The best thing in the world

Is there really the first good thing in the world? In this regard, the big publisher Zhang Yuanji is convinced. He said: “The first good thing in the world is still reading.” A “return” word means that Zhang Lao made a careful comparison before saying that.

So, why study, and what are the benefits of reading? Recently, the hard-core doctor Zhang Wenhong gave an answer: If you do n’t study, it ’s just how others bully you, so you bully back. But if you read a lot, you will choose not to be related to these people.

Here, Director Zhang talked about the negative significance of reading, which is to avoid being bullied by others. Of course, our traditional epistemology advocates the positive significance of reading. However, you must not misunderstand the negative meaning of reading, because it may be closer to the nature of reading.

For example, Mr. Jin Yong ’s martial arts books are very popular with readers at home and abroad, and a generation of great men Deng Xiaoping is also one of the “gold fans”. But you have to look for some secrets of martial arts in the book, what kind of one finger and 18 palms to practice, and it is unrealistic to expect to knock down a boatman with one shot.

In another example, Mao Zedong wanted to read traditional jokes in his later years, so he commissioned libraries in Beijing and Shanghai to find many different jokes for him. However, if you look at it, if you have to say something insignificant, it seems a bit far-fetched.

In the same way, if you want to find some folk secrets in “Story Meeting”; or you can write a novel after reading “Story Meeting”; or anchor this year’s college entrance examination questions in “Unwinding Story”, so you will recite the whole story It is also unrealistic to come down.

However, it is reported that several stories in the “Story Meeting” were transplanted by readers into the composition of the college entrance examination, and the newspaper published it as “full composition”. We did not know until we publicized it, what else did we do? This is something we never thought about. Maybe this is the useless use of reading.

Over the years, people have read many novel, interesting and intelligent stories in this magazine, and are used to telling them to others as part of their own experience. We think, how can Lele be like Lele, and how can Lele be like Lele?

Therefore, it is not hypocritical to say that reading is the best thing in the world.

Congratulations on the 700 issues of “Story Club”, and I wish more people read more good stories!