Do you feel confident

 After graduating from college to work, I have taken root in the field of propaganda for a long time, but for a while, I became skeptical of this beloved industry. Because I embarrassedly found that in all the division of labor, the degree of labor and effort of the publicity position ranked in the top three. Compared with other work, drinking coffee and flipping the newspaper, while relying on the characteristics of being able to complete independently, carrying out publicity work needs to frequently disturb other colleagues and departments. Without the support of the group, it is almost difficult to promote.
  For example, to hold a basketball game, you must mobilize colleagues everywhere to participate; to run an internal journal, you have to remind each department over and over again; to write an interview with a person, you not only need to ask for the consent of the interviewee, but also I have to invite the other party three times and five times in the busy work gap to make time for interviews… And my enthusiasm is slowly cooling down, becoming more and more afraid, and even catching the fire after being rejected, bored, and complained over and over again The courage to pick up the handset is no longer there.
  Once I readjusted my work position, I was assigned to Sister Juan’s office. Sister Juan entered the work unit a few years earlier and worked in the propaganda industry for a long time, and her work performance was very good. As a result, I was fortunate to have witnessed the working status of an excellent propagandist on the first day.
  That was a press release that was going to be issued to the newspaper. Sister Juan thought that she should be more cautious, so she called the relevant departments involved in the manuscript and asked them to help check the content of the manuscript and prepare to pass Secretary Li. Report to your superior for review. In the meantime, it may be that Secretary Li felt disturbed and made some excuses. Sister Juan clapped the table loudly, and the tone was three points tougher, requiring the other party to report to the superior, otherwise, if the manuscript fails to act, all consequences will be at your own risk.
  I think Sister Juan’s caution is a bit excessive. The newspaper is a locally published tabloid, and the manuscript is an obscure tofu block in the corner, so that all departments stop their work to help review the manuscript, and even hesitate to get away with Secretary Li, the cost of communication and coordination It is too high, and it is also a rapid consumption of your own feelings.
  Learning of my confusion, Sister Juan’s mouth was shocked with an “O” shape, and the one-eye thinking was not on the same channel as me. , we must ensure that every punctuation objective truth. Although our unit operating procedures for public information is not so much about, but I think this is a publicity person must have a work ethic ah. ”
  Juanjie a bullish As I take it for granted, my thick voice resounded throughout the office, but I suddenly fell in love with her self-confident and smelly appearance when exercising her role.
  I tried to start my work again, imitating Sister Juan’s self-confidence. Although I heard complaints and touched fewer walls than before, as the courage increased, and the strong mentality to make the work perfect, many of the previous troubles have been It is no longer a problem, and the working path is also smoother.
  Work is full of crises and difficulties, life is full of mud and sand, and smoke is everywhere. They dare not speak up, dare to do it, or dare to take a step forward seriously. Many of us lack such a “character confidence.”
  My friend has just graduated and is doing real estate telesales. She cries to me every day about her resistance to work: there must be hundreds of calls a day, and there are all kinds of users answering the call. Usually, the opening speech will be hung up before finishing. Those who are hot-tempered will be scolded by being disturbed. After a few days, she was so exhausted that she dared not call any more phone numbers.
  I told her, don’t be afraid, continue to bravely pick up the handset. Every phone call you make is not harassment or gossip, but a career. As an experienced property consultant, you should confidently tell your clients that my purpose is not to chat with you, but to choose the most suitable house for you and help you solve the troubles of living.
  Each of us will play a certain role in our work, and it doesn’t matter how others evaluate it. However, whenever we switch to a professional state, we must fully arm ourselves with the attitude of “must be completed, where the responsibility lies.” The sense of self-confidence in this role is a golden armor suit and a colorful auspicious cloud, which makes us soft and hard, and is invincible.
  I am a reporter, and of course I need you to provide me with the most informative on-site information; I am an editor and agreed to my draft. I will definitely send it before the deadline; I am the HR responsible for remuneration, of course, I have the right to Your salary is rewarded or deducted; it is my duty this week, and I will naturally demand that you not take the example of the act of throwing a tissue on the sink.
  In the perspective of fully cooperating with others and based on mutual respect, trust and equality, when your phone number lights up on your phone screen, sorry, I am not here to harass and beg, nor to come out of nothing, nor for selfish , I just do my job duties.
  You see, your self-confidence for the character is beautiful and beautiful.