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  I am in Vancouver and I have returned to my family. I am proud of Huawei and I am proud of my motherland! Thank you to everyone who cares about me.
  - Meng Zhou was released on bail late this evening made a circle of friends, this is her first utterance after the arrests
  until 2025, combined with genes matching and artificial intelligence, we can predict the attractiveness and compatibility between single men and women To match. In other words, big data can help people arrange marriages: after computing, they tell you who your partner is and where, and then you find each other according to the picture. The vast crowd, looking for the other half will become a matter of seconds.
  - Imperial College London researchers appointment of future conditions made a prediction
  of our team developed “candidate ticketing” feature will be on the line during the 2019 Spring Festival. Passengers only need to pay the pre-purchased ticket when the ticket is sold out. If there are refunds or remaining tickets afterwards, the 12306 system will automatically pick up the passengers. Both the speed of ticket purchase and the success rate will be ahead of ticket grabbing software.
  ——Dan Xinghua, the technical leader of China Railway Ticketing and Booking System R & D
Digital control

  500 million yuan
  spent chanting announced the launch of youth development programs, businesses work together to establish 500 million yuan special fund education, 2019 to provide subsidized service users under 45 years old adult vocational training and other needs. It is expected that this special education fund will provide support for 10 million person-times throughout the year and lower the education threshold for young people.
  4 times the
  Chinese Academy of Sciences Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden rights researcher and his students Chenzhan Qi Rui Chang found a large spider ants can raise offspring through breast feeding, breast milk is four times the protein content of milk, the study, published in the journal “Science.” This discovery rewrites people’s understanding of mammals. This is the first time in the world that mammals can be nurtured through breastfeeding.
  91 Paragraph
  China Consumers’ Association found that 10 evaluation categories were suspected of excessive APP collect user information, the 10 class 100 models APP in paragraph 91 to obtain permission alleged “cross-border.” Among them, the daily P map did not explain what kind of service is provided by collecting location information; 139 mailboxes are suspected of excessively collecting name, address, phone number and other information; Meitu Xiuxiu is suspected of excessively collecting financial information.
hot word

  [Dog-style socialization]
  Social demands arising from resisting the social pressure of being pulled from house to house for New Year and entertaining all kinds of unfamiliar people: why can’t we socialize like dogs? Walking, encountering, not arranging, not deliberately, every side we see is so natural.
  [Princess Cut] The
  popular female hairstyle. The rear is long, and the hair tips on both sides are short to the chin, visually showing a semi-finished product of “a sudden power outage at the barber shop after trimming both sides”. It can be seen as the social practice of women “not letting men monopolize all ugly hairstyles”.
  [Inorganic Talk]
  A social mode with contemporary characteristics. Only when both parties put down their mobile phones and headphones can they really start a conversation. Otherwise, both AIs will automatically reply.
  An additional online shopping course. After double eleven, the logistics will be checked every day. You will know China ’s geography. After Black Friday, you will learn about overseas capitals. class.

  Forbes released the 2018 list of the world’s highest-paid writers, and said that during the statistical period, these writers sold a total of 24.5 million paper books in the United States, accounting for $ 283 million. The top eight on the list are:
  1. James Patterson
  2. JK Rowling
  3. Stephen King
  4. John Grisham
  5. Jeff Kinney, Dan Brown
  6. Michael · Wolf
  7. Daniel Steele, Nora Roberts
  8. Rick Leighton, E. L. James

  British man online selling Island: Islanders are the property you are
  British Overseas Territory Falkland Islands Pebble Island is the fifth largest island on the public network to sell, island main Sam Harris says he is very reluctant to the island, There is no real reserve price in my heart. I only hope that the buyer has an agricultural background and can take good care of the island residents, including 5 different ethnic penguins, 42 species of birds and sea lions, 6000 sheep, and 125 cattle.
  The pebble island is about 32 kilometers long and 10.4 kilometers wide. There are animals, deserted military camps and small hotels on the island. Sam said his ancestors bought Pebble Island and nearby small islands for £ 400 in 1869 to start a fish farming business, and no one has lived since 1950.
  Sam believes that the Pebble Island has great tourism potential, and there is a huge army base. The island can produce a large amount of wool, most of which flows to the UK, which also helps the breeding background. In addition, he is not opposed to foreign purchases, but hopes that the other party can develop tourism or agriculture and animal husbandry, or an international ecological protection zone.
  A year without touching the phone will receive $ 100,000 in prize money
  Coca-Cola’s Vitamin Water Company has launched a contest: a year without success to do the phone will receive a $ 100,000 bonus. In other words, the smartphone screen cannot be seen for 365 days. At the same time, the company also said that people who did not persist for 12 months but who persisted for at least 6 months would also receive a $ 10,000 bonus.
  The competition is only for adults living in the United States. The way to participate is to post a photo on Twitter or the photo wall, attach the label “no phone for a year”, and then answer and comment on how you will spend your leisure time when you are not using your phone. If selected, the participant will be unable to use the mobile phone for one year. A year later, the company will conduct a polygraph test on the participants to verify whether they passed the test.
  Some netizens commented on this: Try in China? This job with an annual salary of 700,000 yuan, I believe that many grandparents and senior high school students, very much want to register!