The sliver rushed into the house anxiously and knelt down and said, “Master, a bald man with a surname is here. I want you to come over for peace, but his father has not swallowed yet.”

“Kneel down, you will be called Yin and Yang Ye, and you have to speak in a gentle manner. Then, if you open the master long, and close the master short, you will smash your mouth.”

“Yin and Yang, a surnamed guest is here, waiting outside the gate. The big black dog dies with a bite and refuses to come in. He almost broke the dog rope.”

“Panic ball, wait for me to sit in the hall, raise the account, you go out and announce him in.”

Xiao Tiao got up from the incense case on the table of Baxian, grabbed incense, paper and matches and hurriedly ran out of the door. At this time, the cell phone in his pocket rang, and Yin and Yang Ye kicked a dog from behind to eat shit.

Qiu Yinyang stretched a lazy waist, rubbed himself from the hot kang and climbed up, put on a robe and crown, straightened the goatee on his chin, took the dust from the white horse’s mane in his hand, and was sitting in an old On the official hat chair where the tooth was lost, he began to close his eyes slightly, chanting verses in his mouth.

There was light snow outside, and the cold wind blew people’s teeth. The sliver went out and led the guests into the courtyard. He knelt down to the upper room where Qiu Yinyang lived three times, knocked his head three times, burned three incense sticks, and burned three watches before leading him into the house. The guest is in his thirties, with a few large patches of scalp on the top of his head without hair. He knelt in front of Qiu Yinyang and said that he was a man in Longzhuangyuan thirty miles away, brother

Ranked sixth. The father in the family is in his seventies and three. He has been on the kang for a few years. He has become thin and dry. Recently, he hasn’t eaten tea and has no pulse, but he can’t swallow that breath and suffers alive. The children wanted to ask Yin-Yang Ye to count Yang Shou, send them away early, and enjoy their happiness and get out of life. As he spoke, he burned the incense burner.


After hearing this, Qiu Yinyang suddenly roared, with a look like a bronze hammer face in the Qinqiang Opera, his mouth wide open, his head swaying left and right, his eyes wide like cow eggs, and he was terrified by the guests on his knees, trembling straight Retreat. Xiao Ziao whispered in his ear and whispered in front of him, Yin Yin Yang was going to Yin Yin Cao Di Fu to report to Lord Yan that he had gone, and he calmed down.

When Qiu Yinyang was finished, he grabbed a rattle and knocked twice on the black table of Eight Immortals. The dust in his hand moved forward, and the silver-grey horse mane swept the bald head of the guest. Sweeping, and then began to meditate cross-legged on the chair closed his eyes and refreshed himself. The small note took the hand of the guests and continued to burn incense and burn the watch. About a pot of smoke, Qiu Yinyang had another pass and shouted and knocked on the table, and the dust swept the baldness of the guests a few more times before opening his eyes and talking.

“Yufu Yangshou is full, and the soul has entered the land for thousands of days, leaving only people’s skin in the world. In the future, the little ghosts come to collect their skins and return to the Yin Cao to death. The road is rugged and there are many entanglements. In fact, filial piety of Yan Wangyang’s coins is 10,000 yuan, and Qiu’s Yin and Yang are accepted on their behalf.

The bald guests were stunned, and a small note said to the translator: “Yan Wang let us Yin Yang Yang persuade and persuade, your father and his old man will leave. The ghost and goddess of the pick-up is too hard, Yan Wang let us charge 10,000 yuan, let us On behalf of the leader of Yin and Yang, the food and drink will not be counted. “After listening to it, a sweat bead immediately oozed from the bright head of the guest. He hesitated for a while and said that as long as he could send his father away, money for the honor of Lord Yan must be indispensable. After talking, he knocked three more heads, got up, pulled his head and sleeved his hands, and went out to go home.

“Yin and Yang Lord, you are a bit brave and dare to go to the soul without dying.” After the sliver gave away the guests, he came back and said in a panic.

“When there is no one, call Master, and make a mistake to smash your broken (small) ass.” Qiu Yinyang was already lying on the hot kang, and took up his long stick pot. He waited for a small sliver to ignite shredded tobacco. .

“Master, we’re gone. What about the dying old man who didn’t swallow? He couldn’t receive 10,000 yuan, and he also rotten Lord Yan’s face.”

“Wealth, wealth, insurance, and bears can’t bear the wolf.”

