Adulthood Ceremony and Roulette

“How much do you know about the Seventeen Star Alliance?” Themis asked me.

I thought about it and said honestly: “Not many … I only know that the seventeen-star allies I saw in Cicero were mercenaries.”

“It’s not only Cicero,” Themisius nodded. “You can see the Star Alliance people in this universe where all humans except the Seventeen Star Alliance are basically mercenaries. Because mercenaries are ten. Seven Star Alliance’s only export product. ”

“Ah?” My tone was full of surprises.

“In the impression of many people-I think you should also be included-Cicero is a desolate planet that doesn’t shit, right?” Themisius said, “However, Cicero compares with the 17 Star Alliance , Already considered a comfortable and livable place. The 17-Star Alliance exists in a distant galaxy, consisting of a star in the main-sequence stage, several planets, their moons, and some artificial objects. The entire galaxy The resources are extremely scarce like Cicero, and agriculture and industry are almost impossible to develop. However, Cicero can at least rely on the interstellar transportation and entertainment industry to maintain its existence. The Seventeen Star Alliance with only one star gate is basically counting on Not on these.

“The original pioneers discovered the desolation of this galaxy early, but they had nowhere else to go, so they struggled to survive here. The harsh living environment cultivated the tenacious and aggressive character of the Xingmeng people, and also helped us find a living After a long period of poverty, our ancestors discovered one thing, that is, there will never be a lack of war in the universe, and what is scarce is the people who can be put into the battlefield as consumables. Something missing.

“So our ancestors started training Star Alliance people, making them qualified mercenaries, and peddling them on various battlefields in the universe.

“After nearly a hundred years of operation, the mercenary business of the Seventeen Star Alliance has grown to an astonishing level. The Star Alliance can provide a full range of services, from small-scale ground conflict to a full range of interstellar wars, with solutions to satisfy customers . From armed raids, border patrols to fort guards, security maintenance, as long as customers pay for it, Xingmeng can meet.

“With the tenacious fighting will and skilled fighting skills, the mercenaries of Star Alliance have established a good reputation. Various forces are willing to hire us to replace their own people into the war. Especially for trade like Cicero Planet, the cost of mercenaries is much lower than the formation of an army. Any businessman with a normal mind ca n’t refuse such a bargain. For the hired, we are just a bunch of small flags on the sand table that can be moved at will, just A virtual point on the holographic screen is just a kind of existence that can be consumed at will. Even if we are like them, they are all flesh and blood. Throwing us on the battlefield, they no longer have to worry about the various problems caused by mortality. Well, we are simply worth the money.

“There have also been voices against export mercenaries in the Star Alliance, but more people realized that the existence of the Star Alliance must be maintained by exporting mercenaries. Exporting mercenaries has brought us enough soil to rely on these soils. We transformed a satellite into Demeter, the only place where All Star Alliance can grow crops. And Asclepius, the most advanced medical center of All Star Alliance is concentrated here, where we cultivate and cultivate medical care Soldiers. There are Apollo, Athena, etc. These places are either modified satellites or artificial celestial bodies. Their establishment is inseparable from the resources returned by mercenaries. Therefore, as the Star Alliance government gradually Perfect, these sounds are gradually suppressed until they finally disappear.

“The economy of exporting mercenaries not only expanded the Seventeen Star Alliance to today’s scale, but also made the Star Alliance form its own unique survival mode. All babies of the Seventeen Star Alliance will be sent to the planet Hera one year after birth. It ’s no longer relevant to parents from raising centers all over the planet. When they reach the age of seven, they will be evaluated by the system to determine what kind of occupation they are suitable for. Children who pass the evaluation will get mercenaries. Military membership, and assign them to different places for training according to the evaluation results. Those children who do not pass the evaluation become civilians, many rights are restricted, and they can only exist in the Star Alliance as second-class citizens.

“Like other children, I never knew who my parents were. The information of my parents is confidential to us. We have been ordered not to discuss these things from the record. For me, they are just two names, It exists in a file that I may never have permission to see. When I was seven years old, the system evaluated me and assigned me to Hephaestus, which is an artificial celestial body representing the star The most advanced construction technology of the League, where I plan to be trained as an engineer. One year later, at the request of my commander, the system re-evaluated me and threw me to the desolate satellite Ares. On, so I became a mobile infantry.

“I spent ten years in Ares and received brutal and rigorous training. At the age of seventeen, I passed the final assessment and officially became a mobile infantry. Since then, I have lived and Other Star Alliance mercenaries live the same life, whoever hires us, we mix with whom; wherever we are needed, we work wherever we go.

