Corina, a 20-year-old girl, did not expect that on this day, she would meet her real son. In Mercedes-Benz’s entry into the F1 plan to join the ball, the 20-year-old Schumacher fell into her smile, with the teenager’s first heart. This year is 1989.
  But the young Schumacher was restrained and shy. He dared not show his heart to Corina, because at that time, she was guarded by the young driver Frenzen. It wasn’t until the two broke up that Schumacher won his first driver’s championship in F1 career. This year was 1991.
  With the companionship of his lover, Schumacher started all the way after entering F1, and the legendary career of the first generation of car king began. On a summer day, white roses covered the old castles in the German countryside. “Marry me” became the most touching love story Corina had ever heard. Cinderella finally married the prince. This year is 1995.
  The racetrack is the most dangerous place, and the most feared is always the driver’s wife. In the next 20 years, Schumacher continued to have car accidents, and Kolina’s heart was never relaxed. On this day, a piece of news that “F1 car king’s brain was hit hard, maybe it’s hard to come back” made headlines. Unexpectedly, it was an obscure ski run that caused the first generation of car king to fall. This year is 2013.
  The myth of the past was only able to survive on the ventilator, the weight dropped to less than 45 kg, and the height dropped from 1.74 meters to 1.6 meters, which made countless people sigh. Even the doctor advised Corina to give up: “Schumacher has a low chance of waking up. Give up, he will not be well.” But Corina did not give up, drove to the hospital every morning to take care of her husband, and then returned home to take care of her in the afternoon. A pair of children. Schumacher, who had been asleep, seemed to feel his wife’s day and night prayers in the midst of grief. Finally, he woke up. Although they can only communicate with each other through their eyes, for Corina, this is already a great gift. This year is 2014.
  On January 3, 2019, Ferrari celebrated Schumacher’s 50th birthday and specially organized a grand museum exhibition to commemorate the legendary F1 driver. And on this day, Schumacher was finally no longer bedridden, he was able to stand! At this moment, Corina wept with joy, embracing her hero deeply.
  The US “Washington Post” once selected the world’s top ten luxury goods, one of which is-holding a soul mate that loves each other. “Even if the whole world gives up on you, I will accompany you.” True love is a luxury that can only be possessed by giving true feelings. It is it that has created miracles in the world.