“Master, which baby do you want to lay, which wolf to wear?”

“Let you have a mouthful baby, set the bald wolf.”

Xiao Tiao quietly went out the door with his head down, Qiu Yinyang tilted his head again, wrapped his quilt tightly, and slept his big head.

Qiu Yinyang is a shrivelled old man in our country. The goatee on his chin is half white. The sliver was an out-of-school doll, and the hair on his lips had not yet grown.

Early the next morning, Qiu Yinyang took his disciples to the Longzhuangyuan.

Yin and Yang can soothe ghosts and demons, as well as fortune-telling. This business should be handed down from generation to generation in the countryside of Longdong. Taoist priests were used to go out, and Taoism was used as a sect. Anyone who has funerals, graves, or demonic possessions will have their business here.

Longdong’s early winter was very cold. They went out to sit on the tractor. The seven trainees and students were squeezed in the open trailer. The dirt road was uneven. A pot of tea in Qiu Yinyang’s stomach and three fire-roasted white flour rolls were all spit out by the tractor. When someone greeted someone at the fork in Lisan Village, they all jumped off the trailer and wore a robe and crown. The big disciple walked at the forefront, holding a yin and yang tai chi mirror demon mirror on the left, and a three-foot peach wood chopping demon sword in the right hand. Two, three, four, and five disciples followed in two rows, holding bells, bells, cymbals, gongs and other loudspeakers, and striding forward Row. Qiu Yinyang was greeted by a villager who was carried on a dark wooden sedan chair, stroking a goatee in one hand, and whisking in the other, facing up to the sky with full of energy. The sliver was wearing a robe with short cuffs and long cuffs, and a crooked road crown, carrying a long stick of smoke pot, and was accompanying him. This iron pot jade mouth iron rod copper head, can lift up a group of evil dogs. The earphones and earphones hanged on the ears of the Taoists, and they sang in their mouths and jingled in their hands. The sedan chair Qiu Yinyang used to lift the gods during New Year’s Day, eight people carried it, majestic. Behind them are a pair of wooling laurna, and a group of villagers watching the lively.

Entering the Rongjiayuan, the disciples raised their mirrors and held swords and cut them around. All the disciples read the magic spell of Demon Town, and their voices were soaring into the sky. After Qiu Yinyang was helped out of the sedan chair, he walked towards Rong Laohan’s bedroom with a brush and a whisk. The old man in the room was lying on the kang, shaped like a piece of dead wood, with a hanging bottle needle on the back of one hand, and his wife and children were standing by.

After Qiu Yinyang entered the door, his eyes glanced around the room. The eyeballs protruded three times to the old man. “Yangya” cleared his throat twice, and the tempo sounded in the hands of the disciples. Grinning his mouth, he murmured yin and yang, listening like singing and crying. Ci’er is played on the spot. We in Longdong Country call this Requiem. The level of yin and yang requisition is mainly reflected in singing this song.

Rong Laohan, his Rongye,

Your life is really bitter

Yang Shou has been full for three years,

Yang sin suffered more than a thousand days,

Hey, that one thousand days.

Filial sons and daughters will not let you go,

Do you say go or not.

Open your eyes and talk,

Hey talk, he Yung Ye.

Yangshi ’s children can live,

Three full meals, kang on one side,

There are cows in the farm and grain in the silo,

There is food, his Rongye.

Go to the underworld Erlang early,

How many years to ask for food.

Lonely soul ghosts pass the sun and the moon,

No food, no clothes, no house, no wife,

He’s his lord.

But looking forward to the father and mother by the bridge,

How many times did tears cry.

You still have the heart to fall asleep,

He’s all his lord!

As soon as Qiu Yinyang fell silent, Rong Laohan’s wife burst into tears. Rong Laohan had two sons who died before becoming an adult. One died of illness and the other was run away by a hungry wolf. People looking at the lively outside the window are amazed by the fact that this yin and yang are so magical that they can know these things. His wife wiped her tears and said, “Come on, don’t be guilty of Yang again, the two girls in the Hades are waiting for you.” Then, he pulled the needle on the back of Rong Laohan’s hand and threw it aside. Qiu Yinyang flicked the dust and turned and walked out of the door. The disciples followed the fish. A cellphone in the pocket of a senior brother rang, and a small sliver reached out and poked a cigarette pot head at his butt, which was the power that Master gave him.