“I’ve been to many places and fought many battles, and my life has almost disappeared several times. The life of mercenaries is full of uncertainties, and many people are simply reimbursed for their tasks. Compared to guys, a guy with complete parts like me is just too lucky. ”

Themis said so much, apparently caught in memory.

“However, according to what you said before, you are no longer a mercenary, but what’s an exile? What’s going on?” I seized the gap and asked quickly.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll talk about it soon.” Theseus recovered from his memory, “Hey, Matt, do you know what love is like?”

Lily’s image immediately came to my mind.

“Uh, I know … it’s like … it’s …” Faced with this question, I didn’t know how to answer it. I searched the stomach, but couldn’t think of a proper adjective to describe my feelings about Lily. After struggling, I gave up my efforts and shrugged helplessly.

Seeing my embarrassment, Themisius shook his head and said with a smile: “Forget it, I will continue to tell my story.”

“When I was twenty-two, I spent almost every year on a planet called Shangos. It was on the border of an interstellar empire and was often patronized by interstellar pirates. Finally, locals who were harassed by pirates Unbearable, he hired more than one hundred mercenaries from Xingmeng to protect them. I am one of the more than one hundred people.

“Our mission is to patrol the outer space of the planet. When pirates are alerted, we have to fight if necessary. The mission is actually not difficult, but it is particularly boring. The monotonous shift patrol can be crazy, especially in the sight Almost empty outer space. Even if I was trained rigorously, I was looking forward to the emergence of pirates, and at least I could work on one.

“When there is no task, I will soak in the only bar in the base and drink hard liquor as water. Like other bars, there are also endless fights and fights. The bastard bartender always wants to drink it like Urine-like inferior wine flickers you. The difference is that our identity consciousness also exists in the bar. The mobile infantry from Ares always sits with himself, if an officer from Athena appears in a group of Are Among the Sri Lankans, it is estimated that everyone will feel awkward.

“One day-I will never forget that day in my life-I ended my patrol, went back to the bar, sat down with the brothers, and prepared myself to get drunk to pass the time. Then, I saw her.

“Maybe you think I was fascinated by her at that time, then you are wrong. In fact, she only faced me, and I just noticed that she was a new face. Her Her hair was hidden in a military cap, and only a strand of gold was leaking from the temples. It was golden. The bridge of her nose was a perfect curvature. Her armband was embroidered with bows and arrows, which explains why she sat in a group of Artemis Among the scouts of Sri Lanka.

“Well, you might not believe it. In the laws of the Star Alliance, mercenaries can also fall in love freely. Such a pleasant person sitting there will always have some guys about to move. But this girl, haha, she refused. The Ice Queen is thousands of miles away. I have personally seen waves of guys, officers, engineers, sailors, and even pilots, who want to get close to her, but all of them return without success.

“At this time, a mobile infantry sitting next to me couldn’t stand it anymore. I have to admit that the boy was very handsome. He got up and walked to the girl. Without saying a word, the girl was like dealing with the previous one. The suitor rejected him as well. The boy was impulsive and grabbed the girl by the shoulder.

“The next scene was almost unclear. By the time everyone responded, the boy had been pressed to the ground with a dagger on his neck, and the dagger was held in the girl’s hand.

“At this moment, I finally saw her face. At that moment, I was all there, as if it was petrified. Her face was frost-like, like a Valkyrie, with a moving beauty. She occupied My whole mind, I can no longer hold others in my heart.

“So I stepped forward like a fool and begged her to put the bad luck. She narrowed her eyes and asked me why with a sneering expression.

“Sentiment has been thrown into outer space by me, and I told her dizzy, if someone must pay for this, I hope that person is me, because only I can deserve the glory of dying under her knife. Hell, now think of it, what kind of shit logic.

“She looked at me with an idiot-like look, let go of the dagger in her hand, kicked my unlucky companion aside, and then ignored me. I stayed there for a long time until I was beaten up The smiling infantry was dragged away.

“Since then, I realized that she was irreplaceable in my heart. I started to use all my resources, allowances, benefits, vacations, etc. I gave him whatever others wanted, just to replace his patrol with him Time, so that my patrol time can be matched with her. So I can have more contact with her. This approach has achieved significant results, and it did n’t take long for her to realize my behavior. At this point, women always have Innately keen.

“However, I have to admit that she had no interest in me at first. The scouts from Artemis had a kind of pride in their bones. In their eyes, the mobile infantry was like a canned lunch. But I have to admit that only the best soldiers can become Artemis, they are indeed more talented than us. So, I can also understand her behavior at that time.

“However, the Goddess of Love was finally moved by my perseverance. Once, we encountered the ambush of pirates during the routine patrol. She was on the reconnaissance ship in front of us and was the first to be attacked. We were carrying the pirate ’s artillery and quickly Close to them, trying to save them back.

