Terrible giant

In a village, people’s lives were originally full of joy, until one day a strange giant came to the village. As he drew closer and closer, people were terrified and hid in their homes. The giant walked into the village, and all the houses were only half his height. People looked out of the cracks in the door and dared not make a sound.

Suddenly, a little girl opened the door and walked towards the giant. The family was very scared and shouted at her: “That’s a terrible giant, you can’t go through!” But the little girl didn’t stop. It’s strange that when the little girl gets closer and closer to the giant, the giant gets smaller and smaller. When the little girl comes to him, his height is only up to the little girl’s knee. The little girl held him in his hand and asked, “What’s your name?”

The giant said: “My name is” Fear, I think I look strange, when I see someone who is afraid of me, the longer I grow up; when I see someone who is not afraid of me, the more Become smaller. This is incredible! ”

The little girl said, “I can take you through our village and let everyone know you. When they know the truth, they won’t be afraid of you. But can you change your name? Your name shouldn’t ‘Fear, I think maybe people will not be afraid of you, and you will not become a giant. ”

The giant said: “No, no, my name is born, I will not change my name, I just want people to know, ‘Fear is not terrible …”

Yes, fear is not terrible, it will become smaller and smaller as soon as you approach it bravely.