The resting place was arranged to the Rong Laohan brothers’ house, which was separated from the Rong Laohan’s house by a wall. When Qiu Yinyang entered the room, the note quickly attached a piece of yellow paper to the frame of the door with the four characters “Qiu Yinyang Mansion” written on it, and put several seals on the door frame with the seal of the king. The decree, and the spells that no one understood, placed the spirit position and incense burner of Lord Yan on the table of the main house, and performed a three-week six-day ceremony with the disciples. The comrades were blocked from the door and asked to kneel on the threshold of the door before the salt water was clear before speaking. The disciples are not allowed to enter and leave at will, except for the small note.

The stove in the house was very hot, and Qiu Yinyang had not yet warmed himself up, and there was a cry from outside the door. He took a sip of tea, reached for his goatee, and said to himself: “Urine bubble (bladder) pierces the knife, and the knife (pours) deflated.” As soon as the words fell, the sixth son of Rong Laohan kneeled Reported outside the door was lost. The sliver immediately pulled out the paper and ink brush from the bag, Qiu Yinyang raised the pen for a while, and filled it with a small letter on the yellow sheet of paper. Asked, wrote a clear, small note reached out and took out the door.

Lunch is a delicious yam noodle, served by a wooden dish served by the filial son who delivered the meal. Xiao Tiao took it into the house and handed it to Qiu Yinyang respectfully, and the filial son who was delivering the meal knelt outside and waited. Qiu Yinyang ate three large bowls slickly, and a small sliver passed a hot towel to clean the spicy oil on his lips, and then smoked the shredded tobacco in the long rod pot. The filial son kneeling at the door only got up and carried the empty dish plate Leave. Xiao Tiao went out to eat in the senior man’s house, and Qiu Yinyang went to sleep on his nap. The louder and louder the gongs and drums outside, the louder the cry, the better the sleep.

Outside at night, we continued to cry and cried, as well as the singing of Qiu Yinyang’s disciples doing things. Suona sobs, gongs and drums. Qiu Yinyang reached the age when he could not wake up during the day and could not sleep at night. He offered himself alone in this room. There was nothing to do. He only smoked tea or tea, or teased his teeth with a sliver, and it was a bit salty.

“Master, the hospital doctor and the village cadres can’t be the masters. How come you are so bullish, just whisper a few words in your mouth, people will listen and pull the needle tube with one.

“They manage disease and money, I control life and death.”

“I think his family is looking for excuses, and you are also talking about it.”

“Tell you to talk more.”

As soon as Qiu Yinyang grabbed the pot, his head hit the butt of the sliver, and the sliver shouted hauntedly.

“Master, I forgot to say something. Last night, my brother and I pretended to harvest apples and drove a tractor to the village to step on it. Today a doll recognized me and squeezed my eyes.”

“How do you recognize it?”

“I walked anxiously, and fell, and left a big bag on my left forehead, so that the baby could write it down.”

“Get another bag on the right, won’t you recognize it?”

Qiu Yinyang shoved the long stick again, and Huang Cancan’s bulging back on the head of the pot fell right on the right forehead of the sliver, and the sliver cried in pain, saying he didn’t want Come back home.

“I will come back when I leave. There are no mothers and fathers. I can’t study anymore. I can’t work hard. I just use a clever mouth. I don’t learn to be a yin and yang. Where can I eat?”

The small note wiped the tears on his face and smiled at Qiu Yinyang again. At this time, the mobile phone in his pocket rang, he immediately took it out and opened it, handed his hands to Master, and quietly left the door.

The next morning I will run out of town.

Running the city means that the filial sons, under the leadership of Yin and Yang, run along the route of the gossip city painted with lime on the ground, and escort the dead souls to the underworld to report to the Lord Yan. The process is a bit like a game, it is very lively, and people from three neighbors are coming to watch.

Before the beginning, the filial sons would give Yin and Yang whatever they wanted, and they would like to mourn their saddle horses and accompany them on the road. They also begged not to have too many tricks and toss them less. In the current words, tipping is not included in the official account, but it is actually indispensable. Feeling on time, five of the six sons all gave Qiu Yinyang a head, then reached out and handed the note a hundred yuan. When the bald sixth son handed over the money, his wife didn’t do it, but stretched out his hand and snatched it back. He said, “I didn’t agree, what did I give?” His wife used to be quite rude at home, and now suddenly turned his face. The six-law daughter-in-law is young and has some looks. It is often said that if you want to be filial, she looks a lot better among a group of women wearing white filial shirts. A few gangsters with yellow hair who were onlookers took the opportunity to tease her, yelled that they had to get the things just on the Internet, and took out their mobile phones and took left and right photos. The woman stood up horribly, and the old spitting a few sputum.

