Seeing the world is not as shallow as you think

From time to time, you can see articles such as “What is the girl who has never seen the world” and “What kind of girl is considered to have seen the world”. As if in the new era, “seeing the world” has also become an important measure of the quality and taste of women.

Let’s first look at the girls who will be teased as “never seen the world”: they are those who rarely afford luxury goods, do not know the big names, have not eaten high-end restaurants; those who rarely have the opportunity to travel Yes, those who have not been in first class on an airplane; also those who have not delivered to a rich boyfriend or marry a rich man, their men give her gifts worthless, and their men’s attentiveness to her is nothing but daily Buy breakfast, bring lunch…

Of course, it is not just these girls who are “poor”, but they always want to install “facade” in order to prove that they are not poor and knowledgeable, for example, using a fake brand name and carrying a fake bag; even if it is true The famous brand is nothing more than a discounted product in Outlets. When I went to Starbucks, I thought it was a high-end place. A small ring will show up intentionally or unintentionally when taking pictures…

I agree that these girls are indeed “no knowledge”: they haven’t seen anything that is expensive consumer goods, nor have they seen good love; either for vanity, or for psychological balance, they exaggerate what they have.

However, vanity is not the original sin. People are not exhaustive about wealth and consumption, and someone will always be richer than you; the extravagant life you get is just a daily routine. You can go to Paris to travel, but someone bought your own house in Paris; you have a brand name, but you can’t get a fraction of the price of a piece of art in your house; you bought a luxury car for four or five million yuan, but others Can drive a big G in the Forbidden City…

You ridicule others for being blind, and perhaps the “world” you see more often than others is not in the eyes of others.

I have seen an article on writing high-class Western food etiquette before, from how to put napkins, what kind of glasses to use with champagne, to the order of meals, how to cut steaks… very standard. But the important point is the last one: if you see someone who doesn’t understand, pretend not to see it.

Because the core of etiquette is “respect-oriented, less is better.” Even if you see a little more luxury than others, and go to a few more countries, it is not worth laughing at. The reason why some girls regard this as a source of superiority and take pride in being at the top of the discriminatory chain. In the final analysis, it is because your life is too thin and weak, and you have to rely on discriminating others to maintain your dignity.

A truly educated person does not rush to show his “world”. He understands how difficult it is to understand and be compassionate to others. I have seen the best and can accept the worst. I have a calm attitude and I am not insulted. This is a good performance.

The real “seeing the world” should be to establish your own social value, become a leader in a small industry, become an inevitable person in this field, or you have made an irreplaceable contribution to a specific group of people… …Whether you are an outstanding female scientist, an excellent writer and painter, or a female entrepreneur who employs dozens or hundreds of employees, it falls into this category.

Sometimes, women are easily confused by those chicken soups. They think that they know how to spend money, dress beautifully, and are familiar with all kinds of fashionable things. They can pretend to be a high society, and they will have the opportunity to meet the elite men of the high society. Too. In fact, this so-called “seeing the world” concept is wrong. Women have social value, which is their true value. Those high-speaking rhetoric and theories are just oversight.

May the girls see the true “world”.

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