Douyin respects the elderly and frees the mother from depression

Although my mother is a sparse old man, she lives happily, fully and happily. Surrounding my mother’s knees and looking at her happy smile, I felt a little bit different. Two years ago, she was not like that. At that time, she lived in her hometown in the country. Although she was financially subsidized by our children, because of her father ’s death, she became autistic.

Seeing how lonely my mother is, we are very worried about working in the city. In order to take care of the elderly mother, we let the mother move to the city to live with us, but the hometown is helpless and the mother can not leave the hometown A piece of land is inseparable from the old house where he lived with his father for decades. She said that the room has the smell of dad, and she can’t leave her father behind.

Mom’s “stubbornness” made us defeat, but in desperation, we usually only contact by phone. Every Sunday, we travel between urban and rural areas, but affectionate comfort is still short-lived for Mom. After we leave, Mom still has to face the days of loneliness and loneliness. Over time, she suffered from mild depression, becoming pessimistic, world-weary, and autistic. On one occasion, my mother tried to commit suicide. Fortunately, she was rescued by her neighbor. My mother’s suicide made me shocked. I consulted a psychiatrist, and the doctor suggested that we should be accompanied and given appropriate treatment. In order to take care of her, I changed to a more leisurely job, although the salary is relatively low, but I can complete the work at home and accompany my mother in the country.

In the days when I accompanied my mom in the countryside, it was a bit monotonous, but for a migrant worker like me who lived in the city for a long time, my days in the countryside were more pleasant. In my free time, I like to play with my mobile phone, take pictures of my life, take pictures of flowers and plants, entertain myself, and enrich my life. In my mother ’s yard, the spring, summer and autumn seasons are evergreen, blooming flowers, ripe fruits, green vegetables growing happily … all of these aroused my desire to create. After I made these small paradise-like rural scenes into small videos, the original ecological beauty was welcomed by netizens.

Seeing more and more people become my fans, my interest in making small videos is even higher. From taking pictures of the countryside, to taking pictures of farmer’s dishes made by my mother, I finally made my mother appear. In my video, the figure of the mother is everywhere. In the morning when the sun rose, she went to the vegetable garden to pick vegetables and drank the spring water to cook rice; after breakfast, she grinded beans with beans, made tofu, and grated pancake paste; Fresh vegetables picked in the vegetable garden, pancakes with vegetable stalls … I made her cooking and cooking process a tutorial and shared it with netizens, which caused resonance among netizens. The pancakes, scallion pancakes, lotus leaf chicken, and dreg tofu made by my mother awakened many people’s childhood memories and hometown complexes. In your comments, in addition to the nostalgia for your hometown, there is also praise for the mother’s cooking. Many netizens made dishes according to the tutorial and tasted the authentic taste of hometown. They all came to thank their mother. Everyone unanimously named her as “Grandma of Vibrating Kitchen God”.

At first, my mother was resistant to becoming the protagonist of the short video, but when I showed her that netizens enthusiastically encouraged and praised her, although she did not say anything, she felt a sense of accomplishment in her heart and recognized this as a piece Good thing. Later, when she was cooking, I “came on” her again, and she no longer refused, but began to cooperate. As the mother’s farm dishes spread through the Internet to all parts of the country, she was recognized by netizens across the country. She has lived in a mountain village for a lifetime, and she has become a “net red”.

What is even more gratifying to me is that since she became the “Grandma of Vibrating Kitchen God”, the mental state of her mother is getting better day by day, and the smile on her face is gradually increasing. With the passage of time, two years later, she has completely got rid of the trouble of depression and turned into an old lady who talks and laughs and has a cheerful personality. I think that all of these changes are due to the persistent efforts of our children and the Internet. Times are changing, and our way of respecting the elderly must also change. For the elderly, not only to give him material satisfaction, but also to give them innovative spiritual support, only in this way, the elderly can enjoy their old age more happily.