Star Lord

Xingye’s name was called Sanliwu Village.

Xing Ye was originally named Shi Xing. The villagers called them by their seniority, and their grandparents and uncles all exported clearly. Only Xingye, the neighbors of the village, the old and the young are called, and they have a sense of respect and no suspicion of chaos.

Xingye’s reputation is loud, because Xingye has a unique skill-acupuncture.

At that time, lack of medical treatment and medicine, the villagers had a headache, brain fever, cold fever, gastrointestinal discomfort and other minor problems, all looking for Xingye. Xingye took a few brown silver needles from a coarse cloth needle bag, lowered the needles on the points, twisted and twisted them backwards, inserted them in shallow depths, and moved the needles for a while to remove the needles. The patient was thankful and thanked again and again. Xingye’s face was slightly wrinkled with walnut grains. Waving his hand, go.

Accompanied by acupuncture and moxibustion, Xingye picked herbs, researched powder and boiled ointment, and made an unnamed pill ointment. In case of bruises, ulcers and abscesses, Xingye applied needles and applied medicine. Everyone stayed out of the village, and minor illnesses and itchies were removed, and everyone was happy. People in three villages and five villages admired the name of Xingye, and there was an endless stream of inquiries and treatments.

Xingye consults a doctor and never collects money. Everyone was kind enough, but during the holiday season, they picked some jujube pomegranates and steamed some rice cake noodles to give to Star Master. Those who are interested are holding two boxes of snacks and a bottle of Daqu, which are called high-end gifts.

In addition to treatment, Xingye is also familiar with some gossip tips. Whoever lost the chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep, asked Xingye to ask the hexagram. Star Lord folded a branch at will, painted a circle on the ground, pinched his fingers, and could always say that there is no difference between ten and nine, and no one would take this as a superstition. They all said: God.

One day, an elderly woman in the neighborhood hurried to ask, saying that her son couldn’t resist a relative, and he ran without a trace, and did not return for a few days. Star Lord closed his eyes and pinched for a moment, and said: Rest assured, you will be back in two days. Sure enough, at noon on the third day, the neighbor’s son returned home. It turned out that the child had been hiding outside for a few days the night before. His bones and bones were not affected, his stomach was upset, and his pain was unbearable. He dived back to the night to find Xingye and cried. Xingye took acupuncture points and took a spoonful of medicine powder to take it out. Subsequent strokes, go home at noon the day after tomorrow, there must be nothing. The next day, Master Xing spread the word to his children and told him that he could not get married. The woman believes. Everyone didn’t know that Xingye was playing a salary.

Before the liberation of Xingye, he was a bloody Fanggang man. He used to play the twenty-sound box to protect the village and village, and also set foot in organizations such as Huidaomen. After the liberation of the rebellion, Xingye lurking. After hiding for a few years away from the limelight, he returned to the village. Later, it was found that there was no debt, but he also left his tail and wore a hat and became the object of dictatorship. Master Xing’s acupuncture and moxibustion skills are what he learned in the past few years of escape. For this experience, Master Xing keeps his mouth shut, and the villagers only know a rough idea.

Earlier, although wearing a high hat and carrying a broom to sweep the street, the street sweeping was correct. Afterwards, the movement continued, and when it was important to be criticized, he often wore a high hat and took to the stage to accept the criticism. Although the fighting will be lively, the people can’t hate Xingye, and the fighting will be ridiculous. Forced by the situation, the village cadres confiscated Xingye’s silver needle, and Xingye lost his job.

The villagers were anxious not to let Xingye consult a doctor, complaining about theft. A wise man came up with an idea, and accepted, Xingye’s acupuncture stunt must not be lost. The three smart guys in the village were apprentices to Master Xing. But it should not be a big fan, fearing that the class front will be unclear. Village cadres opened their eyes and closed their eyes, letting nature take its course.

One day, the commune secretary went to the village by bicycle and suddenly fainted. The village cadres were in a hurry, thinking of Xingye, and called quickly. He also cared about the status of Star Lord and asked the “five types” to see the leaders for fear of taking political responsibility. Someone made a move to let Xingye apply for acupuncture and apprehend Xingye. Star Master then directed the apprentice to take acupuncture points, use needles, depth and intensity. The apprentice took pictures of cats and tigers. Star Master was in a hurry, pushing away the apprentice, twisting the needle with one hand, pinching the point with one hand, a moment, the secretary took a breath and opened his eyes like a dream. Xingye said, no big deal, the day is hot and anxious. Everyone was relieved. Afterwards, the secretary asked Xingye about the situation and ordered to return the silver needle to Xingye.

Since then, Xingye cures the disease and takes his name justly, and the people are all happy.

At the end of the century, Xingye knew that the limit was approaching and called the three apprentices to the bed. Holding a silver needle in one hand and a pouch in the other, he said: pass it on. He closed his eyes and drove the crane west.

The three apprentices cleaned their hands and burned incense, opened the cloth pouch, and saw a note saying: See you in twenty years. The three of them glanced at each other, nodding slightly, seeming to understand but not fully understanding.