February Blue

  In a blink of an eye, I do not know how to come, the entire Yanyuan has become the world of February Lan.
  February Orchid is a common wildflower. The flowers are small and purple and white. There is nothing special about the flower shape and color. If there are only one or two trees among the hundred flowers, it will never attract anyone’s attention. But it wins by how much, and every spring, when the breeze blows, it blooms. At first there was only one, two, a few, but in one night, it could become one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand.
  I have lived in Yanyuan for more than 40 years. Initially, I did not pay special attention to this small flower. Until the year before, maybe it was the year of the blooming of February Orchid. I suddenly found that starting from Xiaotu Mountain next to the building where I lived, I walked all over the garden. Everywhere I saw, February Lan was there. Near the house, under the fence, in the forest, on the hill, on the slope, and by the lake, as long as there are gaps, there is a cluster of purple air, with white mist in between, the flowers bloom vividly, the momentum is extraordinary, the purple air goes straight to the sky The universe seems to be purple.
  In my trance, I suddenly found that February Lan had climbed the tree, some had climbed to the top of the tree, and some were struggling to climb, even the breathing sound seemed to be heard. I was really shocked: Is it true that February Lan is really good? Looking closer, it turns out that some of the vines in the February Orchid bush are also blooming. The color of the flower is exactly the same as that of February Orchid, but only the white mist is missing. I really think this illusion is very interesting. With a sober consciousness, I carefully observed: In addition to the flower shape, the colors of the two are really the same. Anyway, I know these are two kinds of plants, and I have a bottom in my heart. However, in a blink of an eye, I still see Er Yuelan crawling towards the branches. Is this true? Or an illusion? Let it go.
  After realizing the existence of February Lan, some memories related to February Lan immediately came to mind. Things that I rarely thought of or did not think of now, now I think; trivial things that I thought were very common now seem very unusual. I suddenly realized that this very ordinary wildflower had such an important position in my life.
  The threads of my memories started from the small earth hill beside the building. At first, this small dirt mountain was nothing amazing, only two or three meters high, covered with wild grass. At that time, when the wind was blowing wildly, every time “cleaning”, people living in the whole building were summoned to pull grass, not “greening”, but “yellowing”. Every time I secretly hate this hill of wild grass. Later, for unknown reasons, the mountain was piled up a meter or two. As a result, the mountain is quite a bit hilly. The pine in the east and the cypress in the west seem to have regained their youth. They are lush all year round. In the middle, an elm tree can only be regarded as a great-grandson of pine and cypress from the age of the tree, but it also has lush branches and tall branches pierce the blue sky.
  I do n’t remember when I noticed February Lan on the hill. This kind of wildflowers bloom probably also differs from year to year. When you encounter a year, you only sparsely open a few pieces before and after the hill. When you encounter a year, the mountain is opened into a large area after the mountain, as if you are crazy. We often talk about what kind of flowers are “in bloom”, and the word “ang” is really wonderful to use. February Lanyi’s “anger” seemed to draw a primitive force from the depths of the land. The flowers must be blooming all over the world. The purple air rushed to the sky, and the universe seemed to turn purple.
  Su Dongpo’s words said: “The moon is full of yin and qing, and there is a separation of sorrow and joy. When they should open, they open; when they should disappear, they disappear. They are “in the midst of waves”, everything goes with nature, and it doesn’t matter what sorrow and joy. My February Lan is like this.
  However, human being, the spirit of all things, has feelings, and with feelings, there is sorrow and joy. This is really superfluous, but there is no solution. People are affectionate, and they move their emotions to the flower again. “Tears to ask the flower not to speak,” of course, the flower is not speaking. If Hua Zhen “speaks”, wouldn’t it frighten people!