This is no longer a matter of one hundred dollars. According to our Longdong folk customs, the six sons who lived with their parents lived in funerals and paid a lot of money. If she plays with Lai again, most of the tens of thousands of yuan will be lost. The little squint stared at some of the seniors. The seniors stared at the master. Qiu Yinyang closed his eyes slightly as steady as Mount Tai. I saw him squeeze the goatee with his left hand and the dust with his right hand, his head tilted back, and he sang a song of requiem. The tone is high and the voice is gentle, which makes a hen standing on the wall croaking.

He Yung Ye–

Do not be angry.

The children respect each other for your burial.

Lao Liu’er doesn’t speak fart,

The six mother-in-law disagreed with the money,

The boss went to the tree to move the funeral stick,

The second child crosses the river to meet the yin and yang,

The third son carried, the fourth buried,

The old five came back late,

Two early dead ghosts!

Hey crying by the bridge,

Oops, that oh hi–

After chanting, he swept the dust forward and shouted for a long time:

“Filial filial sons and grandchildren, the start of the city-”

Qiu Yinyang was carried on the sedan chair, went into the Bagua City and circled around the city. The big disciple held the peach wood sword and took the demon mirror in front. The four disciples followed, and the children of the Rong family, Pima Daixiao, followed a long list. The small stub stick rod was running around. He ran and ran, and suddenly stood the pot in his hand down to the ground, and the space under his arm became a city gate, and the filial sons had to bow their heads and drill down. No matter how strong Yin and Yang are, they have to eat to support the family. The brothers and sisters were not happy about this. The small sliver’s arm couldn’t hold up, and the filial sons struggled through the gate. The brother’s footsteps will also fly quickly, making the filial sons and grandchildren tired and timid. The filial sons naturally knew the reason for the guilt, so they all walked behind the daughter-in-law of the six daughters, and she became the leader without running a few laps. The six daughters-in-law thought that these yin and yang zizis clearly rectified her in this way, so they simply stood still. The master was very clever. Upon seeing the situation, he immediately led four younger brothers, circled around this tricky woman, slammed her in the mirror, danced the sword, rang the bell, patted the cymbals, sang the scriptures, and shouted. The filial sons also walked around, the people watching in the yard also coaxed, the people riding on the wall also barked, and sobbed, sobbing, the flash of the mobile phone turned into a piece, and all the dogs in the village followed. Within a few minutes, the head of the six daughter-in-law was stunned, and her eyes fell black on the ground.

“The little ghost is possessed–” The acting sliver was screaming in horror.

People in the village believe in this. The sixth son panicked and brought his wife back to the house with several relatives, and the city was finished.

After the six daughters-in-law were carried into the house, her bald man quickly pinched the person. Rong Laohan’s wife grabbed a sorghum broom, turned upside down and pumped it on Liu’s wife. In the funerals in the countryside, there are often ghost possessions, which are also used to drive the ghosts away with a broom, so the old woman is serious and reasonable. The more the daughter-in-law of the six daughters jumped, the more joy her broom lifted. It was not until the six daughter-in-laws were beaten up that they could not move on the kang. Looking at the window and looking at the lively people all laughed and said that the old woman was usually bullied by this evil daughter-in-law, and now it is a revenge. When the sun went down in the afternoon, the pain of the six daughter-in-laws gradually weakened, and as the people in the courtyard were talking about her, she climbed down to the kang and threw out the door to yell, saying that she would not give the ox, ghost and snake god a penny if she died. When sending her to Yincao Difu, she must fan Ye Yan’s mouth.

It seems that the dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.

Several teachers and brothers chanting quietly whispered, the mother-in-law had spoken to this point, or she would leave now, cool the place of the funeral, and lose his ancestors. The master said that it would be too embarrassing to let people see through our capabilities and would ridicule people who walked between the yin and yang worlds. They were rehabilitated by a shrew. In the future, Longzhuang will be a hundred miles away, so do n’t want to get business. Now, there is no urine but no urine to hold the urine. If the contention is not high, let the sliver go to explore Master’s tone. When the sliver returned to Yinyang House, Master’s cigarette had been exhausted, and he drank and drank the tea.

