And speak

1. Memory
There are many grooves on the surface of the brain, and the novelist probably has a few more ways, otherwise it will be difficult to complete the various inheritance of the story, I think so.

There is no limit to human memory, the only difference is orientation. For example, some people are impressed when they see numbers, while others are confused when they encounter numbers. I belong to the latter. But some figures are excluded. Once I sorted my clothes and found a small black plaid suit, which I bought in Dongfeng Mall in Beijing. The time was in the fall of 1981. The price was 44 yuan. Decades passed, and the price tag was in my heart, not fading at all.

Probably because of several factors. One is the first suit, and it was bought in a big city. Second, there is no one time my father accompanied me to visit the mall, I chose the clothes, he came in to pay. He ran with me for a day. When I was shopping, he was squatting outside to smoke dry cigarettes, and then told me to choose clothes and call him. 3. Even forty-four yuan is a huge sum in my eyes. My mother in Beijing gave me only five yuan. Three one-way tickets, the one owed is probably intentional by the mother. Because as long as you find your father, you don’t have to worry about making up the silver two. The piercing spirit in the suit looked at me, and no one knew which leg to take.

None of the retained information is isolated. It not only links with family, but also forms a bead chain with the mood and shopping environment at that time. You can’t remember isolated numbers, for example, a salary slip a few years ago.

Some people say that good memory is fundamental. In fact, this is just one aspect. Memory is a skill. What is important is the ability to sense and perceive the essence of things. Let’s go into details and see two aspects of things. It doesn’t work just to look at the front, it doesn’t work to look at the reverse.

Memory is also habitual and has choices. Those who stayed deep in the memory have been memorable, but they will be polished by time and become more and more faint. Some are missing, but if words are formed, they will almost become eternal. Even if it is written in a notebook.

Novels are inseparable from memory. Memories are buried in the soil like seeds. Without soil inoculation, there is no germination.

Second, daily
Last year was the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Thirty-six years ago, in 1984, our small town had this publication called “Jixian Literature and Art”, and a special issue of National Day was issued. When the news came, the friends rushed to tell each other. I was working in a garment factory in the village at that time, working 14 to 5 hours a day, but I was still inspired by the message. What should I write? Even if there is a little free time, think about what you should do. Before that, I haven’t written novels in Zheng’er Ba Jing, but I have been inspired by the belief in writing novels and feel that I can do it. Experience is still shallow, and qualifications are limited. After thinking about it, I think I should write about the big events in life, and the biggest thing is the fire in the wheat field. Although it has been three or four years, it is still irreplaceable in my heart.

As usual, the summer vacation will support agriculture. One day when I was on my way home, I heard someone shouting, “The wheat field is on fire!” Out of instinct, I ran towards the wheat field. There were many people on the village road, carrying a broom, carrying a bucket Someone also picked up the trolley and ran out of the courtyards. The wheat field is in the south of the village. There are many lantern-like straw stacks on the side of the field. If at ordinary times, the golden lantern stack stands like a landscape, but the scene of that day is really scary, the lantern has become red, the ear of wheat is beeping, the mouse will jump out, and the tip of the tail is still on fire. The haystack soon turned into a charcoal dust. Several timid women were paralyzed, and they only cried while sitting on the ground. I still remember the lines of Aunt Qi ’s crying. She said in a halting voice, “What do you want us to eat!” Because the wind was blowing south, and the south of the wheat field was a ditch, the fire was very hot. I was almost under control, but I still saw a man walking in a panic with a bundle of wheat under his arm. That was a very earning labor force. He had been grinding on the sidelines from beginning to end. Did not participate in fire fighting. Later, his image was fixed in my mind, like the seven aunts who were howling on their knees.

One of my pink really good shirts burned several holes, and there were a few lint on his face. The air is a choking nose of firewood and gray, and the large black smoke in the air lasts for a long time. The men who rushed to the front seemed to have just climbed out of the chimney, their clothes were not well-rounded, and there was no clean place on their faces. But there were also neat clothes, but it was later learned that the wheat in his family ’s reserved land was drying in the corner of the court. He was holding a shovel there and the fire spread. If it turns around in a wind direction, where it can be kept, his bales of wheat will be gone suddenly, and his guardian is also a white guardian. My short story “People and Fire” is a pen on this background, writing seven or eight figures, each of whom is a narrator. There are conflicts, struggles and Sublime, frivolous. After a while you said a while, he said, completed a complete story structure. I have never written a novel like this for many years.

