Dai people’s bamboo tea

The Dai people are one of the national minorities in China. In the past, they were called the Baiyi people. They are now scattered in most parts of Yunnan, but Xishuangbanna is the most concentrated. The Dai people can sing, dance and be hospitable. The Dai people have a long history of tea cultivation, and bamboo tea is their unique tea drinking custom.

“Bamboo tube fragrant tea” in Dai language is called “Lap”, also known as “girl tea”, which belongs to green tea squeeze tea. It has a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 3 to 8 cm and a length of 8 to 20 cm. It has a special flavor of bamboo, glutinous rice and tea. The bottom of the leaf is fat and yellow, the soup color is yellow and green, and the taste is fresh and sweet. Famous tea from ancient mountains, the earliest bamboo incense tea comes from Hunan Mountain, a famous mountain in Gengma. Here, the climate is mild all year round, the vegetation coverage is high, and there are many ancient tea trees over thousands of years distributed in the mountains. The bamboo tea made from this raw material is especially precious, and was once classified as the best in “Toast Tribute Tea”. Later, it became a treasure that people scramble to taste. In addition, Hu Nanshan is located in the mountains and rivers, and tea products are rare for ordinary people to drink and more precious.

The production method of the bamboo tube fragrant tea is very peculiar. There are basically two kinds of summary: one is to pick a delicate one bud, two or three leaves, kill it with an iron pan, twist it, and then put it into a tender with a diameter of about 6 cm and a length of 25 cm. In the sweet bamboo tube, the wooden rod made of camphor or olive tree is packed while pressing the tea claw in the bamboo tube. The leaves or straw paper is used to block the mouth of the tube and placed on a tripod about 40 cm away from the charcoal fire. Bake slowly with a simmer and turn it every 4 to 5 minutes to blend the bamboo fragrance with the tea fragrance. When you smell the fragrance and the bamboo tube changes from green to yellow, remove the bamboo tube to cool it, cut it with a knife, and take out the cylindrical tea leaves. Bamboo fragrant tea is made. The bamboo-tube fragrant tea made in this way has both the mellow tea aroma of the tea leaves and the rich sweet bamboo fragrance. Another method is to put the dried spring tea in Xiaozhen Zhen, put a layer of glutinous rice soaked in water on the bottom of the zhenzi, put a gauze on the Zhenxin pad, put the woolen tea, steam it for 15 minutes with the fire, and wait until the tea leaves are softened After absorbing the aroma of glutinous rice, pour it out and put it in a prepared bamboo tube to compact it. The bamboo-tube fragrant tea produced in this way has both tea, sweet bamboo fragrance and glutinous rice fragrance. The well-made bamboo tube fragrant tea is shelf-stable, wrapped in kraft paper, and placed in a dry place, the quality remains unchanged all year round.

“Head bubble residue, two bubble soup, three bubble four bubbles are the essence.” In the past, bamboo tube tea was mostly used for drinking by the toast kings and the elders of the Great Buddha Temple, or for entertaining VIPs, but now it has become a common tea drink for the Dai people. When the Dai people work in the field or go to the virgin forest to hunt, they often bring the bamboo tea made with fragrant tea. At rest, they cut a section of sweet bamboo, sharpened the upper part, poured in spring water and boiled it on the fire, then put the bamboo tube of fragrant tea and burned it for a few more minutes, wait for the bamboo tube to cool down and drink slowly. At this time, the edge of the bowl is connected to the lips, the fragrance is full, and it is a rare enjoyment to taste carefully. People eat picnic and drink bamboo tea, so don’t have a taste.

According to experts’ research, the bamboo tube fragrant tea has many miraculous effects: one can make people excited. The caffeine from bamboo tube fragrant tea can excite the central nervous system, help people to invigorate their spirits, enhance thinking, eliminate fatigue and improve work efficiency. 2. Diuresis. The caffeine and theophylline in the bamboo tube fragrant tea have a diuretic effect and are used to treat edema and water retention. Sanke strong heart antispasmodic. Caffeine has the effects of strengthening the heart, antispasmodic and relaxing smooth muscle, can relieve bronchospasm and promote blood circulation, and is also an auxiliary medicine for the treatment of bronchial asthma, cough and phlegm, and myocardial infarction. Four can inhibit arteriosclerosis. The tea polyphenols and vitamin C in the bamboo tube fragrant tea have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and preventing arteriosclerosis. People who regularly drink this tea have a lower incidence of hypertension and coronary heart disease. Five energy antibacterial and antibacterial. The tea polyphenols and tannic acid of the bamboo tube fragrant tea act on the bacteria, which can solidify the protein of the bacteria and kill the bacteria. It can be used to treat intestinal diseases, such as cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, and enteritis. For skin sores, ulcers and pus, trauma and broken skin symptoms, rinse the affected area with strong tea, which has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. It is also effective for treating inflammation, ulceration, sore throat and sore throat with tea. Six can lose weight. Various compounds such as caffeine, inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and aromatic substances in the bamboo tea can regulate fat metabolism, especially have a good decomposition effect on protein and fat. Tea polyphenols and vitamin C can lower cholesterol and blood lipids, often drink this tea to lose weight. Seven can prevent caries. The bamboo tea contains fluorine. The fluoride ion has a great affinity with the calcium of the teeth, and can become a “fluorapatite” which is less soluble in acids, just like adding a protective layer to the teeth to improve the teeth Acid resistance to caries. Eight can inhibit cancer cells. According to relevant reports, the flavonoids in the bamboo tube fragrant tea have different degrees of anti-cancer effects in vitro, and the stronger effects are vitexine, mulberry pigment and catechins.