Poland has an “Obese Thursday” festival

  Don’t eat donuts for weight loss? In Poland’s “Fatty Thursday” festival, this reason does not exist. Because there is such a proverb in Poland: “If you do n’t eat fried donuts on ‘Fatty Thursday’, you will not have a happy life.”
  ”Fatty Thursday” is a Polish donut carnival, which The date is not fixed. It is roughly around the Chinese New Year. The 2019 “Fatty Thursday” festival is on February 28. On this day, the Poles will open their stomachs and eat special doughnuts to celebrate, to greet the Lent and the coming spring.
  Lent is derived from Christian Easter. Legend has it that Jesus had fasted in the wilderness for 40 days and nights before he began his mission, and then entered the holy city of Jerusalem, where he was crucified and crucified on Friday, but was resurrected on the third day. The church designated the 40 days before Jesus ’resurrection as a period of fasting. During this period, according to tradition, people cannot drink alcohol, entertain and eat greasy food.
  ”Fatty Thursday” is the last Thursday to greet the fasting period before Easter, so before the fast comes, there is a carnival where people eat Hess and enjoy themselves. This is similar to the Chinese eating dumplings on the Dragon Boat Festival and the moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Poles also eat two specific foods on the “Fatty Thursday” festival: one is a snack that looks like northern China-fried platters, the other Just donuts. According to historical records, the Poles have eaten donuts since the Middle Ages and used it as festival-specific food.
  On the day of the “Fatty Thursday” festival, walking in the streets of Poland, there are hawkers selling donuts everywhere, and even the air is filled with the smell of freshly made donuts. The acquaintances met on the road and asked, “Did you eat donuts today, how many did you eat?” In the
  pastry shops in the Polish capital Warsaw, on this day, the masters worked overtime in the back kitchen. There is no break. The business in the supermarket is also very popular, and the fried donuts, fried forks and various pastries on the shelves are in short supply. In front of the most famous bakery in Warsaw, the rushed citizens lined up and waited patiently for the doughnuts to come out.
  A girl waiting in line to buy donuts told reporters: “I have loved donuts since I was a child. My family and friends will say when I see me eat donuts, Linda, you have to control your love for sweets If you continue to eat like this, you will become a big fat man. Only on this day will they say, eat a few more and have good luck! “Unlike
  our common hollow donuts in the middle, Poland ’s Doughnuts are solid, usually covered with frosting, and filled with various fillings, including custard sauce, marmalade or rose jam. Jam-filled doughnuts only became popular in Poland in the 16th century. Prior to this, the fillings were usually bacon, bacon or meat fillings. And now, donuts with rose jam are people’s favorite.
  According to statistics, on the day of “Obese Thursday”, Polish people eat 100 million sandwich donuts, and each person eats three to five. Every year, major cities in Poland host fried donuts, and the person who eats the most in a short period of time wins. In Krakow, the largest industrial city in southern Poland, the 2018 champion was 8 fried donuts in 5 minutes. In Warsaw, it took only 1 minute and 41 seconds for the 2013 winner to eat 5 doughnuts.
  The “sweet” feast of such a carnival will last from the morning to the next day. The Poles have completely released their control of calories and released their love of desserts. They believe that no one should control their food intake on this day. If they do not eat a donut on this day, they will not be lucky in the future. If someone does not want to eat such a sweet food because of weight loss, they will get this kind of advice: “Wait after” Obese Thursday “to lose weight! Otherwise, there is no good luck!” If you
  do n’t want to get fat, there will be bad luck ? The “Fat Thursday” festival in Poland is definitely the favorite and happiest festival for chubby and donut-loving girls!