Mood is the quality of life

  You just feel happy. Don’t care how much you earn, where you are, and who you are with.
  If you care about these, you must be unhappy. The more you care, the less happy you are. In other words, the more unhappy days will be.
  Can you get it if you care? Care may not be available. In other words, what you exchange for unhappy is still unhappy. In the process and the result, the mood is completely lost. Without mood, there will be no quality in life.
  Is there a solution to the best of both worlds? Both happy and get what you deserve. The answer is no. On the way to desire, you have to ablate one end in exchange for the other. Sometimes, even if the chase is overdone, not only will it fail to achieve the goal, but the two will become empty.
  People only need to be simple in two situations: one is old and sick, and the other is deep in jail. The former is the end of life, the latter is the end of freedom. In essence, it is impossible to go back. People often know how to choose when they have no choice; when they do not live well, they only understand how to live is the best.
  Unfortunately, there are too few people who can live indifferently. In the desire, people saw countless wonderful and beautiful, and also waited for countless traps and mud pits.
  Some people’s shortcomings are like writing a typo for half a lifetime. If others don’t say it, they can’t see it.
  Therefore, self-knowledge is more important than narcissism. Narcissism is nothing but euphoria and intoxication in the world of the self, but without knowing it will cause embarrassment and pain in the world of others. The emperor’s new clothes relied on a child to break it. But in the adult world, many things will be covered in a sophisticated manner. Therefore, some people may have a shortcoming for a lifetime.
  In the world of acquaintances, the shortcomings are covered up. In a society with a clear hierarchy, all shortcomings are enshrined. Only with strangers, shortcomings will be taken care of, will be criticized, will be hated. In other words, no stranger is willing to buy your shortcomings, or close your eyes for you.
  At this level, shortcomings and defects are used to. If you indulge it for a foot, there will be one foot unbearable waiting in front.
  Compared with the shortcomings of human nature, the habits of life seem to be more troublesome. Because of ugly human nature, you can stay away from it, and people who are habitually sloppy are often people around them and may have to stay with them all their lives. Therefore, some problems cannot be avoided, and the shortcomings of others require you to suffer.
  You are Tiangang, he is the evil, like a punishment, one person becomes the fate of another person.
  There is no perfect person in this world, and everyone will have some shortcomings. Even so, we will still see another perfect person: these people can not only see their own shortcomings, but also always be deeply grateful to those who have tolerated themselves.
  In this way, some shortcomings are not terrible. Because any defect can be made up and sublimated in a sincere heart.
  Some people want too much from kindness. For example, if you have a good heart and good temper; if you do n’t like to care, you have to suffer a loss; it ’s a blessing; if you want the sheep to be soft, it ’s best to have the cowardice of the rats.
  This is not too much, but bullying too hard. Human kindness is bullied by others. When you have a good heart, some people still want to tear you apart, pinch you, trample you.
  There is another kind of person, not only in kind people, but also in many cases. This must have met a more kind person, mutual sympathy and mutual sympathy stemmed from their hearts.
  Kind people are good people, but not perfect people. They will also have a temper and their own selfishness. Putting good people on a moral high place is easy to be kidnapped by morality. At this time, a real good person disappeared, replaced by a perfect person who was “hijacked”.
  A false perfect person is not as good as a flawed person. Once the finished man is enshrined in the altar, it is not easy to go down. Because, after being deified by others for a long time, I believe that I am a myth.
  This also illustrates the fact that it is easy to get drunk when touted too much, and it is extremely addictive after a long time.