, the flow of the Chaopin collection store accounts for about 30% of the total flow of the mall, and the attributes of its own flow are in line with Inga’s product positioning.

In December 2019, the T Chaopin Collection Store opened a new flagship store in Wuhan. Nearly 10 boxes of Inga lighters were sold in a week, a total of 1,440, with an average price of 25 yuan. Entering this channel has realized one part of Inge’s core competitiveness, that is, truly differentiated channels.

Reasonable profit is the best driver
Some people are very puzzled that even if a differentiated channel is selected, offline business is generally affected. Why is Inga not a big deal?

Take the T Chaopin collection store as an example. Currently, there are more than 3,000 stores nationwide (Ingar currently covers about 500), and each branch of the T store is the manager responsible system. During the epidemic, T stores used more than 3,000 official Douyin numbers, led by the store manager and named after each store, to carry live products. In a special period, the consumer demand of fans has only changed from offline to online. Just as the flagship store of Inga Tmall continues to receive orders, orders are still being generated, which is nothing more than a delay in delivery time. Therefore, the sales of Chaopin collection stores have not been significantly reduced, especially for explosive products, and the impact is not large.

There are many categories of Chaopin Collection Stores. Why are the shopkeepers more willing to bring goods to Yingjia? Not only T stores, each store manager is responsible for the evaluation of the store’s financial indicators. The so-called indicators are revenue and net profit. The strength of INGA’s products is favored because the net profit set for the store significantly exceeds the average value of all the products in the store. Therefore, no matter from the consideration of personal income, store evaluation or the attractiveness of the content, the manager will mainly push or even push Inga lighters.

Brand owners are now keen to talk about flattening channels. The so-called flattening means that the product has no more profits to redistribute. Profit driving is the essence of commerce. The price system and profit distribution mechanism are very important. It is necessary to leave a reasonable profit margin for downstream groups.

When dealers face the new brand of Ingah, they are also worried. New product sales are risky and pricing is high. Inge’s approach is to let all carefully trained sales staff go to the front line. The purpose of this move is to let employees use professional knowledge to make prospective judgments and persuade dealers. At the same time, to convey Inga to the dealers in the entire price system design. Set a profit of 40% higher than the industry.

In 2019, a lot of Douyin cafes, Tmall stores and social e-commerce companies have actively contacted Inga to express their desire to do live broadcast and distribution of products. In fact, the initial explosion of Inga online started with a trembling sound. The video content was simple and the shooting quality was poor, but the number of clicks quickly reached hundreds of thousands. The keen people think this is a business opportunity. After deep understanding, they find that the profit is guaranteed, so more and more people join in. This outbreak is by no means accidental, but an inevitable after careful project preparation and sufficient market preparation.

Really practice marketing upgrade
Jiang Xinhua hardly endorses his own products on various occasions. He believes that successful managers should understand the truth that if a company has been praising its products, it proves that this company has no bright spots to talk about. .

The necessary expressions can be proved by actions. For example, the entire industry is talking about consumer upgrades, but it still seems to be on the look and feel, but it is not really implemented into the experience. After sales service. This also means that companies will pay special attention to quality to avoid being criticized. In many live broadcasts, anchors like to promote this feature. The first reaction of consumers is often: can more than 20 yuan of things can be repaired for free for life? !! Favorability doubles and orders are more decisive. This promise has gradually become a word of mouth, inadvertently promoting brand marketing. It can be seen that real and practical upgrades often bring unexpected benefits. Because according to the actual statistics of Inga later, the cost of after-sales is actually very low, and can even be ignored.

Marketing upgrade is a three-dimensional concept. It is not limited to products or services to consumers, but more importantly, those aspects that are not easily valued, such as dealers. If you ask dealers what are the three major fears, they will certainly not hesitate to say that the product cannot be sold, it does not necessarily make money, and the manufacturer writes off the payment indefinitely.

Inga chose to sign a contract with the dealer in black and white, and one of them stated that the fee would be written off in 7 days. Distributors are surprised that there are still brand owners chasing themselves to quickly write off expenses. Ingar’s internal rules are as follows: Expenses that cannot be written off when due are tied to personal performance, so business people are particularly active. This formed a virtuous circle.

Inga stood firmly in this battle, but this is not to say that Inga’s model is sufficient to cope with all future changes. Jiang Xinhua said: “In the past, we were too focused on internal construction and were slightly numb to external changes. After this time, we found that we also needed to adjust the company’s own role and the design of diversified operation plans based on the external environment.”

In mid-February, the turning point of the epidemic had not yet arrived, and Yinga had begun to officially test its first live Taobao broadcast.

The White House and the Senate of the United States reached an agreement on a $ 2 trillion economic stimulus plan on the 25th, putting an end to five days of intense negotiations. According to U.S. media reports, $ 250 billion was paid directly to individuals and families in the “2 trillion”, $ 350 billion was used for small business loans, $ 250 billion was used for unemployment insurance benefits, and $ 500 billion was used for troubled companies. Provide loans.

