Why racist anger spreads in many western countries

No one thought that the African-American man Freud, who was killed by the white police “knee-locked neck”, would become the fuse of the biggest riot in the United States in recent decades.

Floyd, who was devoted to anti-violence and anti-firearms during his lifetime, never even thought that this protest, which began on May 25, began in Minneapolis, Minnesota and quickly spread to New York, Los Angeles, and Houston. Waiting for at least 75 American cities, peaceful protests and demonstrations gradually evolved into arson, burning police stations and cars, and looting shops…

The police faced off in the tear gas smoke, and the military armored vehicles drove into the urban area. The bullets passed through the residents’ thighs. From tear gas, chili water, rubber bullets, to the use of water cannons, shooting live ammunition, the weapons continued to upgrade; from ordinary police to maintain Order, and then 1700 soldiers took to the streets to suppress, the force of participating in violent law enforcement continued to strengthen, and the scene was like a “battlefield.”

At least 40 cities including Atlanta, San Francisco, Miami, and Denver announced curfews, while 15 states including Minnesota and Washington DC deployed more than 5,000 National Guards to help quell the riots. From 28th to June 1st, nearly 1,400 people were arrested by police in 17 cities across the United States, including New York City Mayor Bai Sihao’s 25-year-old daughter Chiara.

Even more ironically, on the evening of May 29th, local time in the United States, when the protesters escalated the conflict with the police in front of the White House, and the White House was “siege”, President Trump once lurked into the White House underground bunker . During that “idle” time, the Twitter president angered several special tweets, praising the Secret Service for “done well in the White House last night, not only very professional, but also very cool”, and he also issued sternness to the demonstrators. Warning, saying that the special trade union has always allowed demonstrators to scream and roar at will, but if the demonstrators break through the White House fence, then “their most wicked dogs and the most ferocious weapons I have ever met will meet them. By that time, They will suffer at least very serious injuries. Many Secret Service agents are waiting for action.”

Previously, he also called the Minneapolis protesters “thugs” on Twitter, citing the 1967 Miami Police Chief’s warning that “the robbery begins and the shooting begins”.

With the support of the President, violent law enforcement everywhere followed one after another-in Houston, Texas, protesters were trampled by mounted police. In New York, two police cars suddenly rushed to the demonstrators and some people were injured; after the live ammunition and water gun vehicles failed to achieve their goals, the US Minnesota State government suddenly sent a military armored convoy into the city and shot at the residents…

Famous singer Taylor Swift angered Trump on Twitter “throughout his presidency, he was inciting the flames of white supremacy and racism”, his dangerous speech (marked by Twitter as “beautify “Violence”) has caused waves of anger all over the country to grow higher and higher, and protests and even smashing and burning are getting worse. So much so that on the evening of May 31st local time, the capital, Washington, DC, had to declare a curfew on that evening.

After the riots continued for a week, people suddenly discovered that the intensified demonstrations are causing the epidemic to accelerate. Among them, cases of new coronary pneumonia infections in Minnesota during the demonstrations have begun to rise. The historical paradox is here. Against the background that the number of deaths from the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in the United States has exceeded 100,000, the United States has not imposed a curfew, but has imposed the largest curfew in the United States since the 21st century because of the expanding ethnic riots.

Freud was killed by police violent law enforcement, like a black swan, unexpectedly once again unveiled the bloody racial discrimination scars in the United States. The epidemic is superimposed by riots, economic recession, high unemployment rate, widening gap between rich and poor, and the United States has fallen into the most chaotic state in 52 years. The long-standing anger of the people seems to be indelible for a while. This is really the darkest moment of the American people!

The differences between the United States under Trump have already increased.

How is the gunpowder barrel lit?
Why did the Freud incident ferment quickly?

In an exclusive interview with Xinmin Weekly, Zhang Guoqing, an expert on international issues at the American Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that the problem of racial discrimination in the United States is a chronic illness that has always existed and has not been reduced much. In fact, everyone is well aware that racial equality on the mouth and psychological racial discrimination have always existed, and the murder of African Americans by white police has continued to be staged for many years. Although there are many bills in the United States to ensure the rights of black people, and during the Obama administration, an affirmative bill to ensure the enrollment rate of black prestigious schools was introduced, but this does not break the discriminatory psychology of black society in the United States.

