Static symbol

Pebbles thrown into the river, like returning home

It looks more like itself in the water

Smooth, like a fall on ice

The shadow part brings inspiration to the design

As for the pattern, no one has cracked it yet

Potential pebbles in the water, well versed in water

Stay awake in the rippling

Occasionally, I will remember that distant afternoon

Think of that kid

Like remembering its past life

Grave sweeping
In the calculation of wind and rain

Blob followed by blob and rushed up the mountain

The pause in the middle is the past time

There are people we used on the mountain

And used days

The wormwood on the tomb looks like last year

Grow again

A wild flower is learning to be splendid still

In addition to the rain falling, the cuckoo

Also opened its simple voice

Like some time in the past

And under the mud, it’s still mud

No expectations

Baby open eyes

The world is just born

He raised his hand and touched the air

Daily like amniotic fluid

That gesture, as if the earth is spinning

And a symbol produced

Perfect, not reproducible

Thanks to the participation of this symbol

Everything has a new order

And life itself, only after

Like the river in the distance

In the flow, but does not explain the significance

He stared at the world for a while

Think for a while and stretch out your feet

Kick it hard

Then, I opened my mouth and cried

In his own way

Say hi to this world

A goshawk hangs in the air and does not move

Like an extra nail

Grey eyes peeping below

Suddenly dive

The sharp beak pierced the lake

The white splash started

Its accuracy surprised me

Under the calm lake

There is our unknown existence

Danger will not let go of any creature

A yellow mackerel in the eagle’s mouth

Together with its ignorance