“Master, what should I do if I don’t give the money behind the six wives on Dog Day?”

“You listen to her being irresponsible, have heard of the money owed to the government, but have not heard of anyone who owed money to Lord Yan, and she did not dare to eat the leopard.”

“Then … in case there is no money …”

“If you don’t come, I will sell you to the old ghost as a son. I have to pay for it and I will share it with you.”

“Master, I don’t believe it.”

“You don’t believe you try.”

Qiu Yinyang turned over to grab his brass rod, and the sliver ran out of the door in shock.

In the afternoon of the next day, Rong Laohan’s body was concentrated.

The shroud is worn after swallowing. Guapi hat, robe and gown, looking like a landlord. Several sons carried the body from the door panel into the coffin in a hug, and the daughters put some paper items in the coffin, all of which are old children ’s used books, etc., saying that it will allow future generations to win the championship In fact, to prevent the body from shaking during the burial process. I also put in some copper coins I bought, so that future generations can meet the desire to “promote officials to get rich”. It seems that the task after Rong Laohan’s death is not light.

“Ye Mingzhu is gone–” The six sons cried in horror.

This is no small matter. The Pearl of the Night was when Rong Laohan went to Yincaodi to report to Lord Ye and walked on Huangquan Road to light the lamp. It was a good golden pearl. The children should have gathered the money to buy it, but they couldn’t help but said they couldn’t get it out. Rong Laohan couldn’t wait when he was seriously ill, he broke the routine and sold several fat sheep that he raised before buying the beads. My mother sulked for this and jumped over a ditch. The old man swallowed and stopped to sleep on the door panel. After burning the paper, the old mother placed the bead in the palm of his hand in front of the child, and wrapped the red paper in a bundle of fine linen. Everyone knows that Rong Laohan has cataracts in his eyes, and that the flashlights ca n’t be left in the dark. The spirit-keepers are all relatives, children, and son-in-law. The coffin couldn’t close the lid for a while, and the room suddenly became a pot of porridge.

When the sixth son just cried, his wife kicked him secretly from behind, and was looked at by a girl of Rong Laohan and shouted:

“House thieves are hard to guard!”

The daughter-in-law of the six daughters was gone, and Wen Sheng asked the person who spoke to ask who the house thief was, shouting for her to point out, otherwise she would tear her pants, and dozens of hands could not stop her. The talking girl was pushed into the next suite and the door was locked, but the six daughters-in-law still fled. Rong Laohan’s wife was crying angrily when he heard that the old man’s lamp went to the underworld and walked at night. She was dizzy and illiterate, seeing everyone making noises, thinking that the six daughters-in-law had stolen it, so she grabbed a top stick and tried to go there. Before the stick had gone out, she tripped on the ground first. As soon as the sixth son saw the scene, he ran out and knelt in front of Qiu Yinyang, begging him to think of a way. Qiu Yinyang was holding a whisk at the time, sitting in a chair of the broken Tai Shi, closing his eyes and raising his mind, and several disciples chanted and chanted mantras in front of them.

“Yang Shi’s matter is to the government.” Qiu Yinyang replied without opening his eyes.

The six sons were honest pimples, and for a moment they couldn’t think of any tricks, so they ran into the village with filial piety.

There has always been a rumor in the village that the village director had a leg with the six daughter-in-laws of the Rong family, but they all spread gossip in private, and there is no evidence. Receiving the request today, the village director did indeed come out panting all the way. Others are tall and aggressive, and after entering the door, Bao Qingtian’s posture is decided. A few big words that could be spoken were not enough to scare people, and were quickly overwhelmed by the spit stars of a group of women. He threatened to find some strong men to search. The voice hadn’t settled yet. Rong Laohan’s several maidens would pounce on him and tear him. Helpless Tie Qing came out of the door of the mourning room, and by the way, scorned Qiu Yinyang.

“Come a few strong, bring me in.”

The village director shouted that Qiu Yinyang would be brought into the funeral room together with the Taishi chair, and the lawsuit would be broken for him.

This is also good. From the yang to the yin, catching ghosts and falling monsters, Lord Yan gave the yin and yang to the three-pointed love, how can you let the ordinary soldiers plead at will. The elder brother didn’t do it at first. With a cry, he turned his sword and pointed at the director’s eyebrows. He shook his left and right in the mirror, shouted cursed curses in his mouth, and twisted the muscles on his face. The disciples also fiddled with a ringer. The village director was at a loss for a moment, panicked, and turned back involuntarily. After a few steps, he was forced to a wall of soil. Perhaps the laughter from the onlookers reminded him that when he realized that he was still an official, he said weakly, “What do you want to do?”

