Jiang Nan Xue Dan recalled the teacher shadow

  Recalling the teacher Mr. Shan Huadong, regardless of the time, “Jiangnan Snow” is a poem, published in the “Ningbo Evening News” on a winter day in 2003.
  On Friday evening before school, a tall, thin figure hurried into the classroom, and our irritable heart calmed down instantly. Mr. Shan steadily stroked his beard. As the deputy director of the Political and Religious Affairs Department, he has a style of not anger and self-righteousness, and his humor is also worthy of prestige. He asked if we would write small poems. He said that the City Evening News has opened a special edition of poems for junior high school students. The manuscript will be sent next week.
  I looked around, there was no one, and I used to habitually write short sentences, so I raised my hand confidently, followed by two or three classmates.
  ”Okay, it’s important to participate, try it.” Mr. Shan gave a meal, “I will first select two or three songs to show me satisfaction.”
  I sorted out three songs from the notes, one is about writing books , One is about writing snow, and the other one can’t be remembered. I made a slight modification and turned it in on Monday morning. The next class was full of hope, but at that time, I didn’t know what the word “humble” meant.
  At dusk, I was called to the office by Mr. Shan. In the slanting sunset, he sat in front of the case, his spine straight, very clear.
  ”I read it, it’s okay, but the poetry must pay attention to the details and help you modify it.” Mr. Shan smiled lightly. His skinny skin can be felt even though his clothes are on. Although he is less than forty, he has to catch up with the age of ten years old. In short, his smile is to be intuitively felt.
  Mr. Shan hit “Xue” in the photo. He handed me the polished manuscript and said, “Take it back and have a discussion. If there is no doubt, write it on graph paper.”
  First, Mr. Shan changed the title to “Jiangnan Snow”. Yes, it is more rigorous. The rotten flakes here also show a three-pointer, which is very different from the northern snow. On the whole, the landscape structure has not changed, and the lyricism has been sublimated at the same time, which has also led to philosophical thinking. I only know that Mr. Shan focuses on Chinese teaching, with profound knowledge and clear logic. He also emphasizes on learning methods. He never thought that he would write flowers.
  After reading it several times, I actually read the so-called artistic conception. This is the first time I have experienced so profoundly that what is lyrical and empathic with the scene, what is the sound outside the string and the after-sound around the beam, before this was like a slogan. Mr. Shan’s attainments in poetry and poetry, I dare not make a rash statement, but at that time, I was really amazing.
  What kind of joy can be turned into type, after I calmly copied it, I pressed it on Mr. Shan’s desk. The reviewing of the manuscript was an anxious process. From the Mid-Autumn Festival to Lidong, it was finally published. The whole school reported on the “Jiangnan Snow” and received the sample report.
  After I was happy for a while, I was lost: “Jiang Nanxue” was almost completely changed by Mr. Shan. This is his credit. Looking through the manuscript of the book poem, there is a sentence: “The taste of the book is like black sesame.” This is also called poem! ? Folk ballads and short notes are intertwined, such as the four different untidy pull together, simply not qualified to talk about charm.
  ”I don’t know how to write poetry, but I like to read poetry.” Thinking of Mr. Shan’s words, I couldn’t help burning my face. In fact, I have n’t read a few poems outside the textbook, and the poems I learned in class are all for the exam.
  Mr. Shan did not pierce my vassal preferences, and sometimes read my composition as a model. Looking back, he never forgot to correct. He often reminded: “Writing is like being a person, you have to talk and move with details.” When I rode home, I was also caught up by Mr. Shan from behind, and I would be asked in gossip: ” Have you read other people ’s good works lately? ”The meaning is not broken, which not only makes me think deeply, but also completes my self-esteem.
  For a while, I saw Mr. Shan just smiled stiffly, even lifting his head embarrassedly, and his smile still had to be understood. At the beginning, the idea is always initiating, but it will take years of tempering before it will gradually mature.
  Satisfying the publication is temporary, but the influence of “Jiangnanxue” is lifelong. I did not dare to call it a debut because I wrote it independently.
  I have been studying hard since then, and I did n’t dare to be distracted. I did n’t have the strength to go to college. Although I did n’t continue poems, I switched to novels and essays, and I have n’t looked into the way so far. At most, it’s a homework, but the ones who dare to take it out are really few.
  When I was in junior high school, my temperament was excessively introverted, slightly extreme, and mediocre in grades. Mr. Shan has never treated middle-poor students particularly, and he will even give more care. I still feel the aftertaste so far. Mr. Shan’s style is connected with his personality. “The moist things are silent and subtle.” These eight words are only fully understood in today’s experience.
  Memory on the “southern snow” has long faded, only vaguely remember:
  white snow
  were numerous overwhelming
  you take beautiful hexagonal flower
  waving to
  but why quietly gone
  I can not help but ask
  the United States whether long
  I do not know Remember, no, as the yellowed sample report was not found after the second relocation, and maybe it did n’t matter at all. Indeed, it does not matter what the first draft is and how it has been revised. What matters is the value of the matter itself.
  Years later, I heard that Mr. Shan was transferred to another middle school in the same town as a teacher. It was closer to my home. I returned to my hometown twice on a working day. When I walked past that school, there were waves in the courtyard wall. Reading aloud, my thoughts crossed to the time when I was a student.
  I wanted to go to the communication room to inquire, and stopped again. After I left, I had another thought. The world is as impermanent as the snow in the south of the river. It is a pity that the snow falls as a fate.
  It’s really time to visit the house and narrate the past with Mr. Shan.