It is worth mentioning that I interviewed several people to write this novel. I asked them, what did you think of when fighting the fire on the scene? Most people answered without thinking. Only the seventh aunt said that she thought that the children could not eat dumplings during the New Year, so howl. What happened was that the man who was on the sidelines was saying a lot of plausible words, the idea was that the collective property suffered a loss. He looked at him with pain in his eyes. But he patronized the wheat in his house, but forgot to save the fire.

My novel has also been sent to an outside magazine. I remember that an editor wrote back to me saying that someone in front of the fire rescued his own wheat. This detail is not true. The novel was only sent that time, and when one was hit, he was completely discouraged. Many people recalled 1984 during the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, which reminded us of the past. Otherwise, I forgot the fire.

Many years later, I learned that novels should not only write about events, but also about daily life. “Uncle Li Hai” is a typical daily experience. Those days that go with the shadows have gone deep into the years and can be picked up effortlessly.

That kind of winding growth is longer than the mountain road. To put it another way, you are either on this road or that road, white hair and wrinkles will be waiting for you. So, choose a path that is willing to go. I think so often.

The literary factors are hidden in daily life. They are hidden in the gravel like pearls. You have captured it and you have it.

3. Like a gyroscope
Writers have their own habits in writing, and some people should write an outline if they write a novel. I never preset the story frame, just choose the era and background, let the characters roll along their own internal logic, and gradually strip away from chaos.

this point is very important. In the process of the work, the characters gradually become three-dimensional. With a clear face and personality characteristics, the novel will not have nowhere to go, and the characters will know what they should do.

If they really exist in life, they must also have their own ruts, and there is not necessarily a cross in the horizontal and vertical directions. Different identities and different personalities. Sometimes, you can even talk to yourself, but you have to be dragged by the author into a field to complete the narration even in the off-string sound. Until the last moment, neither you nor him know what was given by fate. They are just like gyros, according to their own logic, hovering forward, regardless of the scenery in front. Sometimes the author is an actor, standing on the same stage with them, it looks a bit like breathing and sharing fate. But sometime, he turned gorgeously and became a director, watching the characters far away behind the scenes. A man with a Buddha face turned into a thief. Or, a simple and graceful woman, with complex mottled background. Or, a handsome and iconic character, slowly but decisively becoming a pervert or liar … In a common sense, they are still men, women, family members, classmates, friends, leaders, colleagues, or even role models. The novel is only responsible for the corner of the veil, and this corner provides only the aesthetic trend from the real life to the real art. When the dust fell, I suddenly realized that they hadn’t thought of their ending, and the author hadn’t thought of their ending. If the reader does not expect this ending, then it should be not bad.

The meeting between the novel and the reader is the process of the characters from the author’s heart to the vast world. The internal and external drives form a resonance, which goes to the climax, and then falls from the climax. It is also like a running top, which can not be ignored without traces. They exist in the void of this world, with images and names, and then souls and flesh. They are remembered by readers more or less, just as they are forgotten by readers more or less.

Sometimes it depends on fate.

Fourth, raise fiction
The novel is to be raised, just like a woman is pregnant, and the folks call it raising a stomach.

Many themes have been hidden in the mind for several years, in fact, it is a process of nurturing. Characters, details, and plots can only be stored if they are moved. It is difficult to draw the line because it is impossible to grasp, when it is drawn, it is the time for delivery.

This is also a long process. It takes October to conceive, but the work is far from a “October” to solve. In this process, the author is actually growing up with the novel and characters. What you have experienced, he (she) is also experiencing. What you feel, he (she) is also feeling. He (she) is also suffering from all kinds of pain you suffer. You follow each other like a shadow, but often do not know it. Or, he (she) only exists in your subconscious mind until it is ready to come out. Find a good incision to allow the text to travel smoothly and every character has a gloss, which is an exciting time.