“Saving confidence” and “stabilizing confidence” are the core demands of the US economic stimulus plan, which is also determined by the national conditions of the United States. The “2 trillion” includes direct cash payments to individual residents and small businesses, and is aimed at the special structure of US national income and ratios. In 2019, the total US GDP reached 21.34 trillion US dollars and per capita GDP was 65,000 US dollars. The high level of national income is obvious. However, data from 2015 showed that the proportion of U.S. resident stock investment was 29%, and the proportion of investment has continued to rise in recent years. U.S. stock market investments have “U.S. characteristics”. 41% of U.S. households have less than $ 2,000 in liquidity savings, and one-fourth of the households have less than $ 400 in liquidity savings. Most of the wage-earning funds deposited in retirement savings are invested In the stock market, there are professional funds and other specialized management and operation of individual stock funds, so stock speculation is not popular in the United States, but stock investment is the regular investment method of wage earners. Although the US stock market is a playground for the rich, the 10% of the richest people occupy 80% of the market value of the stock market, but the middle class and low-income people also prefer to invest in the stock market. Some statistics show that 11.4% of the 20% of the lowest-income families in the United States own stocks; 26.4% of the 20% lower-income families own stocks; and 49.7% of 20% middle-income families. The unique family asset investment model in the United States is the realistic basis for determining the Fed’s bailout of cash. The matching bailout of the stock market has the underlying meaning. The stability of this bailout and the maintenance of investment confidence have precise meanings.

Domestic public opinion in the US has been soaring, but the government and the House of Representatives have been arguing about stimulating the economic plan. On the surface, there is a difference in the judgment of the epidemic, but in fact it is based on the demand for competition among parties. The Republican-controlled Senate has the need to stabilize the economy and the elections. Improper handling of real economic issues and unexpected factors will directly threaten the prospects for this year’s presidential election. The Democratic House ’s dominant House of Representatives has both potential competition for elections and differences in understanding and handling of the epidemic caused by different political opinions. Of course, the coordination and unification of the US political system, economic system, and monetary mechanism is still clear. Although political differences are the focus of chasing from the outside world, US national interests will eventually prompt the two sides to let go of their differences. This is also the “2 trillion” final approval. s reason.

European and American countries have underestimated the severity of the global outbreak and spread, which will definitely hit the economy. Some people believe that the epidemic will have an impact no less than that of the September 11 incident and the 2008 international financial crisis. Indeed, the current United States-specific new business cycle reference theory and policy guidelines are facing unprecedented challenges, and the countermeasures of traders at all levels of institutions appear to be extreme and unusual. This is related to increased market pressure, outbreak panic, expected recession panic, The price collapse, panic, and so on superimposed, and then directly stirred the market’s VIX panic index to reach a historically rare 90 points. On the surface, there are obvious signs of out of control. But on the other hand, we have to look at the essence through the phenomenon. The economic data released by the United States on the 22nd is not enough to support the argument that its economy will rapidly decline. The US economy maintained a growth rate of 2.1% in the fourth quarter of last year. The initial value of the manufacturing PMI (Purchasing Manager Index) was 49.2%, and the initial value of the service industry PMI was 39.1%. Compared with the same period in the Eurozone, the manufacturing PMI was 44.8% and the service industry PMI28. The advantage remains at .4%. Affected by the “2 trillion” discussion, the U.S. stock Dow rose 11.37% on the 24th, the largest single-day increase in 87 years, the British FTSE rose 9.05%, the German DAX rose 10.98%, and the French CAC rose 8.39%, even the worst outbreak The Italian MIB also rose 8.93%. It has been proved that panic outbreaks coupled with technical operations rather than panic out of control are the reasons for the multiple fuses in the US stock market some time ago, and the fuse mechanism itself is still effective. The Fed’s rescue methods and paths are still sufficient. The US’s qualifications and characteristics can provide key support for the economy. The resilience of the US economy has not yet been fundamentally challenged, and it is still in a controllable stage.

The current global epidemic is changing rapidly. We need to follow and observe changes in real economic data and maintain a rational and prudent assessment attitude in order to have a more accurate and in-depth understanding of current events and future expectations. In particular, China’s current policy structure is very different from that of major western countries. This aspect will increase the difficulty of China’s countermeasures and test the ability of the country to grasp international conditions. On the other hand, it will also increase the risk of opening up. After all, the current international market exchanges Spreads, spreads, arbitrage space, and public opinion-oriented expectations are more complicated, especially the surge of funds facing the stock market, which has disturbed China’s stock market. The Chinese government took the initiative at the beginning of the epidemic, ahead of the global outbreak of the first wave of outbreaks. In the next stage, we need to pay close attention to risk comparisons and differences, carefully evaluate expectations and prospects, and reasonably control our own characteristics and needs, especially to prevent being rushed and impatient Controlled by bad emotions such as irritability, attach importance to the possibility of external risks transferring to the inside, and promote self-improvement and virtuous circle. The short-term pressure and long-term positive trend of the Chinese economy have not changed, and the direction of seeking breakthroughs in targeted reforms has not changed. The financial investment superimposed with the epidemic situation needs to be balanced. After the resumption of work and production continues to expand, it is believed that consumption will go hand in hand with the recovery of production capacity and income.