Husband and wife stand on the Huacai Mountain! Other people’s hard time, their brilliant stars

In spring, there are birds in the mountains singing and dancing; in summer, flowers bloom, and azaleas have more than a dozen colors; in autumn, they come with heavy snow; in winter, they are freezing, but there are countless birds and animals… The Huacaishan National Nature Reserve, located in the northeast of Wanyuan City, Sichuan Province, is famous for its beautiful scenery and rare species. This place called “species refuge” is also the first place Hao Guang and his wife Cui Ping loved. Second hometown.

In October 2012, after graduating with a master’s degree of 27, Hao Guang came to Xiangjiaping Management Station of the Huacaishan Nature Reserve. The newly married wife Cui Pingfu sang the wife, this “sui”, is 7 years. “She has been with me for more than half a year because the water and electricity are impassable, her fingers are frozen and cracked, and it is difficult to heal for 3 months.” Hao Guang said. “He showed me the most beautiful smoke rain, snow and rare animals in the world.” Cui Ping took his words.

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If you can do what you like, you will have strength in adversity

Perhaps because of long-term living in the mountains, Hao Guang, 35, is dark-skinned and looks slightly older than he is. Cui Ping, who was one year younger than him, was thin and small, and strode meteor.

“Everyone who knows us knows that my family is a proper female man, and I like the mother-in-law, looking forward and raking ears (dialect, man who is afraid of his wife).” Hao Guangren’s predecessors all called Cui Ping as “family “. He said that this “family” means “family” and “belonging” of the heart. Hao Guang is from Anhui, and Cui Ping is his fellow villager and high school classmate. When he was in high school, he was secretly affectionate towards her but embarrassed to say that he finally confessed after going to college. In the summer of 2012, Hao Guang graduated from Sichuan Agricultural University with a master’s degree in ornithology. He was a member of the “Thousands of Masters and Talents in Dazhou”, and was assigned to Wanyuan City, Sichuan Province (subordinate to Dazhou City). ) Work of the Environmental Protection Agency.

After less than a month of work, Hao Guang volunteered to work in the Huacashan National Nature Reserve. His undergraduate and master’s degrees are in ornithology, and he wants to track and photograph rare animals in protected areas. But the leader cherishes his talents and lets him work in the office of the management office. Hao Guang applied again and proposed to be stationed at the Xiangjiaping management station under construction. The management and protection station is built halfway up the Huacai Mountain, with an altitude of nearly 2,000 meters, and the conditions are very difficult.

“There are more than 20 kinds of protected birds such as goshawk, kite, red-bellied eagle, kestrel, spoon chicken, white-crowned pheasant, red-bellied pheasant, golden-bellied pheasant, collared owl. I like to watch birds flying in the sky He also longed for the life of lying on a thick meadow and chatting with them.” During the 2012 National Day, when returning to his hometown for a wedding, Hao Guang explained to Cui Ping why he wanted to go to the escort station. When he said that, there was a hint of guilt and uneasiness in his heart.

When he decided to go to Wanyuan City Environmental Protection Bureau, Hao Guang’s parents disagreed. Because of Hao Guang’s education and ability, returning to Anhui can find a job with good treatment and environment. However, Cui Ping asked him to obey his wish: “Don’t think about me and do what you want to do.” This time, Cui Ping not only did not ask Hao Guang why he was going to the mountain, but also suddenly proposed: “Shall we go to Calyx Honeymoon on the mountain?” She didn’t wait for Hao Guang to answer, she asked herself: “Okay! That’s great!”

The Calyx Mountain is a typical representative area of ​​the north subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest ecosystem, and also a key area and priority protection area for biodiversity protection in my country. There are few people in all seasons of the year, especially after September, when the weather is cold. At that time, the Xiangjiaping management and protection station had not been completely built, and the reserve was assigned to take turns on duty. But when Cui Ping and Hao Guang came to spend their honeymoon on Caly Mountain, they stayed at the management station. It was at the end of October, and the city was still hot in summer, but the calyx mountain was snow-capped.

