Select objects for the Icelandic rams

  Iceland is the westernmost country in Europe. It is located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, and the north is close to the Arctic Circle. The herdsmen there are countless, and winter is their busiest season, because they have to choose rams for the entire winter. This tradition has lasted for 20 years.
  Why should we choose the target for the Rams? Because the herdsmen in Iceland feel that “there are thousands of sheep in the world, Icelandic rams are the best”, and Icelandic rams are beautiful and spiritual creatures. In ancient times, sheep provided Icelandic ancestors with mutton and goat milk as winter food, and even wool was made into clothing to withstand the cold. Sheep are no longer livestock in the lives of Icelanders. Among the flocks, not only do the Rams have a strong team spirit, the excellent Rams also have excellent leadership, which is awesome! Everyone wants to breed tall, dignified, domineering, leadership, and impeccable ram genes, so Icelanders are willing to spend the whole winter to select a group of the best rams and become the target of their own ewe.
  The selection of rams is a major event in Iceland. Everyone wants to make their own ram list. Therefore, in the feeding process, everyone will be very attentive. Throughout the summer, the herdsmen will put their sheep in the uncontaminated valley not far away, allowing them to live and run freely, eating pure natural green plants. In the fall, the herdsmen will rush the sheep in the valley into a wild sheep pen. The sheep in the valley are packed in a large sheep pen, and herders from all over Iceland will push their sheep into different sheep pens and then classify them. Old, defective sheep will be sent to the slaughterhouse or separated from the flock, and the remaining sheep will be grazed on the farm. Until November, the sheep on the farm will be locked in sheep sheds for winter. If it is a ram, the herdsmen will pay special attention and take good care of them, take their temperature every day, and observe their feeding and defecation. When the rams are happy, the herders will take pictures of them to prepare for the election.
  The preparations are not easy to complete. Families with rams will sign up and the competition is fierce because only 44 strong rams with strong leadership qualities or strong leg muscles can be selected. Especially in the end, many rams are very good, making it difficult to give up. It is a matter of great honor and pride for professional sheep farmers to be listed in the “Ram List”.
  After the Rams are selected in the “Ram List”, Icelanders will start to make a “Sheep Blind Date Guide” that determines the fate of countless ewe! This blind date guide is an annual weekly magazine organized and selected by the Icelandic Ministry of Agriculture. It is issued only once a year. This booklet has only 52 pages. It will select the 44 best rams in Iceland, and provide the detailed information of the rams. For example, a ram named Koski: white, with hard hair, sharp head and horns, broad chest and shoulders, strong leg muscles, but slight folds, and wide and strong back. Its learning ability and team consciousness are very good, and its breeding status is also very good. It is a powerful ram.
  If other shepherds are interested in a ram, they can contact the ram registry to request that the ram be bred for their ewes. Of course, even the famous rams on the list are not necessarily ideal. After all, herders have different standards for choosing a spouse for sheep. Some people want their ewes to find a muscular ram to give birth to a strong lamb; some people want to find a ram with strong breeding ability, preferably for a lifetime A litter, all of them are healthy and strong; some people hope to be able to breed young rams with extraordinary “temperament”, so they will favor those rams with particularly good characteristics …
  Select objects for the rams, although the duration is long , But the herdsmen are happy. It’s no wonder that Iceland’s animal husbandry has always been so developed and has a place in the European high-end animal products market. It turns out that they are so serious in raising sheep.