It’s just that gestation is one thing, and production is another. There are far more gestations than births. In many cases, abortion is caused by carelessness, of course, because of something else.

Writing is happy. Each piece is like a newborn child, giving people confidence.

Trance still remembers the idea about a novel ten years ago. The beginning of a winery was to write about the various encounters of the heroine for ten years. If Shibei’s eyes are on the third day, how many times should it be the square of “eyes” on Shibei’s ten years. The world is changing and society is changing. In fact, the biggest change is the hearts of the people. There is no sound on the surface, but there are big waves inside. I was inspired by this. I wanted to write a novel in the absence of stories or characters. Probably because of insufficient preparation, there is no way forward after the winery. In the past ten years, I also had the idea of ​​continuation of writing two or three times, but they all seemed to have encountered a ghost hitting the wall. The last time I encountered this novel was because I accidentally flipped the mailbox. This time it was still unprepared, and the characters and stories suddenly burst out. I had to use various methods to control the writing, for fear that they would spread to boundless boundaries.

I reflected on the process of this novel. It was conceived ten years ago and grew up ten years later. What is the reason?

I ruled out because I improved my writing skills or level. Perhaps I have made some progress in these two areas, but I think this is not the key. The key is that I have more experience and cognition. To be closer, I have more twists and dullness in my heart, like the damp and moldy wood after the rain, I can’t help but grow fungus. The process of the story’s progress is a long breathing process. I can feel the protagonist’s pain.

Ten years is like a game of chess, and it keeps pace. Or, it’s just a video camera that leaves others’ images and reflects their own. In addition to adding the annual rings like a tree, it must also add years of wind and dust that are invisible to the naked eye. I am a little curious, what would be the story, the characters and the ending if the novel was written ten years ago. One thing is for sure, it is different from ten years later. Sometimes going out to sweep a yard may change the direction of the character’s destiny.

I am extremely impressed with this.

Five, props
The props on the stage stand out, the door is the door, the window is the window, the Kang is the Kang, and the wall is the wall. The props of the novel are the flesh embedded in the cracks of the bones. It is easy to confuse them without thinking.

I also used props to write novels, there are so three or five. “Xiang Rui Tu” is a painting, and “Following Things” is a bronze ware named Hu Shiren. The former loses its weight due to the intervention of a painting, while the latter makes the protagonist lose his nature because of the conceivable value. All in all, it is a tragedy of human nature. There are also two novels, “Tianxian Palace” and “Peach Blossom Temple”. The props are actually the building itself. The story and characters are stipulated with a radius of four, and the text will roam among them. Tianxian Palace is a temple, and Taohua Temple is a ruin, but it does not hinder the turning of the character’s fate. A piece of props is well used and can be turned into gold. Props are even more important than characters, and it is possible to change everything. Props are not simply props. To a certain extent, props have a certain divine power.

The world is so big that man is the soul of all things. Sometimes there are unexpected thoughts, if the world is the stage, humans are also a part of the props, but this is a group of props that are active, and do not want to live for all kinds of desires. The protagonists are all kinds of animals and insects, watching us with cold eyes, they are the master of the world. Just like we call sparrows sparrows, what do sparrows call us? There is no answer to this confusion, but I was curious when I was very young. Just like Ding Xiaoping in “Xiang Rui Tu”, you need to use other people’s knives to strengthen your understanding of yourself. Only pain can awaken. Life is always more vivid and interesting than novels. Stories may be lame and life will never be.

If you pay a little attention, you will find that people who have become props are everywhere in life.

6. Style
It is estimated that many writers have trouble thinking about what novels to write. Some people say that my novel is one by one. If I don’t remind you, I haven’t realized it yet. For me, the novel is more like a way of life. For example, dress, wear casual clothes today, and wear formal clothes tomorrow. For example, cooking, eating rice today, and pasta tomorrow. I don’t like repeating things, saying repeat things, doing repeat things. Others may be patient, and I will be very repulsive.

Life is full of gestures and can be projected into the work as a shadow. Some friends are very strange, how do you write an official, a rural, and an intellectual? The wide range of subjects covered is actually closely related to life. Those details are hidden in the folds of the years, you can carry it out, maybe the character is alive. When the characters live, the novel lives.

