Things related to the number five

In our Chinese culture, there are many things related to the number “five”. For example, it is mentioned in “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”: “Five grains are for raising, five fruits are for help, five animals are for benefit, and five dishes are for charging.” This sentence succinctly summarizes the key to diet and health. Do you know which five things the “five” refers to here?

1. Grains
In the ancient times, there were many different opinions about the five grains, mainly two. One refers to five kinds of food: rice, millet (also known as millet, northern yellow rice), millet (millet), wheat, and rice (bean); the other refers to hemp, millet, millet, wheat, rice These five foods. The difference between the two is that the former has rice without hemp, while the latter has hemp without rice. Because rice cultivation was limited in the ancient northern regions of China, and the main production area was in the south, there was no rice in the “grains”. With the development of the times, the “grains” has become the general name of all grain crops.

Two, five fruits
Five fruits refer to dates, plums, apricots, chestnuts, and peaches, and are actually a general term for fruits and nuts. In the medical book “Five Flavors of Lingshu Jing”, it is said: “Five fruits in jujube sweet, sour, chestnut salty, apricot bitter, peach spicy.” Often eating can help health and fitness. Modern medicine has found that fruits are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, cellulose, sugars, and organic acids. Some fruits can help digestion if eaten after meals, so Wuguo is an indispensable supplementary food in a balanced diet.

Three, five animals
Five animals, referring to cows, dogs, sheep, pigs, and chickens, said in the medical book “Su Wen · Wu Wei”: “Among the five animals, beef, dog, sour, pig salty, sheep bitter, chicken spicy.” The taste can nourish the corresponding five internal organs respectively, has a tonic effect on the human body, can supplement the nutritional deficiencies of the staple food of the grain, and is the main complementary food of the balanced diet recipe. And animal food contains high protein, high fat, high calorie, and also contains essential amino acids for the human body. It is an important nutrient for the body’s normal physiological metabolism and enhancement of the body’s immunity.

Four or five dishes
Five dishes, referring to sunflower, leek, scallion (scallion white), patchouli (soybean leaf), spring onion, “said in the medical book” Lingshu five flavors “:” Kwai Gan, leek acid, hop salty, scallion bitter, green onion spicy . “Wu Cai is actually a representative of five vegetables from the perspective of sexual taste, which refers to various vegetables. All kinds of vegetables contain various trace elements, vitamins, cellulose and other nutrients required by the human body. It has the functions of supplementing nutrition, filling hunger and belly, increasing appetite, helping digestion, preventing constipation, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, and preventing bowel cancer. It is very beneficial to human health.