“Ahhhhhh—” Qiu Yinyang flicked the dust in his hands, and said Yin and Yang strangely. “The disciples stop, and quickly express the imperial edict.”

The master then collected the sword and hidden mirror, and the brothers turned and knelt at Qiu Yinyang’s feet. Xiao Tiao got up and ran into the room, burned yellow paper in front of Lord Yan’s spirit card, bowed down, made a yellow paper out, and dedicated it to Qiu Yinyang respectfully. Two lines of crooked pencil writing were written on it: “The villagers here said that when they stepped on the spot, the village director was a good janitor, specializing in biting outsiders and eating in the nest.” Qiu Yinyang frowned slightly after reading. The note was thrown to the ground, and the note was quickly picked up and stuffed into the incense burner.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Qiu Yinyang made another scream, and then declared the decree on behalf of the Lord Yan. Blame Qiu Yinyang on his behalf. ”

“Disciples, get out of the car and mourn–”

When Qiu Yinyang ordered, the eldest disciple held the sword and hanged the mirror, the bell of the gong and cymbals rang, and the village director led the teacher to respectfully raised the Taishi chair. After entering the funeral room, Qiu Yinyang shook the dust, and the disciple held the mirror and held the sword to kill the demon, the jingle jingled, and Suona hooted. The dust in Qiu Yinyang’s hand flicked three times, and the sounder stopped.

Rong Laohan, his grandpa,

You have accumulated virtue and enjoyed the blessing.

Some children gave you the lantern in advance,

Want to accompany you to life in the underworld,

Hi, I want to stay with you for life.

I let her soul walk with you,

I let her Qiqiao quickly smoke.

I let her die at night,

I let her into the coffin tomorrow.

There are many pits next to Zu Grave,

Many companions beside your old man,

Ah, multiple companions!

After Qiu Yinyang sang a song, he shouted and brought a large piece of white filial cloth over. He asked four people to grab the cloth corner and cover it on the coffin. The filial sons and daughters lined up to stay in the cloth, quietly saying goodbye to the old father to say goodbye. After they had drilled out of the cloth, Qiu Yinyang ordered the Xiaobu to be taken away. The first scream of the sliver, Ye Mingzhu was pinched in the hands of Rong Laohan again. Qiu Yinyang’s buttocks left Huo Di’s Taishi chair, straightening his waist bar and shaking to dust, singing a requisition song in his mouth, full of anger and tears.

Alas-Rong Laohan,

My brother, Sunwa, his grandfather!

The filial son changed the hexagram halfway,

Night Pearl is back in your hands.

You have to walk alone at night,

How shit slipped carefully.

Raising children and daughters,

Blessings and evils are old only to know.

At night, Xiao Tiaozi and Qiu Yinyang’s apprentice twitched their teeth again.

“Master, you are so powerful. Today I want to get back the Pearl of the Night. I used to see a sickle hanging on the dick.”

“Something is hanging, just sing two little songs and it will be done.”

“Master, I also want to learn to sing this requiem.”

“You didn’t blow the dust, it was useless to sing.”

“Master, where did your dust come from?”

“Your master passed it down.”

“My grandfather said when he was alive that Master Ye was a bull, a ghost, and a ghost.

“Ah-” Little note screamed suddenly.

Xiao Tiao was using a lighter to light the shredded tobacco in Master ’s cigarette pot. Before he finished speaking, Qiu Yinyang blew out a breath from the mouth of the cigarette pot. Squinted.

When the chicken screamed, Zhang Luo went out and asked.

This is the most important ceremony in the funeral. The children and grandchildren should report the hukou to the Lord Yan of the Cao Di Mansion through the mourning yin and yang lords, so that they will go to the underworld in the future so that they can find their home.

Qiu Yinyang, together with the Taishi chair under his buttocks, was set up high on an eight immortal table, with a style like the Tongtian master in the martial arts movie. The big disciple stood in front of the left holding a mirror and holding a sword. He was as powerful as a military commander. The small stub was standing in front of the right with a long stick of hot pot. The majestic guards of the team. A torch was lit in the courtyard, blowing suona, and a group of filial sons and grandchildren were kneeling, surrounded by a group of people watching the lively people.

