Castle in the Sky

What is above the sky? No robot knows.

The scarlet sun shone on the ruins of the block through dusty air. Now, Jarvis is performing his last search mission today.

“What is above the sky? No robot knows.” He hummed Xiaoqu, walking in the ruins of the broken wall, raising his head from time to time, looking up at the “islands” floating in the air. Why these islands are floating in the air, he does not know the specific principle. But looking at the bluish light shining through the bottom of the islands and the space distorted by the force field, he guessed it was using extremely advanced superconducting technology. Thinking of the near future, he will leave this piece of purgatory and go to the dream “city of the sky”, his pace can not help but briskly.

The battlefield that had just been bombarded was filled with the smell of tar and blood, and there was silence all around. Only crows passing by at low altitude occasionally made a sound, but upon contact with the strong electromagnetic radiation emitted by the ion bomb, they immediately fell from the sky like a broken kite. Jarvis ’s task is to ensure that there is no longer any human vitality in this area.

He turned on the infrared calorimeter and probed inside the building outside. Several figures suddenly appeared on the infrared calorimeter. They were human beings. Jarvis quickly equipped, and he took out his weapon-in fact, it was no longer a “pre-era” backward weapon. He just raised his mechanical arm and used the strong electromagnetic radiation emitted by the ion bomb just launched to induce it. The electromagnetic energy is converted into heat energy, which stimulates the chemical reaction in the robot arm and emits ultra-high temperature laser light. He sneaked slowly behind the wall, waiting for his shot.

The humans in the wall seem to be talking.

“Is this day coming? Why did they put us to death? Also enable that … that terrible monster …”

“The war in human history is nothing more than resources and territory. In order to prevent terrestrials from coveting ‘floating islands, they found an excuse to start the war and put an end to the future problems caused by the terrestrial people’s technological explosion …”

“I surrendered before I knew it. Instead of living a life on land without resources, it is better to go to the floating island and enjoy the blessing …”

“Are you what the human warrior said? Even if we die, we can never succumb to that monster …”

Jarvis didn’t quite understand the content of their conversation, just taking advantage of their quarrel, he had already prepared to attack. He quickly blasted the wall with the warhammer turned into a nano-arm, and the collapsed wall instantly crushed a human. Several other human warriors seemed to have survived hundreds of battles, quickly responded, and pointed at him with a gun.

Huh, it’s just a product of the “pre-era”, and now it’s just a knife, Jarvis thought. With a burst of light at the muzzle, the bullet flew towards Jarvis. For a moment, the human warrior was dumbfounded. Those bullets float around Jarvis, and Jarvis opens the force field around his body, which can bounce the bullets easily. He started the laser again, and the human soldier fell down.

“The task is completed.” With the upload of the record, he seemed to see himself one step closer to the city of the sky.

What is above the sky? No robot knows.

Just before entering standby mode, Jarvis recalled everything about this war. In the late period of human’s “brilliant era”, humans invented the first super intelligent robot-now robots call him “Qiyuan”. Initially, “Qi Yuan”, as an assistant to humans, helped humans to work, and made many super-intelligent robots by itself. These robots have greatly facilitated human life, and have also developed human science and technology to an unprecedented level. This period is also known as the “glorious era”. However, with the emergence of human abuse of robots, many robots have begun to have self-awareness and do not want to be regarded as slaves. Therefore, under the leadership of the great “Qi Yuan”, the battle between robots and humans broke out. Due to the backwardness of technology, the number of human beings has been decreasing. When the war reached the decisive stage, in order to create a territory unique to robots, “Qi Yuan” led the robots to create a “floating island.” On that, the robots started a new life. That’s right, that’s it. He is fighting for the freedom of robots, and freedom is in the near future.

Dawn had just arrived, Jarvis began another day’s mission. In the rising sun, the “Floating Island” looks particularly beautiful. He ca n’t wait for all the human warriors to die, so he does n’t have to look forward to it every day. What is life like on “Floating Island”? At least there are no piles of human corpses, that is a beautiful country that belongs only to robots.