There is no water and electricity in the management station, so you have to go outside to pick up water for cooking. At night, you rely on candle lighting and use dry branches to make fire. Hao Guang went to pick up water one mile outside during the day, and Cui Ping always accompanied him. On the way back, he carried the water and she carried a bundle of dry branches. It was cold and slippery, but it was also the best honeymoon time for Cui Ping when someone was there to accompany, talk and help.

The cold winter of Huacai Mountain is approaching step by step, and the days of access to water and electricity are endless. Cui Ping suddenly said: “I’m not going. There is no staff at the management station, and I want to apply as a family member.” She has always said that she has the final say from love to marriage. Hao Guang was powerless to refute, of course, this is exactly what he hoped for.

Zuckerberg said: “If you do what you love, there is still strength in adversity.” For Hao Guang, he can do what he likes and is accompanied. Living a hard and difficult life is not only full, but also Glowing.

Who can hold your shoulders, drive the desolation and silence

The Xiangjiaping tube guard station stands on the calyx mountainside at an altitude of nearly 2000 meters. It gathers all the magical beauty of the Qinba Mountains. The peaks and mountains are like gathering, the clouds are misty, and the endless peaks and mountains are hidden between the snow peaks and the clouds. If you come to travel in spring or summer, you will definitely sigh here like a fairyland on earth. But staying here for a long time, the degree of hardship will be proportional to the level of beauty. What’s more, Hao Guang and Cui Ping came “not the time”. When the first heavy snowfall came, Huacai Mountain began to block. With the exception of Hao Guang and Cui Ping, who are stationed at the management and protection station, there are no human beings in the hundreds of acres. In addition, at that time, water, electricity and internet were not available, and the degree of difficulty can be imagined.

“Every morning, I finished my breakfast in a hurry, sorted out the equipment and started from the management station, walked along the Qingfeng Forest, detoured the nine-faced fiber, read while walking, walked more than ten miles of mountain road, and returned to the management station in the afternoon or evening Organize the information. If you don’t understand or doubt, please call the instructor or expert at any time.” This is the daily work of Hao Guang. Cui Ping said: “These are trivial matters. If he encounters a problem that cannot be solved by telephone, he must go down the mountain immediately, find the Internet, and pass the pictures and text information to the instructor and bird research expert. The next time the mountain is finished, I will come back immediately after handling the problem.” Hao Guangxiao said that because she was afraid that she was afraid on the mountain alone, Cui Ping pierced him: “You are afraid that you will miss a major discovery for a day.” Watch the birds and master Its population and quantity are recorded in a timely manner, without any delay, which is also an important part of Hao Guang’s work.

In order to better observe the animals, Hao Guang bought a telescope for more than 6000 yuan shortly after entering the mountain. After buying the baby first, Cui Ping and Hao Guang lost their temper, because it meant that for the next few months, both of them had to tighten their belts. But watching her husband hang the telescope on his chest every day and found a rare animal that couldn’t help but Cui Ping no longer blamed, saying, “Well, even if I can’t eat meat in the next two months, I admit.”

Cui Ping is of non-professional background. Although he lived in the countryside when he was a child, there is an endless plain, and the water and electricity at home are smooth, and the road is smooth. Asked why she could take root in Huacai Mountain, Cui Ping said: “He likes it here, I like him. It’s that simple.” Moreover, although the winter in Huacai Mountain is cold and lonely, the winter is approaching, and the wild plums are in a row. , Began to anger on the cliff, in the canyon. The flaming redness of the mountains and the snow and the snow covered each other, and Cui Ping also felt that it was worth staying.

Cui Ping is very thin and not tall. “At the beginning, my colleagues thought that my family’s birdie was a human being. After I learned it, I discovered that I was a full rake ear,” Hao Guang said. The couple will go to the core area almost every day to install infrared cameras, carry a full set of equipment, and shoot and track birds and beasts. Hao Guang carried a telescope, an aerial camera, a nearly 30-pound camera and a tripod, and Cui Ping picked it up and left. Her husband strode meteor, she will trot. “But I’ve never fallen, and generally I won’t make mistakes.” Cui Ping said. The days of tracking and shooting are particularly hard. In order to observe and track the animal’s nest, the couple often run for more than 10 miles.