Can we really get a career marriage by marrying a rich man?

The reason was watching the 2008 Spring / Summer show that John Galliano did for DIOR. I think it was very beautiful. Later, the inspiration came from the “Gray Garden”. Charming and magnificent and once prosperous. ”

This aroused my interest. What is the origin of this “gray garden”? What is the quirky and beautiful mother and daughter of Eddie? After this investigation, good guys, a great documentary and a beautiful movie appeared in front of me.

To tell the story of “Gray Garden”, the time goes back to the 1920s. “Gray Garden” is a beautiful mansion built in the 1920s in the East Hampton mansion of New York. It belongs to a man named Edie Bouville. Madam, the Bouvier family is a wealthy man, and Idi Bouvier ’s brother is the biological father of the famous first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, that is to say, Idi Bouvier is the parent of Jacqueline Kennedy Aunt.

Edie Bouvier was once the most famous, beautiful and beautiful lady in New York. She has a beautiful voice, but women of that era did not have the opportunity to work, especially women in high society to be a singer is a shameless choice, so she was in When he was very young, he married Bill, a wealthy securities trader, and gave birth to two sons and a daughter. The daughter was also named Yidi, who was later dependent on her in the gray garden. Big Edie and Little Edie distinguish them.

The female philosophy that Big Edie believes is that as long as a woman marries a wealthy gentleman, she can get everything, and both her career and her family. In fact, she did exactly that. Her husband was busy making money, and she lived a luxurious and elegant life in the gray garden. The servants are like clouds and full of famous paintings. She is the best hostess, buying Chinese clothes 3. Have a party and invite your favorite musicians to come to her house to practice songs with her. By the way, fall in love and continue your singing career to produce records …

It’s a pity that the good times don’t last long. Her husband Bill moved to the female secretary and moved out of the gray garden, while Big Edie refused to divorce. Bill had to use “Mexican divorce” (as long as there is one in Mexican law to declare divorce, the marriage will automatically be terminated) Announced divorce, and suspended economic support for Big Edie. And Big Edie’s luxurious and erosive life also angered her father. When she attended a family wedding with a “sexy song” appearance, the father cleared her from the inheritance list, leaving no legacy to her. Big Edie ’s life slowly fell into embarrassment, she began to shut herself in the distant East Hampton mansion, automatically isolated from the world, and her daughter Little Edie was originally a model in New York, and because of her family boyfriend After failing and returning to the Grey Garden, the autistic life of two beautiful high-class ladies began in 1951 and continued until 1973.

They had no money to hire servants and no money to turn on the heating, so the gray garden slowly became a ruined place full of garbage and old furniture, and swarms of wild cats and raccoons appeared. The mother and daughter feed the animals and give them bread and milk, but they will not clean it. After more than 20 years, the smell of the gray garden has made the owners of the mansions living in the downwind angry, so the health department forced to come to the house and ordered them within a month. The house must be cleaned, otherwise it will be forced out. When the incident broke into the newspaper, the name of Jacqueline Kennedy’s relatives forced Jacqueline and her sister to pay a sum of money to help the carefree aunt and cousin clean up the room and take care of it again.

At this time, the famous documentary Mesoth Brothers who was about to shoot Jacqueline ’s biography came into contact with the mother and daughter because they wanted to understand Jacqueline ’s childhood. After entering the magical house and encountering the magical mother and daughter, they It was discovered that this should be recorded. The mother and daughter were not mentally disturbed, but they obviously lived in their own world, living a life of isolation, and randomly arranging their expensive clothes and jewelry on their own. Talking about jokes and gossip that only people more than 20 years ago could understand, my mother lay in bed all year round, surrounded by plates and old newspapers, but still noblely said that her marriage was very happy and never quarreled with her husband. The daughter over 50 seems to be a young girl, full of innocence, she complains that she has lost her career and love in order to take care of her mother. The two mothers and daughters quarreled in love and murder in this house, but they also accompanied them warmly and lived their lives that they thought were good years. The documentary was released in 1975 and caused a sensation. In 2008, it was adapted into a movie, featuring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange, two great stars, telling this story.

The reason why the fashion industry is so fascinated by this story is probably full of the crazy fall in the fashion circle. There are noble nobles here, ugly and expensive fashion, full of ruinous beauty, and the priceless fur coats are worn by the middle-aged The mad woman is still dreaming about marrying a good man, and inside is still that squandered Miss Bai Fumei, who doesn’t care about the waywardness of money, what a weird scene.

For a feminist, I am more interested in the female outlet proposed by Big Edie. She believes that as long as you marry a rich gentleman, “you can do whatever you want”, this is her advice to her daughter. But the truth? Can women do whatever they want because they are married to wealthy people, or even have a career and family?

The real experience of Big Edie tells us that this is an unrealistic illusion. Marrying a rich man to be a wife requires wholehearted efforts to have children and children and take care of the family. If this is not the case, the husband can turn away anytime, anywhere, and the father can also cut off contact because you are not a good woman. For a male society, being a “good woman” in social norms is the prerequisite for obtaining economic income. If you violate it, you will be punished-you will be expelled from this class, just like Edie ’s mother and daughter, because The life of an upper society exists and requires a lot of economic support.