I wrote a special part about the meeting. A meeting was held and a character was completed. And such a character, others may easily overlook. In the minds of Chinese people, a meeting is a major event. Having a good meeting is even more important. How to drive well and how to drive well are all key research topics. The only thing that does n’t focus on research is what was solved at the meeting, what was implemented, and what effectiveness and effect did it produce. What we do not value the most is the input to output ratio. Ordinary life is full of elements that constitute novels, and meetings are no exception. I also like to start from life itself and explore the subtlety and obscurity of the fate of the characters. They are like the cells in the organization. They are in keeping with the times, but they need to be presented and described. In the novels written in the last two years, the characters and the years are all together, like the protagonist Song Xiaowei, it is hard to say that it is not our past. Today we are hard to say that they are not the future.

From the third grade of elementary school to now, literature has always been the love of my heart. Because the non-technical background, the road is not very restricted, usually write whatever you want, write whatever you want. I reflect what life presents to me. Writing this way instead of writing it is often a pleasure. Changing different techniques and angles is a need for narrative, not a deliberate pursuit.

The protagonist stands out from the crowd, because I am too familiar with such characters and life. There is something to say, but it is necessary. I also discovered that exploring a person’s growth path is a particularly interesting and meaningful thing. There is another case, writing a familiar life, is the only magic weapon.

7. The order of the village
I dare not say how much I know about the village. After all, I have been away from it for almost thirty years.

I am a person cultivated and nurtured by folk literature, and there are inevitable imprints in the text. What is even more beneficial is that I am familiar with the rules and order that belong to the village in this cultivation and nourishment. In the changing times, the rules and order in the village have a constant attribute, and they have the same characteristics. All things change.

Although the city is huge, it is far less complicated than the countryside. In contrast, the history of urban people is separated from their own. A person without history is simple. But the country is different. It means a lot of conventions and misalignments, which means that this land and any person on the land have a connection beyond blood. It means that your ancestor and his ancestors are breathing together in the air.

The involvement, entanglement, and pain in the local area have been the subject of my writing for some time. Only then did I find out how good the country is as a carrier. You can plant the story into the rural order at any time and walk by yourself. You only need to be familiar with that order. Everything is so handy, you can pick up details and plots just like harvesting crops. As soon as the name of the village appears, your heart is determined and calm. It not only provides you with nutrients, but also provides elements and symbols that are different from the folk culture of the city, the local environment and even a chicken, can become another kind of scenery in the text. Those stumbling blocks and pain are essential elements and conditions that constitute the novel. The words must first move themselves before they can touch the readers.

People with hometowns are lucky. You can go deep into the texture of the countryside, understand and master the various things that belong to the rural order, explore and deconstruct the mysteries, and enrich and strengthen your heart of literature. Many times, my hometown is a lover. Sometimes I think you want to escape from the law, but more often, you think about returning from the law. Contrast is the contrast, and contrast is the expression of different emotions.

8. Who is in your heart
In the early years, when I wrote essays, I always wrote the word “countryside” instead of “rural” or “countryside”. One book I’ve done is called “The Country Words That Slowly Disappear”. I stubbornly believe that regardless of the sense of language or style, the word village represents a different landscape of agricultural civilization. At that time, all my words were related to the soil of my hometown. Although people entered the city, their hearts remained There, the village becomes a part of flesh and blood. “What is a village? It’s a mother. It’s a root. It’s a spirit. It’s a soul. It’s a lover.” This is the conclusion of my essay “Village”, which used to hang on Baidu entries for a while.

The heart stays there, but the feelings for the village are contradictory and anxious. This can be seen from the name given to her. I was upset when the sketch said “we rural people”. As a countryman with a good reputation, I prefer to call it poetic and beautiful. Although it may not be really poetic and beautiful, what can you do as my wish? I don’t think this is due to self-esteem or vanity, but from some feelings of hope or secret in my heart. So the concepts of hometown, idyllic and rural areas will appear repeatedly in my text. I do n’t always like things that get rid of dirt, because I once had the experience of a small member of the society. A lady on the road passed the ground on a bicycle with a small shoulder bag, and I looked crazy. An old member of the staff said, envy?