A 2018 poll showed that 68% of blacks believe that there is racial discrimination in the US judicial system. The potential mistrust and racism in the course of law enforcement and judicial trials in the United States have caused some white police officers to treat black people more violently than white people. The law enforcement process was originally intended to protect lives, not kill them. In almost every community in the United States, black people—whether in schools, supermarkets, or on the streets—are often viewed as potentially dangerous and criminal prone. Since the United States began to implement severe judicial punishment in the 1970s, one-third of blacks have had prison experiences. If this happens in other countries, it is conceivable that the United States will jump out and use that as a reason to accuse that country of “bad” human rights records. But for black Americans, racial discrimination and prejudice persist, and this injustice is infuriating and depressing. In the event of a white policeman shooting and killing a black man, such anger and repression will erupt like a volcano.

“The rights of black people under US law are difficult to be guaranteed. The continuous double standard in the United States is the root cause of the large-scale demonstrations in the United States.”

The reason for the rapid fermentation this time is because of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The epidemic has caused many people to lose their jobs and have livelihood problems. Many Americans are particularly awkward and depressed. They want to find a vent. In this case, the topic of racial discrimination caused by the Freud incident is a very good vent. Click, all of them were swept in at once.

According to a poll by the Washington Post, during the epidemic, the unemployment rate of Hispanics in the United States was almost twice that of whites. Affected by the embargo restrictions, many jobs in the hotel industry, catering retail, and construction industries are disappearing. Latino men account for more than a quarter of these industries. They can only use the “trouble” method to make the power leaders pay attention to the crisis they are facing.

From a broader perspective, the racial relationship problems in American society are also related to poverty, inequality, family, education, and job loss. If there is a “cold” in the US economy, then American minorities (especially blacks) will bear the brunt of suffering from “pneumonia.”

The gap between the rich and the poor in the United States today is increasing. Today, the income of the richest 1% of the United States accounts for more than 20% of the total national income, and for the latter 50% of the United States, their income accounts for only about 10% of the United States. This trend has been deteriorating since 1970. . The latter 90% of the United States only accounts for 23% of the total population assets, and the remaining 77% of the assets are owned by the top 10%. Even among the top 10% of the population, the gap between the rich and the poor is staggering. The top 1% of the population has as many total assets as the 9% following.

Over the past few years, the ever-expanding occupation of Wall Street has not ended, it has been extended in another way. Today, the widening gap between the rich and the poor in the United States has accumulated a lot of resentment among low- and middle-income earners. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, many young people in the United States have lost their jobs and have no choice but to do their business. resentment.

The gap between the rich and the poor also makes the “health inequality” of ethnic minorities more prominent. The United States has a well-developed and extensive public health system, but the minority population ratio and death cases have become unbalanced. According to CNBC reports, in the United States, the proportion of black people who accounted for 13% of the US population died of new coronary pneumonia accounted for 23% of the total number of outbreaks.

The last reason is the issue of public opinion. After Trump came to power, he did not bridge the social division, but magnified the social division. His various grotesque views and various unreliable statements made this social conflict more intense, manifested in the problem of racial discrimination. It is particularly obvious, which makes many black people, including Asians and other ethnic minorities, feel ignored and ignored, making their inner grievances particularly large. The Freud thing just turned into a turning point, causing people to backlog hundreds Years of resentment vented.

Demonstrations spread worldwide
What is surprising is that the demonstrations protesting against racial discrimination and police violent law enforcement not only spread to dozens of states across the United States, but also triggered demonstrations in many countries including the United Kingdom and Canada. It can be said that the death of Freud revealed that racism is not only a disadvantage of American society, but also a persistent disease deeply rooted in Western society.

In fact, racial discrimination does not only occur in the United States, but also in other Western countries.

The first country to break out large-scale anti-racial discrimination marches is Canada. On May 28, the 29-year-old African-American woman Regis fell from the balcony on the 24th floor of her building and died. After the incident, the police said Regis committed suicide by jumping off the building, but her family said through social media that the police pushed Regis from the balcony.

This incident quickly caused an uproar among African-American groups. In addition to the Freud incident, on May 30th, thousands of people marched in the center of Toronto on the call of some civil rights organizations, shouting “Abolition of the police.” Slogans such as “no justice, no peace” and “stop killing black women”. According to Toronto police estimates, the total number of people participating in the parade that day was about 4,000.

On the evening of May 30th, the lawyers of the Regis family issued a statement saying that they must wait for more evidence after the investigation before they can draw further conclusions.