After the two shots were whining, Qiu Yinyang’s ass began to jump around on the chair, and the old Taishi chair was almost broken up. After the jump, he grinned and sang a few words with his eyes screaming:

Yan Men opened for Rong Jia today,

The filial son’s household registration is submitted.

He set foot on Huangquan Road,

The black household is blocked outside the prefecture.

After the roaring, all the disciples groaned, and the sirens sounded. They looked a bit like the masters in the Qin tune drama. Immediately after the sliver read a scripture, the filial sons began to blame, all wrote their family name and relationship with Rong Laohan on a yellow sheet, and then wrapped the hard money for Yin and Yang with this paper Go up and ask for Zhu Bi’s approval and the big red seal on the House of Kings, and then stick it on the door panel standing at the entrance of the courtyard. It is a public announcement to the ghosts and immortals of the people of Yin and Yang. The daughter’s family only offered incense and no money, and the son’s eldest child to the eldest one gave 1,000 yuan each, giving a total of 5,000 yuan. Xiao Tiao took the yellow watch from the sixth son’s house and said aloud: “Son: Rong Liugou. Daughter-in-law: Deng Caoye.” No money figures were read.

Qiu Yinyang’s disciples were finally worried.

The funeral expenses were distributed by the six sons in the presence of the old people of the portal family. Can the five thousand yuan for Yin and Yang be given or not? The six sons began to anxious with their wives, shouting to quickly take out the money, anxious to stretch out the bald scalp. The other filial sons kneeling on the ground began to mutter, angry, and gritted their teeth.

After all, Qiu Yinyang was given to Secretary Yan, and of course he has seen more people. He was calm and calm, without changing his face. He took the yellow sheet and squinted. He carried Zhu Bi and numbered in front of the name of the sixth son, and numbered in front of the name of the sixth daughter-in-law. Waving it to the ground, the sliver was picked up and attached to the door panel.

“Six Mother-in-laws did not report to Hell’s Hukou.” The onlookers were yelling and laughing.

“The old lady has no money and died as a ghost.” The voice of the six daughters-in-law could break the sky.

Rong Laohan’s wife shuddered and said that she sold a few eggs and couldn’t take it out. When the six daughters-in-law heard it, they scolded, “Old mice will hide and hide. Don’t enter my house if you dare to take them out.” The old lady dared not say anything.

Qiu Yinyang ’s eldest disciple was already struggling to raise his mirror and dance his sword, and he had a large group of young and old at home. At this time, he was the first to lose his breath. The action was killing just now, but it was like a deflated ball. None of these escaped Qiu Yinyang’s eyes. The dust on his hands shoved towards the disciples. The white, hard and long horsehair immediately left a row of blood-stained red marks on his face.

The funeral was carried on Xiaoxue to face the north wind. The coffin was carried at the forefront, the filial sons followed in a row, Qiu Yinyang sat in the sedan chair and the disciples followed, followed by the three relatives and four neighbors holding the paper streamers and carrying the wreath, and trailing like a flock See the lively men, women and children. The filial sons were quiet, only the six sons were crying alone and snotting tears. He always cried like this: “Oh, my wife!” The listener felt strange, because his father was dead, crying what his wife did. Someone whispered that the baby was still conscience, it was a good mile to read his father to marry him. Now he gets a gift of more than 100,000 yuan for marrying a daughter-in-law, worth 20 cows. His father allowed the old man to marry him for his wife a few years ago. Paralyzed. The six sons cried like this before kneeling down in front of the tomb. His wife couldn’t bear it anymore, so he shouted at him: “It’s your father who died, not me who died, crying for me.” The six sons cried and said, ” You are so bad that you are not far away from death. “Her wife stood up and kicked him, making a lot of laughs at the people who buried the coffin. Several old men in the family were so angry they pointed at them and said that the ancestors of the Rong family lost money and made such a pair of evil seeds.

A long line of mourners returned to Rongjia’s courtyard, prepared to eat the tofu vermicelli rice served by Rongjia, and scattered home. The meal hadn’t been served yet, but the house where the filial sons were guarding was noisy, and the door was bolted to prevent outsiders from entering. Some people in the courtyard speculated that it might be that the filial sons robbed Rong’s family. Others argued that Rong Laohan could leave some money. The money earned by the sheep was married to a group of daughters-in-law. More than 20 sheep left when they were unable to afford Kang were replaced with coffin shrouds. The noodles, the diced meat and the diced meat in the bowl, are only found after slaughtering the last sheep. Some people sniffed the window and heard the famous hall. The bald sixth son cried and said he had no daughter-in-law, fearing that he would die as a bachelor in the future.