Where do I only envy these. When I was young, I envied my little friends who had relatives in the distance. I could follow the adults to go a long way during the New Year; I envied the children whose parents were not around, because their parents were working in the city, but their children were temporarily housed in grandma Or grandma’s family, they can not only go far, but also miss. The feeling of missing is also very touching. This kind of emotion is probably not alone in me. When I was in junior high school, a child from the city was transferred to my class, and it took only about a few months to transfer away. Many people did not speak to her. But forty-three people in the class each gave her a notebook, and all of her notebooks were damaged. You send him also. On her, also pinned the wishes of most people?

When I was in high school, I filled out the form. There were party members at home, some national cadres, and some relatives who were officials. Those students would radiate their faces, and a long string of disdain for others would hang in the corners of their lips. Because some students, the entire form is two words “farming”, those students can not even look up. On one occasion, the class was asked to apply for a difficult subsidy, and the poor children were embarrassed. As a result, the subsidy was taken away by a non-agricultural classmate. Of course, this is another layer of meaning.

Lin Lin’s feeling is not systematic, but it will affect your consciousness and judgment. How to call the land in my hometown, I actually don’t care. When people are not young, they have fewer ideas.

Who is in your heart is a greatest common divisor.

9. N kinds of storytelling
The girl Xiangxiang called me to listen to the story in the group, so I wrote a novel related to Xinjiang called “Bloodweed”.

Xiangxiang is not a friend in my life. She is a netizen and lives in Jiangnan, a water town. She came to the north, or I went to the south and met a few times. When she told the story, there were many people watching, but I was the only one who wrote the novel. The species Limonium has appeared in my life or memory. Of course, it is called another name.

The touch of life is the foundation of induced creation. When I describe the protagonist, it is hard to avoid friends in my heart. Although I tried my best to avoid it, the escaped character, or the color on my nails, which I knew only, was related to her. I moved the story to the north, where I am familiar with the field and life, as well as the familiar father and old folks, which are important elements of the novel. China is a patriarchal society. Plants such as Limonium mean both the extension of clan blood and historical origin. From east to west, from south to north, the vastness of the territory, the long-term origin.

Such an angle belongs to China, regardless of South and North.

After writing the novel, I went to Xinjiang specially. This day is October 2nd, 2017. I planned this trip on National Day holiday. It took only one night from finding the route to making the final decision, and this day is the last day of September. Then it took me a day to prepare the luggage items. At 12:30 the next day, I had already got off the gangway of the plane in Urumqi. The weather is dry and cool, and the wind can almost connect with the clouds in the sky. From Urumqi to Shanshan, from Turpan to Burqin, from Kanas to Tianshan, northern Xinjiang has traveled all over. The bus stopped by the roadside, and I asked people around me: “What sound do you hear outside?” No. People always say no. But I can clearly hear it. I posted a circle of friends: “For the first time walking on the land in Xinjiang, why did I always hear someone crying?” Later I finally figured it out, followed by: “The wind is crying, and the wind is lonely.” But I still think it is crying, but it’s just wrapped in the fierce west wind, and others can’t hear it. They cried and told me to hear it alone. They know why I came, and I hope to see them on this land. In my heart, crying does not actually mean sorrow, but means small and humble in front of the boundless world. Our soul is small and humble, so we cry in the wind in a panic.

This is a story about waiting, related to the side. Those who live and die are insignificant in the long history, they are too small. Only its small size is worth telling. After returning from Xinjiang, I trimmed the text. There must be more elements belonging to Xinjiang. This is what I got from Xinjiang. In fact, there are still gains that can’t be accommodated in the text, and thousands of miles of Gobi have always been in my heart.

10. From Hancun to Xuncheng
There are two coordinates in my novel, Hancun and Xuncheng. In fact, it is a village and a city.

