Marry the prince and bring the fairy tale into reality

As one of the most classic fairy tales, Cinderella is almost a household name. It is the favorite bedside story that every girl listens to. The fairy tale begins with “Long ago, a long time ago” and ends with “The prince and princess finally lived a happy day”, decorating the dreams of every little girl. childhood.

To this day, in a modern society with few “monarchy countries”, many people are still curious about royal life. It’s just that curiosity turns to curiosity, and as the age grows, the ignorant girls all return to “reality”: it’s such an easy thing to meet a prince, let alone “marry a prince.” However, there is a Chinese girl who actually married the prince!

Encounter Prince in Paris
Li Ran was born in Meizhou, Guangdong in 1984. During college, she studied finance at Beijing Language and Culture University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics. After graduating from university, she chose to study abroad. She first studied French language and civilization at the Sorbonne University in Paris, and then she entered the Paris Advanced Management School to study luxury marketing and management, and obtained an MBA degree.

After graduating from the Paris Higher School of Management, Li Ran first worked as an intern in Givenchy stores before selling in Fendi stores. At that time, she did not know that God just interwoven her and the fate of the prince.

Prince Charles’ full name Charles Lemorro Joseph Malcolm was born in Paris, France in 1980. The history of the Belgian family of Ligne can be traced back to the 11th century. It has been awarded the title of Prince or Princess of Ligne since the period of the Roman Empire. It is the oldest and most prestigious royal family in Belgium.

The descendants of the Lignes family have always been business elites. Charles and his brother Edward started a company to do high-speed elevated railway construction and urban development projects. They also invested in land in the United States, and the business was doing well. However, Charles, who is full of literary and artistic fans, is not in business. He entrusted his business to his brother to take care of it. He devoted himself to studying interior design and became a famous architect in Paris. Because of the need to constantly investigate the design styles of various stores, when Charles stepped into the Fendi store, the slender, handsome Li Ran received him.

For professional reasons, Charles has a deep research on Oriental architecture, loves the house and Ukraine, and the feminine beauty of Oriental women also deeply moved him. Compared with the fashion and openness of the Parisian girl, the oriental women know Dali and politeness, which is more in line with Charles’s spouse selection criteria. He has always dreamed of holding an oriental girl together. Therefore, when Li Ran greeted him, Charles felt as if he had traveled through time and space, and he was so excited.

Li Ran wondered secretly, why did this gentle European gentleman stare at himself thoughtfully? Charles realized that he had lost his mind, and hurried blushing to greet Li Ran.

In order to stay longer with the girl she loves, Charles asked Li Ran to take a tour with him. Li Ran took Charles generously and walked around the store while proficiently introducing the goods on the display rack.

Romance on the Champs Elysees
After more than a year, as long as Li Ran was on duty, Charles must appear on time. From talking about products to talking about life and design, in order to be able to find a common language, Charles repeatedly ran to the library and borrowed professional books on luxury marketing and management.

With kung fu not paying attention, Charles’s fierce offensive finally made Li Ran open his heart, accepting his roses and dating invitation. Since then, on the prosperous Champs Elysées, under the soaring Eiffel Tower, often left a pair of handsome men and beautiful women, Li Ran and Charles fell in love.

Li Ran’s parents felt a little bit reluctant about her daughter’s love affairs. Her daughter’s hard work in Paris did require a gentle and gentle man who was cold and hot, but the thought that her daughter would take root in Europe would stir them upset.

Charles saw the thoughts of his prospective parents, and he commissioned Li Ran to convey his intentions to the two old men. If they agreed to marry their daughters to themselves as wives, they set up a home in Beloir Castle, Belgium and China. Li Ran and the future baby often go home to see. Hearing such heart-warming words, Li Ran’s parents readily agreed to their love affair.

After a year and a half of love, Li Ran and Charles married in a low profile. On the wedding day, the royal family made an exception for Li Ran to wear a big red wedding dress, just to respect the traditional customs of Chinese brides. From that moment, Li Ran became the first native Chinese girl to marry the European royal family. At the wedding, Prince Mitchell of Ligne was happy for his son to marry a good wife. He proudly introduced the daughter-in-law in a red wedding dress to the guests: “She studied in Paris and obtained a master’s degree in luxury marketing.” This marriage And received warm blessings from the Belgian people.

Love what you love, think what you think
Charles likes to paint oil paintings. After the two got married, Li Ran specially arranged a studio for her husband. In his spare time, Li Ran likes to hold a cup of tea, and enjoys her husband painting on the canvas by the rail. Charles’s paintings are very freehand, and have the same features as Chinese freehand painting.

Every time he completed the painting, Charles asked his wife to comment like an elementary school student. For her husband’s hobbies, Li Ran extensively studied the painting arts of the East and the West and commented: “Freehand painting is the main form of Chinese painting, and has the same basic characteristics as Western oil painting. Oil painting emphasizes the imitation of objective things, anatomy, perspective, light and dark The universal application of knowledge in painting enables Western traditional paintings to grasp the solid sense of objective objects, thereby creating a real illusion that feels the same as objective things.” Charles looked at Li Ran in amazement, nodding in praise, while instructing her to continue publishing High see. Li Ran saw that her husband was fascinated, and suggested that he find an opportunity to visit a famous painter in China to exchange his painting experience. Charles happily agreed. Later, Li Ran really took her husband back to her “native family” to visit and study at the Penglai Painting and Calligraphy Institute in Huizhou.

Li Ran respected Charles’ preferences, and Charles was considerate of Li Ran. Two years after their marriage, their love crystal was born, and a mixed-race baby became the successor little prince of the Ligne family. With a baby son, Li Ran became a full-time wife. Charles arranged another warm home in Shanghai to satisfy Li Ran’s desire to return to his mother’s home.

After marriage, Li Ran did not sit back and enjoy the success. After his son went to school, Charles was worried that his wife would be upset at home, and encouraged her to return to the workplace, which coincided with Li Ran’s idea. Since then, Li Ran has worked as a supervisor in a European luxury goods company. He is low-key and rarely shows up on social occasions.

“You are the wind, I am the sand”, Li Ran and Prince Charles live a harmonious life in the song, warm and sweet.