Rhythm of season

  At the border between winter and spring, sometimes it feels not that one season is going to become another season, but every day is a season, especially when the weather is so cloudy, it was only cold yesterday, and today I have to put on my summer shirt. It was a good day, and tomorrow was another cold front, quietly struck from afar. At this time, I will think of a Zen poem by Master Hanshan: the
  world is as bright as a water moon, and the
  body and mind are as bright as a glass,
  but when the ice disappears, I
  do not know how to bloom in spring.
  The flower branch in spring is indeed a kind of “I don’t know”. It seems to be a movie without notice. It is silently released. At a glance, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming.
  The relatively long-term and fixed script is the discounted signboard of the department store. From 20%, 30%, 50%, and 30%, the price is suddenly reduced to 10%. The discount is not only clothing, but also the winter that is drifting little by little. In winter, it’s a discount, and spring will be born from the bottom of the valley.
  The price and aesthetics of clothing are confused because of discounts. Originally, we should choose those exquisite costumes, but we often bought many things that we did not like because of the desire for cheap. Due to the discount of the external environment, our requirements for beauty are also discounted, and our hearts are also discounted.
  In fact, we should have a decisive attitude towards the season or the creation of the soul, that is, to put all the spiritual power on a certain focus and integrate it with life, not to pay attention to the residual snow of last winter, and not to this year ’s There is excessive expectation in winter. Now that it is spring, instead of shopping for idle winter clothes, it is better to take off the heavy clothes and experience the freedom and sunshine of spring. Because last year ’s winter was irretrievable, this year ’s winter is still in the nowhere.
  There is a story that illustrates this mood:
  a seed of a banyan tree accidentally fell on the ground, it was confused by the future of its life, and raised its head to see a centuries-old banyan tree-its mother, standing proudly in the blue sky Background.
  Seed said, “Mom, how can you stand so great on the earth?”
  The banyan tree said: “This is not great, just a natural growth! We grow up in the season, absorb rain and dew sunlight, and even accept the test of wind and lightning. Every seed of the banyan tree will grow up as long as you are healthy The same is true, child! ”
  Seed said:” But, Mom! Why have I always lived in such a dark and damp land? How can I stand up like you? ”
  ” First, my child, you have to disappear, Immerse myself in the soil, then sprout and become a tree, and one day you will be able to enjoy the blue sky, the sun and the wind like me! ”
  ” Mom, I want to disappear first, how terrible it is! If I disappear Into the soil, instead of growing into a tree, but into a little dirt? This is too risky, or let me keep half of it as a seed, and half as a tree! ”
  So the seed made its own claim, and only half of it was chosen. Disappeared, my mother had to sigh. Soon, the seeds of the banyan tree turned into mud and completely disappeared.
  The growth of life and the growth of seasons are also determined. If a person does not devote himself to this moment of integration, true germination becomes impossible. Putting down half of your ego will not be a total ego. If a flower does not wither with all its heart, it will not have enough nutrients to grow leaves; if a seed does not disappear with all its heart, it will not grow from the innermost depth.
  Therefore, our lives cannot be discounted!
  There are winters every year in the seasons, don’t you often face cold winters in your life? The spring rises when it is cold, and the peak comes from the flying place. In the infinite rotation, is there an insightful observation?
  The night lights of the world come from the moment when the snow melts in the red furnace. Let’s walk through the discounted market with a calm and appreciative attitude, let us know the true way of life, and truthfully know our own heart, no discount!