I had such an idea many years ago. My novel characters started from Hancun and arrived at Xuncheng. Just like migratory birds move regularly, they always move to the same place. The distance between the two places is not far away, but it is enough to allow the characters to have a space-time distance so that they can turn around gorgeously. This is different from the people who live in big cities. They come from all directions, and the road back to their hometowns is resurrected. The message is far away and separated. The villages and cities I have described are tangled with each other. The distance of tens of kilometers is not only convenient for comforting each other, but also convenient for hurting each other. It took more than an hour to ride the bike, and the dumplings went home, and it was still hot. But rumors may have arrived before you. So I wrote a lot of short stories, which belonged to the rural theme, that is, Hancun background. When it comes to urban themes, the background is Xuncheng. Putting the entanglement that belongs to the countryside together with the rage in the city is almost all my life. The characters in the village are simple, but the background is complex. The city has a simple background but complex ethnic groups. So they are not difficult to interpret various stories. Many times I am like a bystander. It is enough to stay behind the scenes.

In reality, this layout is collectively referred to as “thistle”, which is similar to the Jimen Bridge in Beijing. In the past, it was called Ji County. At the end of 2016, it was withdrawn from the county to build a district and renamed Jizhou. In fact, Jizhou is also an ancient name. It is a country without end sons in spring and autumn, and the capital was built here. Many stone tablets are buried downstairs in the office building of my unit. It is said that it was because there was nowhere to store, and the burial was for better protection.

“There is a kind of wild vegetable called thistle, and its scientific name is big thistle, which is what we often say is a tooth, a purple flower, a long oblong fruit, and the whole grass can be used as medicine.” This is my novel “Rapeseed” At the beginning, it is related to the water and soil of that side. Using wild vegetables to make a fuss is not groundless. In fact, the plant called big thistle and small thistle are endless and endless. I have been working in the hands and feet since I have grown in the ground. I dug wild vegetables in the spring wind and summer rain, and I don’t know how many chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep were alive. It can be proud to say that there are no wild vegetables that I don’t know.

Hancun is surrounded by water on three sides, and there is a Tongtian Road in the middle. The Great S-Curved State River was once famous for “introducing Luan into Tianjin”. But what I want to say is that the two floodplains are in the arms of the big “S”. There are various legends, and they are all related to the founding of the Ming Dynasty. These are all made by people older than grandparents under the dim oil lamps. So I often think that our village has its special features, and folklore dare to associate with the emperor. So when we were kids, we boasted about how good we were, so we said we could enter the palace and be a lady. “The emperor is gone. Where do I go to be a lady?” I questioned when I was eight, but my voice was weak. But these element symbols will turn into soil and let the seeds take root. The texture of the dirt is different from other places. As I grew older, I finally realized that no one believed those legends, but everyone likes to pass down from one generation to the next and no one can pass it on.

Otherwise, what can be done in the long night! I understand it this way.

Xuncheng is a square city with square gates on the east, south and west. There are mountains in the north as a natural barrier, of course, this is about ancient times. I have been working and living here since 1988, doing all kinds of things, meeting all kinds of people, and walking almost all its streets at dawn. Dule Temple, Baita Temple, Guandi Temple, Luban Temple, Confucian Temple, and Bell and Drum Tower have assembled a group of ancient buildings in the center of the city. I turned around in front of them, the sky was getting dark, and many gray bats were flying in the sky. There are crisp wind chimes from far and near. People walked through the drum tower, leaving a deep rut on the blue stone plate. Some media once asked the summary of the characteristics of Xuncheng people, and some friends gave the answer: screw, hard, and horizontal. As the key to Gyeonggi, it is not only a key to transportation, but also a battleground for soldiers. Historical records show that the Qing army was slaughtered three times after entering the customs. why? Gai has something to do with the temperament of the people in this city: until death.

These are the profound backgrounds in my novel. I explain this to explain that the characters have a subordinate relationship with history. A distant bloodline coalesces here, and has made many characters in my novel. Feng Nuo in “Caicai Ballad”, Li Quan and Li Xun in “Years of Wind and Dust”, even like the foreigner in “Uncle Li Hai”, have the shadow of being unwilling to compromise. Sometimes, if you want to write about you, write about him, and talk about it, the characters are still related to yourself. No matter who the protagonist is, he is pinning your thoughts on him. The lives of ordinary people are not much color, but if you look closer, no one is easy. Do n’t underestimate anyone.