But the Regis family’s statement has been unable to prevent further expansion of the Canadian march. On the afternoon of the 31st, a new round of protest broke out in Montreal, and the number of demonstrators also reached thousands. But after nightfall, the demonstrators began to clash with the police.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) said the demonstrators threw debris at the police, and the police responded with tear gas and pepper spray. In the process, demonstrators also broke store glass, robbed and set fire. In addition to Montreal, thousands of people marched in Vancouver.

Canadian International Radio reported that in Canada, the proportion of Filipino female immigrants with higher education is 6 percentage points higher than that of white female immigrants, but their income is 29% lower than that of white female immigrants. The ethnic inequality exposed by Freud’s death made other minorities feel the same.

Trump solves his problems by creating divisions, and saves his election by “dumping the pot”, which makes the various serious problems in the United States, including the issue of racial protests, not soon. Solved, but will continue to ferment.

On May 31, a demonstration was held in London, England, to protest the death of African-American man George Floyd due to improper law enforcement by the police in Minneapolis, USA.

Related protests also spread to many European countries. On the afternoon of May 31st local time, although the UK still implemented a home order to deal with the new crown epidemic, a large number of people gathered in Trafalgar Square in London to hold an event to commemorate Freud. They chanted “for Freud Parade with slogans such as “recover justice” and hold “I can’t breathe”.

Subsequently, a large number of demonstrators flocked to the American embassy located on the Thames River, occupying the road outside the embassy, ​​kneeling on one knee, solidarity with African American Freud killed by violent law enforcement. Demonstration organizers said they plan to hold a series of demonstrations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and other places. The City of London Police said 23 people had been arrested during the protests.

In addition, British demonstrators in solidarity with the anti-racial discrimination campaign in the United States slogan “Britain is not innocent”. The survey shows that in England and Wales, blacks are twice as likely to be murdered as whites, and 82% of the hate crimes registered in the area are for racial reasons; economically, compared to whites with equivalent education, The unemployment rate of ethnic minorities is two and a half times higher. It can be said that “the unemployment rate is higher and the wages are lower.”

In the UK, the economic recession under the epidemic also seems to be a nightmare for minority groups. The Improvement Services Organization (IS), which advises the Scottish government, said that the ethnic minority groups in the UK may be unable to withstand the economic impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics in May, in the UK, the number of black people dying of new coronary pneumonia may be more than four times that of white people.

In Germany, protesters launched two consecutive days of demonstrations on May 30 and 31. Hundreds of people took to the streets, holding slogans such as “silence is violence” and “let police be held responsible”. On the 31st in the German capital Berlin, the US embassy in Germany was surrounded by demonstrators. People held signs such as “Stop killing us” and shouted, “The life of a black man is also life.”

On May 31, demonstrations broke out outside the US Embassy in Denmark. The demonstrators held up placards such as “Stop killing black people” to protest.

Outside of many European countries, protests have spread to New Zealand and Australia in Oceania. The New Zealand Herald reported that on June 1, local time, thousands of people gathered outside the US Consulate General in Oakland to support the anti-racial discrimination movement. The demonstrators in Auckland also knelt on one knee, holding slogans such as “I can’t breathe” and “The real virus is racism.”

About 500 protesters gathered near the US embassy in Wellington, and one of them also tied himself to the fence beside the embassy to express his protest. Some organizations in Australia plan to continue holding similar parades.

In response to these marches, the New York Times commented that on the one hand, the protesters were fighting against racism, on the other hand, they also aimed directly at US President Trump and his policies. At the same time, these activities are also combined with the anti-discrimination movement in the country. For example, the Canadian protests combined the Regis incident with the Freud incident, while demonstrators in New Zealand and Australia also focused their attention on the indigenous people of the country.

Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the differences between different races have been further magnified. The unemployment rate of ethnic minorities is higher. The prevalence and lethal rate of African Americans are much higher than that of whites. Freud’s death has undoubtedly ignited “accumulation of hundreds “Angry of the Year”, the “Washington Post” commented that the differences under the Trump administration in the United States have already intensified, the government’s management capacity has been weakened, and the epidemic, economy, and demonstrations have tripled. The United States may usher in a historical inflection point, which is far-reaching. The impact is comparable to periods such as the Great Depression. Li Haidong, the American Research Center of the School of Foreign Affairs, pointed out that Trump created his division to solve his own problems, and “dumped the pot” to save his choice. This has caused various serious problems in the United States, including race. The problem of protest will not be resolved soon, but will continue to ferment, “I believe at least it will ferment until after the election.”