Artifact “cuckoo machine”: cute pet printer on fingertips

One day in 2008, Xie Fayan, who was in college at a normal school of fine arts, had a quarrel with his girlfriend. During the “Cold War”, his girlfriend did not answer the phone and did not return text messages. Somewhat helpless, he suddenly wondered: If there is a small printer next to his girlfriend, she can print the notes she has passed on. Will she always look at the notes? In addition, with it, you can also send messages to family members who don’t often see their mobile phones at home. This idea was buried in his mind.

After graduation, Xie Fayan entered Xiamen Yingqu Technology Co., Ltd. and became an intelligent designer of industrial manufacturing. On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2016, when Xie Fayan was waiting for checkout in the supermarket, he noticed the cash register. He suddenly discovered: Isn’t this just a small printer? When it was his turn to check out, he was catching up with the cashier to replace the printing paper. That was the first time he saw the thermal print head. The cashier took out a roll of thermal paper and swiped it with his finger to determine the front and back. Fingers crossed, leaving a black mark.

“Why do you show black with one finger swipe? Does this paper use ink?” The curious Xie Fayan searched the Internet for relevant information. The original thermal printing technology is to cover the paper with a transparent film, which becomes Dark color, realize printing. He vaguely felt that his printing organization wanted to achieve it.

People are used to using mobile phones to record information, but it is really troublesome to turn over the phone to confirm everything. If you can connect the mobile terminal of the mobile phone through Wi-Fi, print the text or photos recorded in the mobile phone in time and paste it in a conspicuous position. , Can we solve this problem? If you can’t take care of the children of the elderly at home for a long time, you can also print out some reminders remotely through this device, so that the elderly who are not used to using mobile phones can deal with them in time. You can even collaborate with educational software to print a variety of problem solving ideas and paste them directly on the wrong question set, saving time and effort…

If you do it, Xie Fayan finds Wu Tao, a colleague who works as a software engineer in the company, as a business partner. They named this printer as a cuckoo machine and applied it to the company’s internal business incubation project as a small smart home product. After being approved, Wu Tao set out to develop a mobile APP. They also cooperated with a manufacturer of thermal printing equipment. After introducing the concept of the cooing machine to the other party, the other party immediately made a decision: in addition to providing thermal print heads and technical personnel, the contract manufacturing of the whole machine is also from the factory. Assist to complete.

“Easy to use” is not as good as “fun”
With the technology, in addition to the incubation funds provided by the company, they also try to crowdfund online. What Xie Fayan and Wu Tao did not expect is that such a small machine with a single function seems to be a trendy equipment that young people pay attention to and love when crowdfunding. In more than a month, the Cuckoo Machine project has raised nearly one million yuan.

In this way, the first generation of Cuckoo Machine was quickly made. It has a dull appearance, only the size of a slap, and can even be put in a pocket. What problems do users think of or what pictures do they see, enter the information directly on the mobile phone, print it with a Wi-Fi connected cuckoo machine, and they can take the sticky note in their hands and read it. Netizens also exerted their imagination and played a variety of fresh ways to play the Cuckoo Machine, which was a real hit on the Internet.

Xia Yang and Silent met while working in a Chinese restaurant in 2017. A year later, they traveled together in Europe for 40 days and became a sweet lover. Later, when Xia Yang went abroad to study, for more than a year in a long-distance relationship, they relied on a cuckoo machine as a link to make up for the experiences and misses they missed each other. The papers that are exchanged every day have the after-views of the variety shows they chase together, as well as the gourmet restaurants that share the movies they watched and punch cards… so that the two are used to this sense of ritual, and opened their eyes in the morning to see The note is very satisfying, which is unmatched by the phone conversation.

Gao Legao and girlfriend Xiaoli are high school classmates, but after graduating from high school, they were admitted to universities in different cities. After the cooing machine appeared, Gao Lego found that the cooing machine could not only print the knowledge points of the subject, but also become a “bridge of friendship” between girlfriends. In the summer vacation of 2019, they plan to print out the planned route, the attractions they want to go, and the food shops they want to punch out with a cooing machine before they go on holiday, and then they will go one by one.

Duner’s mother turned the cooing machine into a parent-child interactive artifact. She originally bought it for her own play, but later found out that this is a must-have for Mengbao! Before, Duner’s mother tried to make a word card to teach baby English words by printing + plastic packaging, but it was really troublesome to operate. After having a cuckoo machine, she accompanied her baby to read the English picture book. She took an English word or sentence and printed it out, so that the baby could review it continuously, which greatly saved time and economic cost. The Cuckoo App also comes with a graffiti function. You can draw whatever you want, and sketching and stick drawing are really suitable for babies.

Because of the social function, the Cuckoo machine has become a new smart home hardware product for emotional communication. The previously unpopular graphics and text mixing, printing graffiti and other functions have also become the most popular gameplay in the hands of netizens. The “viral” spread on the social platform directly led to the growth of Cuckoo machine sales. In less than half a year, it increased from two to three thousand units per month to ten thousand units.

Cuckoo machine becomes a new way of socializing
The market performance of the Cuckoo machine after catching up with e-commerce is booming, but Xie Fayan, the co-founder in charge of marketing, has always worried about a question: Will the Cuckoo opportunity be just a short-lived “explosion”? Cuckoo machine is popular because of its novel and fun form, but users always have a day of “fun”. How to dig new gameplay constantly is the work of the whole team of Cuckoo machine.

The first step that Xie Fayan thought of was to explore the usage scenarios of the product.

Cuckoo Machine has cooperated with many enterprise numbers to access the sharing port. Cuckoo Machine cooperated with Han Han’s “ONE·One” public account, and every day a wonderful and good tweet, meeting friends with paper, to give users a new communication experience. The cooing machine cooperated with Pioneer Bookstore has a built-in subscription number for Pioneer Bookstore. The exquisite pictures and texts pushed by Pioneer Bookstore will be printed on the paper regularly in front of readers. Readers can also add friends and send notes to each other on the Cuckoo machine, and share their reading notes and recommended book lists with friends via notes.

The Cuckoo Machine also cooperates with the movie ticket booking platform. After the client purchases the movie ticket, the user can use the Cuckoo Machine to print out the movie ticket, and can choose the template of the movie ticket he wants. For example, users who watch “Warcraft” have two templates: Alliance and Horde.

In the same way, users can also print out the QR code of the store frequented by Meituan takeout, and swipe it when ordering to go directly to the page; order the takeout with friends and print out the menu, which is convenient for inquiries. Make a mark to prevent mistakes…

If you want to ask which segment of the crowd is most popular, the answer must be “hand account family”. Generally speaking, if you want to remember beauty, the materials must be rich and beautiful. Therefore, some “hand account families” spontaneously gather on social platforms to share the materials in their hands. When they see what they like, they use the Cuckoo machine to print it out and use it in their own creations.

The small and cute Cuckoo machine is bringing a new way of socializing, whether it’s mood whispers, mini love letters, family and friends tips, work memos, daily handbooks…everywhere, anywhere, all over the Internet, making the fast-paced Internet life full of emotions , Full of fun and more convenient.