Root red feathers into the hat

  In the early 20th century, a poor boy named Andy Warhol in the United States embarked on a dream-seeking journey to New York in order to realize his artistic dream. At first, Andy could not find a job, so he was looking for opportunities while doing odd jobs. Over time, as he worked very hard, an employer recommended him to be an assistant in an advertising company.
  Although Andy did nothing wrong with his assistant’s work, he never forgot his artistic dream. On this day, Andy took his work to the “Bazaar” magazine to find opportunities. The editor-in-chief of the magazine is a talented man, and he has put forward many suggestions for revision. Andy sincerely ask: “How can I like you have a keen sense of art do?”
  ”First to be hard work, even if only one assistant work is also very important.”
  ”That second it?”
  ”Do you wear Is it a habit of hats? ”
  Andy was very surprised.” Yes, sir … “Andy lit up the shabby black hat in his hands.
  ”Very good.” The editor-in-chief said, pointing at the pedestrian on the road outside the window. “Look at the people on the road. The hats they wear are either black or gray. They are not creative
  at all .” Andy stared blankly at the editor. : “So from today, you have to insert a red feather into the hat.” After
  recalling the editor-in-chief, Andy returned to the advertising company and saw a photo of Marilyn Monroe on the table. Andy suddenly understood the editor’s true intention.
  Andy decided to use the exaggerated color scheme to copy the faces of famous contemporary characters in large quantities, and to transform the characters into visual commodities through screen printing and repeated images. Since then, he has created art works such as “Marilyn Monroe”, “Cola Bottle” and “Electric Chair”, and is known as another avant-garde celebrity after Picasso. People feel that no matter what the items are, as long as they are stamped with Andy’s seal, they will become fashionable.
  Everyone has a chance of success. It is important that you put red feathers on your hat. Do you understand?