Ants “Feast” in the Amazon Rainforest

When traveling in the Amazon rainforest, if there is one thing that allows me to get closer to the center of the rainforest life step by step, it is the ants.

At that time we entered the heart of the entire rainforest and saw a green forest. During the expedition, every time Aiu (a name I secretly named for him) from the bib gang clan found good things, he would shout at me, “Midi, Midi”, that is, “come and see” meaning. What to see? It turned out that he found something behind a tree. I think he broke it hard, and something fell off. It turned out to be a big ant nest. Ant eggs are actually their food.

Aniu broke the ant nest from the middle and poured out all the ant eggs inside. The ant eggs are small and white, and all the tribes gathered around, and everyone ate with relish.

Ant eggs can be used as food, I was unheard of. Do you want to try it? I don’t think so, but I said to myself that this is the only chance, and I must eat it.

I made up my mind not to let go of any opportunity to experience the life of bibs, to be a complete aboriginal Amazon. In fact, honestly speaking, ant eggs taste very sweet, and the feeling of chewing is quite unique.

In the Amazon rainforest, there are so many variables that a woman in the same family suddenly has a seizure, and everyone is terrified. In our common sense, once a person with epilepsy gets sick, he should be asked to bite a spoon or a chopstick immediately to prevent him from biting his tongue. But here, we do not have medical equipment and medicine, what should we do?

A young man went to the tree to find an ant’s den, and then rubbed it without a word. After smelling the crumbling ant nest for the woman, she slowly sobered up. It turns out that Bibi people have known for a long time that after crushing the ant’s nest, a natural formic acid will be emitted from the ants. As long as you smell this special smell, the patient can wake up.

As the woman slowly sobered up, I saw everyone seemed very relaxed and happy. I was a little hesitant while I was singing next to me, and thought anxiously: We are going to save her quickly, how come there is still leisure to sing? This may be what we call the obstacles of civilized people, that is, we are used to taking medicines and injections when we are sick, but healing requires not only medicine, but also spiritual comfort between people and common care. After waking up, the woman combed her hair, and it seemed a bit embarrassed.

Everyone seems to like the smell of the ant nest very much, even if they scramble to smell one by one, just like the situation of eating ant eggs at that time, this really opened my eyes.

After this period of time, I learned that for the Amazon tribe, from food to treatment, ants have so many functions and so deep meaning.

When the ant nest reached me, I knew that the smell must be terrible, so I was a little bit resistant. In the end, I persuaded myself to smell it-the smell was stronger than mustard, and hit my head. In my mind, the special smell of formic acid is still fresh in my memory, and I am glad that I have not missed the golden opportunity.