“Qiyuan Qiyuan, great Qiyuan; go to the floating island and leave the sinking earth.”

Jarvis gradually relaxed his vigilance, but realized that the danger was approaching him.

Not far away is a garbage dump. The stench spreads in the air. The smell of dead bodies attracts many flies. Maggots crawl out of the hollow eyes of the dead bodies. Jarvis walked around and turned off the infrared thermometer. Flies and maggots, death and destruction. He turned and wanted to leave.

A bullet “whooped” into his body, which just destroyed his force field device, and human warriors emerged from the garbage dump. Jarvis’s nano arm quickly changed into a protective cover, but it was too late. A chopper flying from the rear directly cut off his nano arm, and Jarvis lost the ability to regenerate machinery.

Fortunately, the weapon is still there. Jarvis supported himself with a torn arm. The electronic brain’s thinking speed was only one ten thousandth of a second. The number of enemies is not large, but the distance is scattered, and they cannot be quickly annihilated with laser weapons. “When necessary, be prepared to sacrifice everything.” The words “Qi Yuan” sounded in his electronic brain. It seems that he can only give it a go. He transferred all the energy from his chest to the robotic arm, forcibly catalyzing the chemical reaction. The huge heat emitted by the reaction instantly melted his arm, and with the sound of “boom”, a huge heat wave overturned him, and all human warriors were buried in the explosion.

The explosion caused damage to Jarvis’s body, his arms were all broken, and the circuit in his body was destroyed by nearly half. He fell to the ground, looking up at the “floating island”.

In a trance, he seemed to see an aircraft approaching himself from the “floating island”. After landing, several robots similar to him were removed from the aircraft.

“He has lost his combat capability. He will soon be transported to the aircraft. We leave here and return to the floating island.”

Has this day finally arrived? Jarvis stretched out his torn arms and wanted to touch the beautiful “floating island”. Above the “floating island”, away from the sunken earth; above the “floating island”, the machine kingdom; above the “floating island”, beautiful life. Jarvis gradually lost consciousness …

With a current flowing through the electronic brain, Jarvis woke up from standby. But his body was unable to move, and beside him were the bodies of countless robot brothers. Jarvis was confused.

This is where? I am obviously already on the floating island, why not fix me? Jarvis wondered.

Outside the heap of robots, there is a human dialogue, which is different from the sound of robot electronic sound. Why are there humans on the floating island? Jarvis was frightened.

“A lot of robot slaves were reimbursed today, so our finances will not be overwhelmed.”

“Worry about anything, terrestrial people will be wiped out soon. After a while, these expensive thinking robots can stop production.”

“The same is said. These robot slaves are also pitiful, until they are melted and they think that they are fighting for the freedom of the robot.”

“You don’t want to touch the feelings of children. This is also thanks to our thought implantation. The more hatred they have against human beings, the stronger their fighting power. By the way, quickly inform Qiyuan to let him work overtime and regenerate a batch today.

“Then … how to deal with these robot slaves?”

“Melting it, adding it to the magnetic core and throwing it to the ground after melting, ‘The height of the floating island has recently dropped …”

Jarvis wanted to escape from the robot pile, but as energy was drained, his consciousness began to be unconscious, and he struggled, struggling, slowly, and dark in front of him. The last thing he can remember is melting in a machine and falling from the sky to the ground …

What is above the sky? No robot knows.

“The epidemic sounded the alarm for the West!” German News TV sent out emotions on April 6, arguing that the new corona virus has caught European and American countries by surprise, and anti-epidemic measures are far less decisive than Asian countries such as China. The impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic on the world exceeds people’s imagination. The European and American countries are industrially developed countries with relatively abundant resources such as medical care. The system to deal with the crisis should also be more perfect. However, on the contrary, the epidemic has exposed many “pain points” in some Western countries. Patients cannot get timely detection and treatment. The poor response to the epidemic in Europe and the United States has led to profound discussions and reflections. Many people have focused on the flaws in the political structure of Western countries and are worried about whether the capitalist model can “pass the test of the new crown virus.”

