In the end, the youth tour

  If someone asked me when I was fifteen, what is the most beautiful scenery I have seen in my life, I will answer, the sea is wide and the sky is high, and the birds are flying. If you ask me the most beautiful person I have seen in this life…

  In my impression, Dad is a brain-minded person. My deepest impression of Dad is that he lies on a neat wooden workbench and draws lines with pencils of various concentrations. The paper he painted was blue and transparent, and it looked like the sea. I love to watch my dad draw pictures, and I can watch it for a long time every time, until my dad picks up the gray sign pen and writes instructions in the lower right corner.
  There must be no traces of modification on the blueprint. If one word is written incorrectly, then the entire picture is invalid and needs to be redrawn. Every time my dad writes an explanation, I unconsciously hold my breath and stare at my dad’s face. Occasionally my father writes a wrong word and always sighs. I regret that my father’s work always points to the wrong word: “Dad, do you bold that one, won’t it be fine?” Dad will always touch me Without answering, then draw a blueprint to continue drawing.
  ”If it’s wrong, don’t modify it on the spot. This is the rule and your professional ethics.” Dad said back to his students. The students nodded solemnly. Perhaps in their hearts, Dad was a tutor who was strictly paranoid.
  But in my eyes, my dad would tell me a story sitting in the back seat of the bicycle, let me ride on his neck to watch the parade of floats, and would never have too many demands on my grades. When the classmates were frowning for the parents’ signature on the test paper, I seemed to have no worries, not because I had a good grade, but because my father was wide-hearted: if the test was poor, my father would remind me to review it; if the test Well, my dad will take me to travel.
  ”Dad, the classmates are envious of me.” I put away the test paper and said proudly.
  ”That’s because Dad sees you as the same person as Dad.” Dad likes to tap my head with a pencil.
  Before I was twelve years old, I sincerely believed that being treated like a father is a matter of luck and happiness.

  In the first lesson of junior high school, every student will come to the stage to introduce.
  At first glance, I remembered him.
  The young man is brave, and he struggles sometimes.
  At the same age, I still stay in the fantasy castle of Disney in Chiba, Japan, but he has already seen the towering Kunlun and has crossed the Chaka Salt Lake.
  In all the stories, the spirited teenager has had prototypes since then. When I was sitting in the front row, when I was in class, I would always pretend to be lazy or look back at the blackboard newspaper, peeking at him. The young boy’s eyebrows were clear, and every time he greeted me, his eyes were open, without my dodge and shyness.
  I thought I had locked all the secrets, but inadvertently portrayed him in front of my parents at dinner. Both my father and my mother would watch me dance quietly, sometimes smiling at each other silently.
  Every summer, the school organizes students to study in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. I stood in front of the bulletin board and looked at the colorful bulletin board of the study tour Australia. When he was about to leave, he appeared and pointed to a place on the bulletin board: “This is the Sydney Opera House, yes, you go together right? ”
  together. Together we will.
  This is the first time in my life I have been invited by a favorite boy. Together, it turned out to be such a beautiful word, one end connected to me and one end connected to him.
  Before my dad put down his briefcase, I greeted him and hugged him: “Dad, can I take part in the Australian summer camp organized by the school?” Dad thought about it and said, “Your travel quota has been used up this year. If you want to travel for the second time, do you remember our agreement?”
  ”Remember.” I remembered the agreement with my father: I need to exchange it with my grades. However, when I get the agreed final exam results, the registration for the summer camp is long over, and I will definitely make an appointment.

  As the registration deadline is getting closer and closer, I almost unilaterally declared war with my dad in a tumultuous way.
  But no matter how hard I try, Dad always insists: the original agreement was agreed by both of us, and Dad will obey, and you will also obey. In an instant, I remembered how my father reprimanded the students, saying nothing: “You just don’t want to make me feel better, you are too bad!”
  ”Sleep sleep!” Mom rarely yelled at me, I wiped my tears, and ran in In his own room, the door fell hard.
  Mom and Dad seemed to say something outside the door. The reprimand or scolding I thought did not appear. They didn’t even knock on my door.
  After all, my parents still couldn’t continue this topic with me, and I bought a lottery ticket on the way home every day, hoping to make a fortune and let me have the money to go to Australia. Obviously, the God of Luck didn’t care for me. On the registration deadline, I could only say to the teenager: “I’m sorry, I may not be able to go in the summer vacation.”
  “Ah? But I saw you on the public list?”
  I hurriedly When I got to the teaching building, I rubbed my eyes. There was indeed me on the bulletin board. Is it a mistake? I ran to the head teacher’s office to confirm repeatedly.

  I finally stood beside him and saw the Sydney Opera House under the sunlight, not as pure and flawless as I thought, but the color of pearl yellow, a sudden movement in my heart, I folded my hands and made a sincere wish.
  ”What did you wish for?” The teenager’s smile sparkled in the sunlight.
  ”Study is successful.” I paused and looked at his profile. “The next year will be loaded with osmanthus wine.

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