“When we met, we found that the number of pirates was three times that of us. Despite our tenacious resistance, the pirates broke our patrol ship. At the last moment, I hugged her and threw me away from us In a recent rescue capsule, I also jumped in.

“We hid in the debris of the patrol ship, in order to prevent being discovered by pirates, we remained silent. Fortunately, the pirates did not stay for a long time. After we wiped out, we disappeared without a trace. We waited until it was safe to issue. S.O.S.

“It took us five days from the day we fled to another patrol boat to find us. During these five days, the two of us squeezed into a small life-saving cabin and started the process of getting familiar with each other. We bandaged the wound, Take turns to rest. However, more often we can only sit there idly and do nothing. So we chat indiscriminately.

“The two of us have almost nothing to talk about. We talk about Ares and Artemis, where we have been before, tasks we have done, our preferences, and how we should spend our holidays. She realized we were maneuvering The infantry is not all fools, and I realized that she also has a lot of cuteness. When we were rescued, I was still a little lost, alas.

“Since then, the relationship between us has grown by leaps and bounds. We started to get in and out of pairs, and stayed together day and night without patrolling. God, that was the happiest time in my life.

“We almost ended our mission in Shanges at the same time and returned to Star Alliance. This made me very unhappy, because I needed to return to Ares, and she had to report to Artemis. But there are ways, we Trying to put the holidays together so that we can spend some time in Aphrodite, the most prosperous planet in the Star Alliance.

“Our feelings have not become indifferent because of distance. People who have seen too many deaths will slowly lose interest in life. However, in the eyes of mercenaries accompanying death, life is extremely beautiful. We just Whenever there is a chance, I will work hard to live and love hard.

“We even look forward to our life after retirement. The Star Alliance mercenary has a thirty-year period of service. After the end, we are free to choose our life. We also plan to have a few children, although we know that they cannot stay in By our side. But just knowing their existence is also a kind of happiness. ”

The continuous spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic poses a huge threat to humans, and more and more people begin to compare it with the 1918 Spanish flu. Some people in the field of international relations believe that this is the Third World War, or more precisely the first non-traditional security world war. It is still difficult to draw conclusions about whether it will reach the scale of the World War, but the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic is the biggest “black swan” event encountered by humans in recent years.

The new crown epidemic is a big test of the governance capacity of various countries. Traditionally, the standards for measuring a country ’s national strength include wars, normal economic development, and hosting large-scale international events such as the Olympic Games. Now, responding to the new crown epidemic situation has become a scoring standard for comprehensive national strength.

Reasons for the ineffective early anti-epidemic in the US and Europe

Three months ago, the new crown epidemic attacked Wuhan. China fought an encounter with the new crown virus, and at first did not understand that it was so contagious. In a sense, China was forced to take a closed-book exam. Because we were caught flat-footed, there were some flaws in our early anti-epidemic. For example, the initial response was slow, and there were some implementation-level problems in the process. But then we adjusted in time, worked together from top to bottom, and gave full play to the advantages of the system. In general, China’s overall score was still high.

While China is reversing the epidemic, the epidemic has occurred at multiple points worldwide. At present, the number of infected people worldwide has exceeded one million, especially the United States and Europe have not yet reached an inflection point. The new crown epidemic has become a global challenge, and the international community urgently needs to abandon ideology and other prejudices to cooperate in the fight against the epidemic. In this regard, China has also done a good job, while continuing to consolidate the domestic anti-epidemic situation, while giving other countries the ability to provide personnel and materials assistance.

The WHO said that China has paid a huge price for the preparation time for other countries to fight the epidemic. It is a pity that neither the United States nor Europe seized this window of time and took serious and timely preventive measures. Especially in the United States, most of the early time was wasted on cynicism and even wearing masks was politicized. It is ridiculous that social common sense is kidnapped by ideology.

There are three collective arrogances behind the early Western prevention and control errors. The first type is racial arrogance, which feels that Westerners have better physical fitness than Orientals. The Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso spoke at the Japanese Parliament not long ago, saying that when the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting held at the end of February talked about the epidemic, the Italian representative ’s response was that they had nothing to do with them, saying, “That ’s a yellow race. Not our disease “.

The second is cultural arrogance. The source of the new crown virus may be related to wild animals. Some people once “demonized themselves”, saying that the most powerful game eating in the world is the Chinese. This has deepened the cultural prejudice and arrogance of Westerners on the bad habits of Chinese food.

But this is not entirely true. I have known the situation with some food experts. In fact, there is no custom of eating bats anywhere in China from ancient times to the present, but it does exist in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and South Pacific. If eating bats is a little special, even for general game, China is not the worst. In fact, the West also has the habit of eating game meat. In the past, Western nobles liked hunting, and they ate game meat after the hunt. In other words, there are bad habits of eating game in many parts of the world. This label cannot be affixed to China alone.