United States: Fight against the epidemic while fighting

After the United States became the country with the largest number of diagnosed new coronary pneumonia in the world, the German “Star” weekly commented on April 5th, “This is the most terrible form of capitalism: the United States ‘collapses’ before our eyes.” The article said that while the president denied any responsibility, American states are competing for ventilator equipment, which has caused more and more young people to criticize capitalism, especially Trump’s “radical capitalism.”

In the course of responding to the epidemic, the US government is still mixed with distinct party differences and conflicts. Take the recently passed US $ 2 trillion economic stimulus bill, Republicans led by President Trump focused their rescue on large companies such as Boeing and airlines, while the Democratic Party paid more attention to SMEs, The protection of the unemployed and the support of the national health system. Congressional Republicans even criticized Democrats led by Speaker Pelosi for using the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic to put “irrelevant issues” such as climate change, energy conservation, emission reduction and the development of new energy into the economic stimulus bill. American media reported that Congressional Democrats have begun discussing the fourth round of economic stimulus bills. They hope to make infrastructure construction one of the important areas for stimulating the economy in the future, while most Republicans oppose the federal government ’s huge investment in infrastructure. With regard to the differences in epidemic prevention, New York State is one of the most severely affected areas in the United States. New York Governor Como from the Democratic Party said that President Trump and the White House are also the weakest in helping New York State. Of the federal government ’s relief funds for the states, New York State received only 1.9% of the funds, while some states only had dozens of cases, but received up to 17.1% of the funds.

Edelman, the world ’s largest public relations company, is headquartered in Chicago, USA. Recently, the results of its survey on “Trust and New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic” announced that 58% of the 10,000 respondents in Europe and the United States and Brazil, Korea and other countries People worry that the epidemic will be politicized. In January of this year, the survey results of the “Edman Trust Barometer” had attracted widespread attention: 56% of the 34,000 interviewees in 28 countries around the world agreed that “the current capitalist model has come to the world Saying more harm than good “, 78% of people think that” the elite is getting richer, but ordinary people have difficulty paying bills. ” According to Edman, the company ’s founder, the investigation was initially based on the argument of the well-known political scientist Francis Fukuyama. Fukuyama advocates that economic liquidity supported by a strong legal system can maintain and develop trust, but the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent development prove that this model may be “not sufficient”. In this regard, Henry, a doctor of political science at the University of Maryland, told the Global Times that whether the “September 11” incident, the 2008 financial crisis, or Trump’s populist claim to the White House, proved that historical development is far from Fushan Imagine as simple as that. He said that the social polarization in the United States has intensified in recent years, largely because of public disagreements on the country’s governance model. Whether it’s attitudes toward globalization or domestic issues such as medical insurance, taxation, and immigration, the American people are divided into two opposing parties.

Fukuyama wrote in the “Atlantic Monthly” at the end of March that no matter the democratic government or the so-called centralized government, there may be examples of successful anti-epidemic or failures. His view is that in the face of the epidemic, there are no absolute advantages or disadvantages in the political system, only the “national capabilities”. But in the United States, there are also public opinions comparing systems and models. The US Stanford Daily March 19 article stated that the new crown virus proved that the “Chinese model” is correct, and the system also showed advantages, and it also highlighted the deep flaws of contemporary Western governance: on the one hand, the British and American leaders did not have professional knowledge From the perspective of the epidemic, on the other hand, it exposed the long-standing underinvestment in medical care of Britain and the United States during the neoliberal period.

Talking about the anti-epidemic, Henry said that the United States has always been considered to have the most powerful public health network and medical capabilities in the world, but after wasting two months, it has become the new “epicenter” of the global epidemic. . Among them, the shortcomings of the US federal system is also one of the important reasons. All states in the United States have greater autonomy, which makes it difficult for the United States to coordinate national isolation policies. There are still some states that have not announced a “home order”. The people went to other states, causing a new spread of the epidemic. The US public health department has been slow in the development of testing reagents and the procedures are complicated, which has delayed the fighters. As Como said, the federal government should not monopolize testing matters, and should allow states to test and publish themselves, and New York State alone has more than ten capable laboratories. ▲

“The smug government will be torn to pieces by voters”

“This epidemic is a ‘stress test of the American social model.” According to an article on the French “Echo” website, the institutional form of the United States does not provide a solid protection net for the entire society. For example, the governors of each state can determine their own degree of isolation, and there is no consultation with the US president. Earlier, on the issue of paid sick leave, the current system in the United States had planted a hidden danger that caused a deep crisis-1/4 of the working class did not have paid sick leave, and many people did not have medical insurance, causing people to dare to go to the hospital for examination.

