Lack of incentives to succeed

Western proverbs say: “Need is the mother of invention.” If you are in trouble, people will always come up with a way according to their needs. Even if they have no money and no books, as long as they are good at using their brains, the methods are endless. Brainstorming is the best knowledge.

If you don’t have money, you’re lucky, because then you have the opportunity to think and temper yourself.

I think the difference between the British and French schools is here. In French schools, physics instruments are readily available. Students only look at the shape and listen to the explanation-this instrument is like this, it is used in this way. However, the school does not allow them to use complete instruments. On the contrary, the instruments in British schools are not complete. When students gather together to conduct experiments, they often have insufficient iron wires or buttons that cannot be found, but they cannot stop the experiment because of missing parts. Students must use their brains to study whether there is an alternative. s material. This can cultivate the ability of the user to research and think, so as to obtain better results. This shows that people whose lives are too perfect and smooth, and sometimes they can’t keep up with those who have grown up from imperfect situations.

The same is true for aspirants. Overcoming the difficulties caused by the lack of financial resources will make the will strong, and there is no need to be discouraged because of lack of funds. Taking this as an opportunity, you can further accumulate the results of thinking and gain practical experience.

I graduated from Sapporo Agricultural School and worked as a civil servant for a while before coming to Tokyo to be admitted to Imperial University. I have received a basic education. No matter how difficult it is, I have to raise my own tuition and learn by myself.

Because I had no savings when I went to university, after arriving in Tokyo, I anonymously contributed to a magazine and still earn tuition by teaching in private schools. At the time, I was listening to Mr. Wai Shan teaching Spencer’s “Sociological Principles.” The price of that book is 4 yuan, which I cannot afford. No way, I had to borrow it from the university library, take 10 pages of notes at a time, and use the notes I copied to attend the lesson. As a result, my test scores are better than other students.