At this time, if you do not have the ability to make a living at this time, you are not willing to face the reality, and you are not willing to admit the reality of your own class, then there may be only one way, that is, stubbornly stick to a remote mansion, Let the rubbish and dust drown your body, live in the illusions of the past, and become a freak—a lunatic in the eyes of ordinary people.

Life is so hard, most people are unaware, they prefer to live in fantasy.

“There are some discordant voices between China and the United States around the epidemic. But this is not a time for blaming each other. Now we need to unite and cooperate and help each other.” Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai published an article in the New York Times on the 6th, calling for The two countries have strengthened cooperation in the face of the epidemic situation and overcome the difficulties together. Analysts noted that although there are still a lot of yin and yang tunes against China in the US public opinion field, the rational voice calling for cooperation with China to fight epidemic is increasing, and the US official has recently changed its tone on China. Regardless of whether the epidemic situation is “forcing” or the “expediency plan” when the United States urgently needs China’s defense epidemic materials, in the face of “the world’s biggest crisis since World War II”, the two major powers strengthen communication and cooperation than unprovoked accusations and “throwing the pan” Much better. In particular, viruses have no borders, and the epidemic is affecting all human beings, and no one can be alone. At present, the epidemic situation in the United States is getting worse, and the number of newly diagnosed cases and deaths are increasing rapidly. US President Trump warned that the following will be a “very terrible” week and “many people will die”. US health officials even warned that the next week will be the “Pearl Harbor Moment” or “‘9.11 Moment” in the United States. In a crisis situation, many allies have recently complained that the United States is using the “wild west” to fight for medical supplies such as masks. It is hoped that this “mask battle” will not cause greater obstacles for all parties to unite against the epidemic.

“Global anti-epidemic needs Sino-US cooperation”

“Together in the same boat, to overcome difficulties,” Cui Tiankai wrote in the “New York Times” on this topic. Not long ago, China was also hit by the epidemic, so we share the pain of the American people. We have fought and made tremendous sacrifices, so we are well aware of the difficulty of fighting the epidemic here and around the world. He said that unity is crucial at this moment. We must remain sober and discern right from wrong, and say no to those stupid words and deeds that attempt to incite racism and discriminate against xenophobia, and regard other countries or other races as scapegoats. As the two largest economies in the world, China and the United States should lead the international cooperation in research and development of therapeutic technologies and vaccines, fully discuss the sharing of therapeutic drug technologies, and jointly help countries lacking medical conditions to promote the improvement of global health governance.

The article mentioned that at present, China is assisting the US government to purchase anti-epidemic materials in China. Chinese companies work overtime to produce and deliver medical supplies purchased in New York and the United States. Chinese local governments provide assistance and assistance to friendly provinces and states in the United States, and corporate donations are even more important. Last weekend, New York State Governor Como thanked the Chongxin Foundation for donating 1,000 ventilators to New York State, and Ma Yun Foundation for donating masks, goggles and other epidemic prevention materials.

Regarding the above donations, the US CNBC reported that Como said at a press conference on the 4th: “This is very important and will have a significant impact on us.” He said that the Chinese government has played a role in assisting the Chinese Consul General in New York. Screen thanks. According to previous reports from the US media, the US has ordered large quantities of anti-epidemic materials in China, and some have been delivered. At the White House press conference on the evening of the 5th, when asked whether there was a quality problem with anti-epidemic materials from China, Trump said there was no quality problem. Relevant officials who attended the meeting also said that they have tested the anti-epidemic materials from China.

There have been many voices calling on China and the United States to cooperate in the fight against epidemic disease. On the 3rd, an open letter entitled “Save lives in the United States, China and the world” was jointly issued by more than 90 former senior officials, experts and scholars of the US Government, led by the American Asia Society Center for American-Chinese Relations To fight the epidemic together. Signers include Hong Bopei, former US ambassador to China, former Secretary of State Albright, Joseph Nai, a well-known international relations scholar, and others. On the same day, former US Secretary of State Kissinger said in an article titled “The New Corona Virus Pandemic Will Change the World Order Forever”, countries must solve current problems on the basis of cooperation, otherwise they will face the worst results. The day before, the US “Diplomatic Scholar” published an open letter from 100 Chinese scholars to all sectors of American society, calling for global solidarity and cooperation from the perspective of the community of human destiny.

“New York Times” said that with the spread of the New Coronavirus pandemic, the relationship between the United States and China has experienced ups and downs. Some US officials have realized that the deterioration of Sino-US relations is hampering global efforts to fight the New Coronavirus pandemic. According to people familiar with the matter, several Trump aides have quietly got in touch with Chinese officials through American businessmen who have extensive connections in China. U.S. national security officials and the State Department are skeptical of the China Eagle Party ’s easing of relations, but several senior Trump advisers advocate restraint, especially Trump ’s son-in-law Kushner, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and the White House National Economy Committee director Kudlow. They believe that the United States and China need to work together to contain the epidemic and revive the global economy.