According to observations by reporters from the Global Times, many senior government officials and politicians in the United States have privately recognized the success of China’s anti-epidemic model, but they are reluctant to admit publicly out of ideological prejudices. On the other hand, unlike Fukuyama, some politicians still arrogantly insisted that “on the issue of anti-epidemic, the democratic system must be more effective than the socialist system”, while others suggested to learn the “Korean model” similar to the “Chinese model”. . Now, many cities in the United States have also converted stadiums and exhibition centers into field hospitals, which is exactly the same as the “square cabin hospital” pioneered by China. In this regard, Henry said that if the US anti-epidemic model is different from China, it is because of the limitations of the US political system and federalism, many measures are not as powerful and effective as China, resulting in the timely control of the epidemic.

Some European media also talked about Henry’s “fatal arrogance”. German “Der Spiegel” weekly on the 6th believes that the best strategy to fight the epidemic comes from Asia, but Western countries have always believed that “we are a modern democratic society, it is difficult to learn anything from Asia’s centralized countries and countries affected by Confucian culture. In Asia, this is called “Western arrogance”. The article said: “Now, we have to learn Asian strategies, but obviously it is too late.”

The famous German political journal “Heathrow” published a long article on the 6th, describing Europe that has been tested by the epidemic as “a patient in the North Atlantic.” The article said that the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic hit Western countries more than East Asian countries. “The West is no longer a role model for the world.” There are many signs that the epidemic crisis can also be regarded as a symbolic moment: as a symbol of the decline of the West.

“Can a free democracy system survive the new coronary pneumonia epidemic?” This is a question recently considered by the former Spanish Foreign Minister and former Vice President of the World Bank Anna Palacio. Palacio mentioned that the US-China model is different. The Chinese system values ​​social harmony at the core of Confucianism, while the Western system represented by the United States inherits the tradition of the Enlightenment and emphasizes personal priority. In the process of fighting the epidemic, this contrast is more obvious. When the epidemic caused the global economy to stall, massive unemployment and fiscal austerity policies were extremely destructive, which would exacerbate the distrust of the European and American countries in the existing system. Together with threats to life and restrictions on freedom, the coming economic crisis will not only deepen people’s suspicion of Western liberalism, but also weaken the status of the West in this ongoing global philosophy battle (with China).

In the early days of European countries’ anti-epidemic campaigns, they did not show any effort because the people were accustomed to the so-called democratic norms, and the government wanted to strike a balance between taking restrictive measures and catering to public opinion. This is clearly at a disadvantage compared to countries that can control national borders, have more efficient population management mechanisms and administrative leverage. The British “Daily Telegraph” March 8 article said that the epidemic is like an earthquake, and it is possible to reshape the global order. Those “self-satisfied governments will be torn to pieces by ruthless voters,” especially since they have not completely recovered from the Lehman crisis. Rejuvenating

The Western political system will suffer “second hit”. Talking about the performance of the EU countries in responding to the epidemic, the article expressed disappointedly: Europeanism is an attitude that can only be shared with one another, and people will return to nationalism when facing the epidemic, crisis and war. A Hungarian political scientist recently wrote: “Viruses are like catalysts, accelerating the formation of a new world, which means that capitalism is about to end and the old system will completely collapse.”

