The taste of love in food

The taste of love can permeate the food.

Food that permeates the taste of love should be food and dishes with deepening affection and aphrodisiac effect. In fact, the pleasure of tasting this kind of food lies in the process, it lies in the perception of the senses.

A Chilean female writer called the food full of love the spring meal. This is a very romantic and interesting title. The female writer also said: “Spring meal is a bridge connecting greed and lust. I believe that in a perfect world, any natural, healthy, fresh, beautiful, The coveted and tempting food, that is, the food that meets all the conditions we seek from our partners, is a spring meal. “It seems that this female writer is a fresh, natural and relaxed hedonist A fun woman, she must have a strong curiosity and ample sense of humor for the food of love. After her description, the food related to love has become an exclusive recipe, which is more plump and delicious.

Perhaps the only truly foolproof food in the world is love. For women, cooking food that is permeated with the taste of love must be guided by true feelings, otherwise it will not work. In fact, love is both medicine and medicine. In this way, the food permeated with love is even more fascinating.

Some people say that the food permeated with love is a form. The great poet Ye Zhi said that focusing on the form itself contains love. In fact, the taste of love is the same as that of men and women in ancient times, with the meaning of love. A female writer said: “The relationship between men and women is without inspiration, and love is inspiration without means. Love for men and women uses a feather, and love uses a whole chicken.” She said very witly, very playful, and very taste Of course, it’s wonderful. These words also apply to love-flavored food.

The food of love is as attractive to people as money and beauty. A book says that these erotic dishes, like figs, romantic chicken, creamy ecstasy soup, drunk pears, and maiden salad, are all delicacies of love. In fact, the ultimate goal of love food is to stimulate the love of men and women, but if we only waste time and energy on preparing food, I am afraid there will be nothing left to enjoy their effects.

May wish to make a simple love food. If you have any doubts, it may be that you can express the meaning of love in your food.

For life, food and love are very important. Finish the food and dishes filled with love, take a meaningful name, and enjoy it with the people you love, and everything will be beautiful.

The delicacies filled with the taste of love, in addition to being full of delicious plumpness, are more filled with the warmth of love.