The beauty of life lies in leisurely

I remember when I was a kid, my father asked me how many times I took the test, and I said that I was second. My father asked sternly, “Why didn’t I take the first place?” When I was trembling, my mother took me away and said, “Don’t care about your dad.” I am grateful for that hug, as if I could not bear everything The pressure has been relieved.

I often feel that my mother has a pair of magician-like hands: the quilt I covered when I was a child was sewed by my mother; others gave me my mother a dozen kinds of wool, and she knitted it into a sweater. Every year, the old sweater was removed and used A new pattern is woven from the old wool, which is another new coat.

I remember when I was very young, I followed my mother and watched her buy vegetables and make dumplings. No matter what food she buys, she will always use her index finger and thumb nails to pinch off the old place and turn ordinary ingredients into the best food in our mouth.

I sympathize with the current child. My students do n’t know what it means to choose dishes. You give them green beans. They do n’t know what to do. Because in the process of growing up, no one took them to choose and wash dishes. They also rarely eat really tasty things.

The feeling of beauty takes time. Our parents of that era spent a lot of time in life. For example, the quilt I covered seems extravagant now, because it was made by my mother, and she often takes it off and wash it.

At that time, there was no washing machine. She had to go to the river and wash it with a wooden mallet. After washing the sheets, use Taomi water slurry, wait until the sun is good, and put it on the bamboo pole to dry. When I covered the quilt, the sheets had the smell of sunlight and rice milk. I think that the most expensive brand-name quilts available in the world now do not have that kind of luxury. In the past few years, I have been to Japan and found that there are still people in Japan who use this method to wash quilts and pulp quilts. This is a life sentiment, a beautiful sentiment.

I think people are very poor now, and it is very difficult for us to spend money for a slow-paced life. But in fact, the quality of life is only at a slow pace. Some rich people today, covered with messy sheets, are thrown into the washing machine when they are washed, and they may use washing powder containing unhealthy ingredients. So I suddenly felt that the process of growing up was actually quite rich. All handmade items have a kind of exquisiteness that cannot be bought.

The human hand is the starting point of all beauty. The activities of the five senses of mankind constitute aesthetics. The so-called feeling of beauty also comes from your feelings for a person, a place, and a thing. My first aesthetic class was actually taught by my mother. We used to go to the yard to see a flower and a leaf, and did a lot of actions without purpose. She was not like other adults. She would panic when she saw that the child had nothing to do.

I try my best to learn this kind of non-fright from my mother. When I was teaching at the university, in April every year, the flowers outside the window became a piece of cake. When I was in class, I could feel that young people who were in love at the age of eighteen or nine had no intention to listen to the class. I will stop classes, take students to sit down for an hour, chat, or do nothing.

We need to have such a class. Not every day, but educators occasionally take their children out to watch flowers, listen to the sound of the waves, and let them take off their shoes to step on the beach. Education should not be so utilitarian, but should allow young people to regain many of their desires in their bodies.

The beauty of life requires people to give time to create. In today’s professional state, it is difficult for parents to do it.

I have a friend whose father is over ninety years old. He has been in poor health in recent years and is sitting in a wheelchair. He hired a carer to take care of his father. One day he told me that he was almost exhausted, but his father always complained. I said, man, to be honest, your dad doesn’t need a nurse, your dad needs you.

We may have completely forgotten what the parent-child relationship is. I tell my friend that your father needs neither a doctor nor a caregiver. At the most desolate moment of his heart, he needs you to hold his hand, hug his shoulder, and coquettish him. This is true of the previous generation, as well as the next generation.

I teach a company employee. Most of these people graduated from prestigious schools, with an average age of thirty. They have shares after entering this company. They watch the stocks rise and fall every day, but if they leave within ten years, the stocks will all go to the company. So no one dared to leave, and someone would be sold to this company.

This is what they think is the best management. This company’s performance is still very good, but at the same time they have to pay the price. Their supervisor proudly told me that no one here came home before eleven o’clock in the evening, and one of them did not take a vacation for eight years.

One day after I finished the class, someone asked me a question, he said: “My daughter is now five years old, do you think she should go to learn violin or piano?”

“Are you the father who has not been on vacation for eight years and will not return home at eleven o’clock in the evening?” I asked, and he nodded. Then I gave my suggestion: “Can you not care whether your daughter wants to learn violin or piano first, hurry home and hug her.”

I know he can’t understand my suggestion, but I really hope that a five-year-old child can remember his father’s body temperature, and she will have great comfort and encouragement in the future. This is the most essential and fundamental desire of people. Even if I bring art into the classroom, what I want to express is not only art, but also the philosophy of life that art aims to convey.

Therefore, I thank my mother for her company and for the seemingly boring things we have done together. The literature in the German Romantic era is Goethe’s “The Troubles of Young Witt”, the music of Beethoven, the poetry of Heine, and Nietzsche’s superhuman philosophy. Their common life dream is “Cyclonus”, which is the pursuit of flying life. Thank you mother for remembering the passion, love and hurricane dreams of her youth, and telling me the love of life she once had.