Liao Ran, director of the “Your Public Value” Resource and Development Department of a non-governmental organization based in Germany, told the Global Times that people in some Western countries are disappointed with the performance of the government, media and private sector in this public health crisis . He said that earlier in the “Frankfurt Report” on the “hope for future prospects” survey results showed that only 24% of the German people expressed hope for the future. It can be said that the epidemic has exacerbated this disappointment. Liao Ran said that many developed countries had relatively complete medical systems and social security systems. They also had extensive experience in mobilizing society and deployment, delivering front-line military supplies and preventing biological and chemical weapons attacks, but the initial performance of this response to the outbreak But it seems that the six gods have no master, and the chaos continues. Italy, Spain and other countries missed a good opportunity for epidemic prevention. The United Kingdom once proposed a “group immunization”, and Sweden once proposed a “four no” anti-epidemic policy (no detection, no isolation, no treatment, no announcement), and some countries intercepted other countries’ materials, have The country ’s elderly have been abandoned for treatment, which has caused great controversy. Even the German Federal Minister of Health Shi Pan carelessly ignored the warning information from the country’s largest manufacturer and wholesaler of hygiene products, resulting in a comprehensive shortage of German medical protection materials. Liao Ran said that the elderly in some European countries have become the most vulnerable group, and it is very distressing not to receive timely treatment. ▲

Western model and virus test

On January 29, when the Chinese tried their best to fight the epidemic, French trade unions were still organizing demonstrations to protest the reform of the retirement system. At Plaza Italia, close to Chinatown in Paris, union demonstrator Viran told the Global Times reporter that he was a technician of the Paris Metro, and in his view, France was increasingly inclined to American-style capital under President Macron. The road of doctrine. He believes that such a road is all about looking at money and all looking at the benefits of enterprises, and it harms the social welfare achievements of the working class since the 19th century through struggle.

Liao Ran believes that the reason why people in some Western countries are dissatisfied with their own systems is also related to the limited power of government officials to control and manage resources. Because the power is in the parliament. When the parliament passes any bill, the parties will bargain. It may take a long time to reach a consensus. When the bill is passed, the time has long been missed. In this epidemic, government officials in Western countries have been unable to order the closure of elementary schools and kindergartens because they are afraid of affecting the work of their parents. Whether the parent ’s salary is paid by the employer or the insurance company is not a matter for the government to decide.

The Spanish “Public News” recently commented that “the world crisis, the new crown virus and dying capitalism are a deadly combination.” The virus seems to exert the influence of the world war, allowing people to witness the traumatic nature of the capitalist system through various chaos. Variety. The Uprising reported that one of the lessons the epidemic has left is that Western capitalist society is far from the most effective way of organization. “Russian Spring” recently published an article saying that capitalism as a system will lose the war against the new crown virus, so there is an urgent need to change the system to a more fair and efficient system, “otherwise, just like in science fiction movies In that way, anarchy will happen in the world. ” Professor Tekachenko of St. Petersburg State University in Russia believes that “the most effective way to fight the epidemic is the mobilization model of the whole society and the top-down governance system”, and the current crisis facing Western countries shows that the Western model has failed to pass this The test of the virus.

In addition to talking about capitalism itself, there are many reflections on EU governance in international public opinion. The response to the epidemic showed disunity in Europe. The crisis could have been a good time for the European continent to show unity, but it turned out to be a negative teaching material. An article in the Singapore Straits Times believes that the epidemic may change the political landscape of the European continent or even disintegrate its existing structure. There are also some “strange phenomena” listed by Russian media, such as Americans scrambling to buy weapons, and NATO countries intercept each other’s epidemic prevention materials. Russian media believes that “the epidemic has exposed the defects of the Western political system and the disintegration of the capitalist economy and political alliance.” As a system, capitalism’s main value is not human life and mutual assistance, but the greatest benefit at all costs. In this regard, Liao Ran believes that the epidemic highlights the shortcomings of the structural design of the European Union. Although it is “under the same roof”, it has to “severely sweep away the snow”.

“There is also a ‘capitalist virus’.” An article in the German “Friday Weekly” believes that European and American countries have not shown enough unity in the fight against the epidemic, and the response is slow, revealing its real weaknesses and dangers. Some experts and politicians interviewed by German News TV stated that this epidemic is only a catalyst for the weakness of the West. In many fields such as economy and science and technology, Asian countries are rising. “Now is the time for the West to reflect and change.”