“Your wife is still young and dying early.”

“It will be someone else’s death too late.”

“How do you know this will happen?”

“If you die, you must be married.”

The sale of corpse bones and yin marriages are mostly done by the deceased’s mother-in-law and they have been there since old age. Generally, they are digging graves to sell divorced widows, or unmarried girls. It is possible that the daughter-in-law who did not come to the door died. The sixth son had less hair on his head, but he really thought more than the average person, but he could think of it. At this time, the elder brother of the six daughters-in-law also came to the funeral, and said righteously: “Our Deng family is not so lacking in morals.” The six sons anxiously said to him, “Your family is not lacking in morals, and the grave robbers lacking in morality Ah. “It’s only these years of digging wild graves and selling corpses that have risen here. At this time, there was an anxious rush to add in the window: “A baby girl’s bones can be sold for 200,000, and even the bones of a 60-70-year-old wife are worth 80,000 or 90.” Recently, the village director was unfair because of the distribution of poverty alleviation funds. Some of the villagers are so noisy that they can’t see limes. At this time, two of them happened to be outside the window. They knew that the relationship between the village director and the wicked woman was unclean, and they began to fan the flames and shouted into the window loudly:

“If you don’t have a number registered with Lord Yan, it’s tantamount to not getting a marriage certificate in the underworld.”

“If a tomb thief encounters an undocumented person, it just happens to dig out and sell for a good price.”

“There are tomb robbers in the village secretly. If you do n’t know, you ’ll be watching now.”

After hearing this bluff, the face of the six daughter-in-law turned into a yellow sheet of paper. Suddenly, the sixth son seemed to be mad, and got up and plucked the lock on a wooden box, grabbed a pile of money, and said, “My father spent more than a hundred thousand to marry me, and I will spend more More than five thousand yuan is not too much. Whoever wants to block me, my blood will be poured on him. “Then he went out with the money.

After eating vermicelli tofu rice, Qiu Yinyang went out and got on the sedan chair, and took the disciples to go home. The seeing-off suona all whined, and Rong Laohan’s sixth son suddenly knelt beside the sedan chair, a wooden tray with money on his head, and asked his wife to get a hell marriage certificate. Qiu Yinyang ignored it.

The devil wild dogs all gave way,

Yin Yang Yang, I’m going home.

White horse’s mane flicked forward, and the sedan flashed out of the door of Rongjia’s courtyard.

Along the way, the six sons of Rong Laohan caught up several times, kneeling with money on his head and pleading on the side of the road, Qiu Yinyang ignored it. The sliver was so anxious that he looked straight at Master. The heads of the brothers were all caught in the chest, but the head of the master was facing upward.

When he was about to cross the street and change his clothes and ride the tractor, the village director came and showed his face with embarrassment. He said to Qiu Yinyang, “The people in Longzhuang are hard to get around. I have to mix here. You will come later.” If you can, please give it as much as possible, do n’t grab a seal and do n’t let go. ”After saying that, he grabbed the stack of money above the head of Rongjia ’s six sons, and just stuffed it into a small shoulder bag. A yellow sheet of paper was handed into Qiu Yinyang’s hands.

Qiu Yinyang didn’t look at him in the sedan chair, and took the paper and called a small note to serve, and quickly stamped the seal on it, throwing it down to the village director, and then yelled a few words like Yinyang:


Which one in the world wants to be a ghost,

They must die to become officials.

The landlord came to burn incense sticks,

The parents official came to give affection,

Hey yeah, you have to give it a face!

After getting on the tractor, a group of people rubbed their hands coldly, but their faces became flowers. Qiu Yinyang was quiet, and asked him to sliver him into the pot with dry tobacco, and the two of them stirred their mouths again.

“Master, are you still an official?”

“Just know, the ghost’s official.”

“No wonder, the village director and officials also took care of each other.”

Qiu Yinyang swung his long stick to the sliver again. But this time, instead of hitting the head, he stretched his elbow under the arm of the sliver and twitched it back a few times. It tickled him and cried, causing a tractor laugh.