The floors of this community are between the 20th and 30th floors. You need to swipe your card when you enter the elevator and go upstairs. My mother thought it was too much trouble, so she just stayed upstairs and didn’t leave the house.

The son was afraid that his mother would be lonely at home, so he persuaded his mother to go for a walk. The mother agreed, but she felt as if she was walking everywhere. Looking at the strange scenes and crowded scenes, she was dizzy and annoyed.

She thinks it’s better to be in the village of her own home. When you go out, you can see the sunflowers in the small garden. When you open the window, butterflies fly into the house…

But the son was filial and said that she was older and said that she would not let her live alone in the countryside. Son wants to be filial, which is naturally a good thing. Besides, being able to live with her son and grandson every day and enjoy the happiness of the world is what she has always hoped for.

The man walked early, and she gave her son to college with hard work and frugality. Now that her son has a car and a house, she should also enjoy the benefits.

But reality and hope are always far away. The mother is able to see her son and grandson every day, as well as a polite daughter-in-law who treats her politely, not to mention the use of food. In short, everything is fine, but she feels a little empty in her heart.

At that time, she and her son said yes, she was responsible for picking up her grandson every day to kindergarten. But the grandson was used to his father’s car and was unwilling to let grandma pick him up.

My mother felt that there was really nothing to do, but she was so busy that she thought of cooking. But the daughter-in-law repeatedly told her to come to the city just to enjoy the blessings and do nothing.

My mother finally couldn’t help but boiled a pot of rice with a new type of rice cooker, but what she didn’t expect was that she made mistakes and boiled a pot of rice into porridge. Although the daughter-in-law did not say anything, she was very dissatisfied from the look of her face.

In the evening, the son came to his mother’s room to chat with his mother. The mother felt sorry for her, and she felt sorry for her son.

The son said, Mom, I know you want to help us, but we took you to the city to support the elderly, not to work.

What are you doing? She is less than sixty years old, and she still has a lot of physical strength and enthusiasm to evaporate. Every day she watched her son’s family of three holding hands intimately and walked out of the house. She was very lost in her heart, and was only dazed by the empty room.

The more idle the mother feels, the weaker the body feels. But she still had to try to show a very happy look. Her son was tired from work one day, and she didn’t want her to worry about her.

That day, my son bought a piece of fresh beef from the supermarket and put it in the refrigerator. She couldn’t bear it anymore, so she took out the beef and cut it, making a beef stew with potatoes. This is the mother’s private dish. The son especially liked to eat when he was a child, but unexpectedly, although his son frequently applauded during the meal, he did not see a few bites. The daughter-in-law didn’t give her face at all, and didn’t even stretch out the chopsticks from beginning to end.

What’s more serious is that the son and daughter-in-law quarreled at night when they slept at night. Although they lowered their voices, the mother heard it.

The daughter-in-law said, didn’t you let me make you the sauce beef? How did it become your mother’s potato stew?

The son said, anyway, our mother is also kind, thinking you are tired enough to cook after get off work.

My mother was insomnia that night, she couldn’t sleep anymore, and her daughter-in-law was just fine, but her son used to like to eat his own beef stew, why don’t he like it now?

She thinks her son has changed.

The mother felt very wronged. She tossed around in bed for half a night and couldn’t sleep anymore. At the end she simply lay on the sofa, but she couldn’t sleep.

The son felt that his mother’s insomnia might be related to her mood, so she took a few days off and took her to two famous scenic spots. They also ate delicious food and beautiful food, but the scenery and food were obviously not a good medicine. The mother returned home and still suffered from insomnia.

The son was very anxious, so he had to take his mother to the hospital for treatment, but he took a lot of films, and the doctor did not find out the cause. In the end, the son had to prescribe a bunch of medicines to take home.

The mother told her son that she was not sick and did not need to take medicine.

The son said, why not sleep without illness?

Mother has nothing to say, yeah, why insomnia? She was also confused herself. When I was in the country, I just fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

These days his son has been worried about his mother, and he is also confused, not understanding why the mother is so good that she suddenly loses sleep and cannot sleep.

That day he worked overtime in his work unit to rush out a plan. When he came back, the night was very late, but the light in his mother’s house was still on.

The son carefully opened the door and saw his mother asleep on the sofa. On the tea table in front of her was a picture book of grandson when he went to kindergarten. There are tomatoes, eggplants, beans, green peppers, green onions in the picture book…

The son understood his mother’s heart at once.