The third is institutional arrogance. Western countries emphasize the transparency of government so that they can act more quickly, and the people can take responsibility for themselves and manage themselves better. But after the outbreak, these good self-feelings proved to be “myths” and blind confidence.

Because of these arrogances, the early reaction of the US and European countries was very bad. China encountered an early attack by the New Corona virus. Some problems initially appeared to be understandable. But the United States and Europe have open-book exams. In this case, such serious mistakes have occurred, which is unforgivable to some extent.

“Dumping pot theory” is not conducive to international cooperation against epidemic

As the epidemic intensifies, the US and European countries are gradually adopting stricter prevention and control measures. But there are always several problems in this process.

First, the ruling parties in the relevant countries have considered too many minority or small group interests. This is evident in the United States. There is always a string in the mind of the Washington ruling team, that is, it cannot affect their victory in the election. Putting short-term political interests or personal political futures above the interests of the whole people, above the people ’s right to life and social rights, is a problem in Western democratic systems.

Second, the consideration of capital is too heavy. The anti-epidemic task is very heavy, but the first consideration of some rulers is not to affect the economy, especially not to affect the stock market. This is indeed different from China’s people-oriented concept, which shows that the essence of Western countries is indeed a capitalist society.

The third is social Darwinism in policy choice. Since the spread of the epidemic, senior officials from many countries in the United States and Europe have proposed “group immunization”, and some even say that the elderly should “dedicate their lives” if they are diagnosed to protect the overall situation. Although it is no longer promoted after controversy, this concept itself reflects deep-rooted social Darwinism.

Regardless of the early anti-epidemic situation, the severe epidemic situation is forcing the US and European countries to respond seriously. To overcome the epidemic situation, both domestic and foreign should focus on joint efforts and cooperation, but the reality is not optimistic.

Internally, there are phenomena of mutual blame between local governments within the United States, and between the local government and the federal government. Many countries within the European Union have returned to the state of nation states, intercepting medical supplies, blocking borders, and so on. Externally, on the one hand, it accepts assistance from China, on the other hand, it continues to discredit China, throwing out various arguments such as “dumping pot theory”, “atonement theory”, “picking theory” and “concealment theory”. These are neither in conformity with the facts nor conducive to international cooperation in the fight against epidemics.

Only by changing the wrong mentality in the West can we jointly promote the fight against epidemics

A basic feature of international relations over the past few hundred years is the omnidirectional dominance of the West. The West took the lead in mastering industrial civilization. One of the foundations of industrial civilization is the development of science and technology. The combination of industrial production capacity and science and technology has led to a strong military force, and even a powerful voice. Therefore, in the past, the West gave the impression of being developed and capable in all aspects.

But this epidemic made people discover that this is not exactly the case. At the material level, Western countries are weak in the Internet, big data applications and transportation networks, and their industrial production and technological capabilities are not as strong as expected. At the level of institutional arrangements, the medical system, especially government leadership and decision-making power, have exposed many problems.

Anti-epidemic is a fair test. The preliminary examination results now are that the West, which once swept the Liuhe, is no longer as powerful as many people think. Either civilization or country has its development cycle. Now that the golden age of the West is over, from the strong age to the menopause, the world’s dominant power changes accordingly, and the new coronary pneumonia epidemic reveals this fact in a very cruel way.

To sum up China’s anti-epidemic performance so far, the first point is leadership, to be precise, policy coordination and governance capabilities, including the government’s courage to make decisions and responsibilities; the effective organization of the party system, the national civil service system, and the military system; community mobilization Timely and effective.

Second, industrial and technological emergency capabilities. Within two days, the “Two Mountains Hospital” was built, using drones, health codes and other anti-epidemic methods, and medical supplies such as masks, protective clothing, and ventilators ranging from self-sufficiency to being able to support other countries, even Western countries also admire.

The second is the cultural cohesion and optimism of the entire society. The closure of the city and other segregation measures dilute the Spring Festival, which is a culturally significant festival and holiday for China. The daily lives of more than one billion people also face various inconveniences, but the Chinese people generally take the overall situation into consideration and cooperate well. Although there are sporadic incidents of violations, looking at a society depends on the mainstream. The cohesion and optimism of the entire society also admire the outside world.

The new coronavirus is a human enemy. China, which has achieved the reversal of the epidemic situation, is willing to make its best contribution to the global anti-epidemic, but the current question is whether Western countries can change their previous wrong mentality as soon as possible, which has become a major obstacle to international anti-epidemic cooperation.