“Global anti-epidemic needs Sino-US cooperation,” Germany’s “Focus” weekly said on the 6th that China, which has controlled the epidemic, showed goodwill to the United States, and Trump no longer mentioned “Chinese virus”, which is a good sign. Strengthening cooperation between the two world powers is conducive to containing the epidemic as soon as possible, is conducive to raising global sentiment, and is also beneficial to the global economic recovery.

The United States greets the “Pearl Harbor Moment”

Right now, the global epidemic situation is getting worse. According to the statistics from the website of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 24:00 on the 6th, Beijing time, there were more than 1.29 million confirmed cases worldwide and a cumulative death of more than 70,000 people. The number of confirmed cases in the United States exceeds 338,000, accounting for 1/4 of the total number of diagnoses in the world, and the cumulative deaths exceed 9600. Moreover, the growth rate of confirmed cases and death cases in the United States is still the fastest. CNN said on the 5th that the data showed that on the 4th, 1,344 people died in the United States from the new coronavirus, the day with the largest number of deaths to date. Agence France-Presse reported on the 6th that more than 1,200 people died of the new coronavirus in the United States on the 5th.

“The next week will be the Pearl Harbor moment.” The US Public Health Director Jerome Adams’ warning on the 5th was widely quoted by the US media. Adams said in an interview with Fox News: “Frankly speaking, this will be the most difficult and saddest week in the life of most Americans. This will be our Pearl Harbor moment, our ‘9.11 moment, just it Not limited to one place. “Anthony Fudge, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, also said on the CBS program,” This week will be very bad and will shock some people. ”

At the White House epidemic briefing on the 5th, Trump said that the United States is entering a “very terrible period” and “many people will be killed.” He again pushed for hydroxychloroquine, saying the drug had shown “some strong signs.” When asked by reporters why he kept selling hydroxychloroquine, Trump said that so many people have died in the United States, and now there is no time to try it anyway. Afterwards, the reporter asked Foch who was present, and Trump interrupted with dissatisfaction: “You have never finished, you have asked a question a dozen times!”

The US Axios News website disclosed that in the White House situation room last Saturday afternoon, the White House responded to the New Coronavirus Special Group’s most intense quarrel over hydroxychloroquine. The White House trade adviser Navarro, who was appointed by Trump as the coordinator of the Federal Government’s “Defense Production Law”, proposed at the meeting that hydroxychloroquine has “obvious therapeutic effect” on new coronary pneumonia. Foch countered that the efficacy of the drug has not been confirmed. Subsequently, “Navarro’s anger was ignited” …

US media also broke out on the 5th that the previously dismissed US Navy “Roosevelt” aircraft carrier captain Krowze was diagnosed with the new crown virus. In New York City, where the epidemic is most severe, about 1,800 police officers are infected with the new coronavirus. Of the 36,000 police officers in New York City, approximately 6,700 are on sick leave or quarantined, accounting for 18.5% of the police. To cope with possible social disorder and robbery, some luxury shops in downtown New York installed wooden boards outside the shops. A slightly reassuring news is that New York State died a total of 4159 people on the 5th, an increase of 594 compared with the previous day. This is the first time that the number of new deaths in New York State has declined. On the 4th, 630 new deaths were reported in New York State. However, New York State Governor Como said it is currently impossible to judge whether this trend can continue.

Allies complain about America’s “wild west” approach

“New York Times” 5th article stated that official US statistics underestimated the death toll of new coronary pneumonia. Throughout the United States, even if the death toll of the new coronavirus is increasing at an alarming number of hundreds of thousands per day, the true death toll may be higher. Limited resources and differences in decision-making standards among the states have resulted in fewer stats than actual numbers. Doctors believe that some deaths in February and early March are likely to be mistaken for influenza. In many rural areas of the United States, no new coronary pneumonia related examinations have ever been performed.

As the epidemic spread, the belated change to encourage the wearing of masks finally applied to US soldiers. US Defense Secretary Esper said on the 5th that in order to prevent the spread of the virus, US military personnel deployed around the world should “cover up their faces” when they cannot maintain an appropriate social distance.

When it comes to masks, many American allies are full of complaints. CNN said on the 5th that as the new coronavirus raged in Europe and the United States, the world was fighting for medical supplies such as masks and gloves. Some countries accused the United States of “robbing” their orders. The report used “mask battle” to describe this material struggle.

“Allies complained that the United States used” wild west “means to snatch medical supplies.” The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation said on the 5th that from Europe to South America, allies in the United States are complaining about the super-power’s “wild west” means, not high prices “Cut Hu” is to prevent shipments to buyers who have signed an agreement. In France and Germany, senior officials said that sometimes European buyers believe that the deal has been concluded, but the United States still grabs orders by raising bids. The Brazilian health minister also said there were similar incidents. “Nikkei Asian Review” said on the 6th that under the deadly epidemic, the global tug-of-war over medical supplies is intensifying. Trump said on Saturday that his government prevented 3M from exporting N95 masks to countries such as Canada: “We need these masks, and we don’t want others to get them.”