At work, are you suitable for running alone or grouping to fight monsters?

As the saying goes, the workplace is like a battlefield. In this complex and ever-changing society, everyone has a different way of doing things, some are alone, and some are more suitable to collaborate with others, so the results of struggle in the workplace will be different. So, at work, are you suitable for running alone, or do you want to fight in groups? Below, let’s take a look through the test.

1. Whenever you are angry, do you tremble with anger?
Yes, often → 3

No → 2

Hard to say, it depends on the situation → 4

2. Are there too many gay and lesbian friends around you?
Yes → 4

Not many → 6

Fair → 3

3. Once you have time in peacetime, even if you are a poor traveler, will you take the time to go?
Yes → 4

No → 7

Not easy to say, it depends on the situation → 5

4. If you want to travel abroad, will you choose to go alone, or invite friends to go?
Go alone → 7

Invite friends → 6

Not easy to say, depending on the situation → 8

5. When faced with adversity, will you talk to colleagues around you?
Yes → 9

Not → 7

6. Have you been a caring child near your parents since childhood?
Yes → 9

Not → 7

Not sure if it is → 10

7. From small to large, do you belong to people who go home early after school or after work?
Yes, go home on time → 8

No, very fun → 10

Hard to say, it depends on the situation → 9

8. Have you been misunderstood by colleagues around you?
Have → 9

Never → B

Not very clear → 10

9. Colleagues around you encounter difficulties, do you like to ask you for help?
Like → 10

Never → D

Occasionally → C

10. In the workplace, whether it is a colleague or a leader, do you have a good relationship with everyone?
Yes → A

Not so good → C

Normal → B

Test result analysis:
A. You are always alone in your work

You think everyone’s ideas are different, and in the dispute of interests, one can be more comfortable and more sober. You do n’t care too much about being a person in the workplace, as long as you do n’t trouble others. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are alone, just calm down!

B. Collaboration at work depends on the situation

You are a relatively rational person. You will think twice before you do anything. You will think about many pros and cons when you make any decision. I feel that if you do it alone, you will not have a good harvest. Relying on the team will only make you lose your fighting spirit. Therefore, whether you collaborate at work or run around alone depends on the specific circumstances.

C. You are always used to relying on work

You always want to rely on others, do not have your own new ideas in the team, and you will not think and deal with problems with others. Once dependence is answered, you will choose laziness, because dependence can make you pay less and pay more, why not do it?

D. You always feel conflict at work

You are a relatively contradictory person at work, and you always do not know where to go before making a decision. Work is a means of earning a living for you, as long as you are not unemployed, you will choose to work. You have thought about hard work once, but the reality is too complicated, you still chose to give in and pass the time in contradictions.

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