Two of the simplest pre-meal appetizers

Caviar has high nutritional value, contains egg white protein, globulin, egg mucin and fish egg phosphoprotein and other nutrients required by the human body, and the taste is extremely delicious.

Fish roe is a very suitable ingredient for making pre-dinner appetizers, especially in western food, it is often combined with smoked salmon, soda crackers, rusks, vegetables, fruits, and cheese and pepper to make an appetizer. The first dish was served on the table. Although the family Chinese food is not very particular about pre-dinner appetizers, in some more delicate restaurants, there are still some sweet and sour, icy and small dishes before the main dish is served on the table to stimulate the taste buds of diners Diners increase appetite.

Recommend two pre-dinner appetizers related to fish roe, which are suitable for daily family consumption, as well as cold dishes for banquets. They are light, icy, and delicious. They are particularly appetizing, simple, and delicious.

【Thousands of Spinach Rolls】
Ingredients: 400 g of spinach, 2 pieces of dried tofu, appropriate amount of Ming Tai roe.

Seasoning: 1 teaspoon salt, appropriate amount of chicken essence, 2 teaspoon sushi vinegar, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon sesame oil.

Practice: 1. Wash the spinach root, wash it in boiling water and boil it until it is cooked, remove it and cool it with cold boiling water.

2. Squeeze out the water, cut into 1 cm long segments, and mix in all the seasonings.

3. Spread the dried tofu on the chopping board, place the mixed spinach neatly at one end, roll it into rolls (try to make it as tight as possible), and cut into small pieces.

4. With the incision facing upward, place the right amount of fish roe and serve.

Experience sharing: This is a cold dish, so spinach must be cooked in cold water after boiled, so as not to affect the best taste of roe with hot spinach.

Seasoning spinach should be light, if the flavor is heavy, it will grab the delicious roe.

【Tender tofu with iced fish roe】
Raw materials: Appropriate amount of lactone and tofu, appropriate amount of Ming Tai roe.

Seasoning: the right amount of extremely fresh soy sauce.

Practice: 1. Lactone tofu is dug into small balls with tools and placed in a glass bowl.

2. Add roe.

3. Pour the right amount of very fresh soy sauce.

Experience sharing: The practice is super simple. It is best to put the lactone tofu in the refrigerator in advance to cool it, and then eat it with fish roe for the best taste. Do not use seasonings that are too thick, so as not to snatch the deliciousness of fish roe, just a little soy sauce.