A journey of thanksgiving spanning 15 years

In a conference room of the Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University, the little girl who came from the United States, Shan Shan, adoptive father Kevin and adoptive mother Julie, were treating her medical staff 15 years ago and the welfare home that adopted her The staff expressed gratitude. Shanshan said emotionally: “Thank everyone who helped me and helped me. I am very happy and healthy now!”

Shanshan took out carefully prepared growth commemorative photo albums and gave them to Chinese “families”. Everyone looked at Shanshan’s growth album and they all felt that the small and seriously ill Xiaoshan Shan had turned into a slim girl, and everyone’s thoughts were also pulled back 15 years ago …

5 months old, abandoned and seriously ill

On October 10, 2003, Shanshan came to the world, but she was accompanied by congenital heart disease (ventricular septal defect, atrial septal defect), severe pulmonary hypertension and other diseases, which weighed heavily on her thin body. . Perhaps because her condition was too serious, her parents were unable to treat her, and Shan Shan was abandoned just 5 months after birth.

In March, 2004, the Nanjing Children’s Welfare Institute admitted her, but her condition was worrying. Seeing her repeated symptoms of high fever and blue lips, the welfare institution decided to send her to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

On April 17, 2004, Shan Shan was admitted to the hospital and the situation was very bad. At 6 months of birth, she weighed less than 4 kg. She had severe pneumonia combined with heart failure and congenital heart disease. She was also accompanied by sepsis, thrush, and severe malnutrition. She may die at any time.

Qiao Lixing, the current director of pediatrics at Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University, was Shanshan ’s attending doctor. He said that Shanshan had big shiny eyes. When she looked at you, she always felt her desire for life. The staff was more determined to try her best to save her.

“Egg” under the magnifying glass turns danger into a new life
There is no way out without surgery. But Shanshan’s physical condition is very poor, can he survive the surgery? If the operation is complicated and serious, what are the risks during and after surgery? How long can she persist without surgery as soon as possible? A series of problems are placed in front of medical staff.

The hospital has set up a special treatment team composed of experts in thoracic surgery, pediatrics, ICU and so on. Former paediatrics director Li Hailang and deputy director Zheng Yinan led the team members to have repeated consultations with chief physician Liu Zhiyong of cardiothoracic surgery and chief physician Jing Liang of the anesthesiology department to discuss the best treatment plan. After consultation, each department worked out a treatment plan to control Shanshan ’s infection and wait for the heart to stabilize before performing cardiac repair surgery.

On May 18, 2004, Shanshan finally ushered in the day of surgery. Shan Shan weighed less than 4 kilograms at the time, and the basic conditions were poor, which brought great challenges to cardiac repair surgery. However, no matter how big the challenge is, it must be done. The team of experts performed “extracorporeal circulation + open heart + heart repair surgery” for Shanshan.

Shanshan’s heart is only the size of an egg. Experts wore a magnifying glass 2.5 times, and performed heart repair surgery carefully. The risks are level after level. Eventually, with the close cooperation of medical staff, the operation was successfully completed.

Postoperative care and rehabilitation is another huge challenge. Can Shan Shan’s weak body survive the heavy risks after surgery? On the first night after the operation, the doctor stayed by her bed, stayed up all night, and kept an eye on the life monitor. Pediatrics has set up a 24-hour escort team to adjust the treatment plan constantly according to her situation, helping her to survive one difficulty after another.

Three days later, Shanshan evacuated the ventilator. After 1 week, her condition was basically stable and her condition improved day by day. On June 11, 2004, Shanshan was discharged, and the hospital held a farewell party for her.

In the process of treating Shanshan, Shanshan was also cared for by all walks of life, and was supported by the “Hope of Heart” Foundation and the Ministry of Civil Affairs “Tomorrow Plan” activities. On October 10, 2005, on Shanshan ’s 2nd birthday, she was adopted by an American family and started a new life. With father and mother, and brothers and sisters, the family lives happily.

Shanshan lived a very healthy life after the operation. If it were not a scar on her body, she could not see that she had undergone a major cardiac operation. Now she is a sportsman, she insists on running 5 kilometers every day, and her academic performance is also very good.

Former pediatrics director Li Hailang has kept in touch with Shan Shan ’s adoptive parents by email, paying attention to her growth. When Shanshan ’s adoptive parents learned from the email of Director Li Hailang at the time of the treatment process, she was moved to tears and said that she must take her back to China when the child grows up, thanking her life-saving people. Time flies, this journey of thanksgiving spanning 15 years has finally come. The scene of the meeting was filled with a joyful and warm atmosphere. Between chatting and memories, everyone was in good spirits …