Your inefficiency is not worth showing off

Some time ago, the circle of friends was screened by an article called “Not Going Home at 3 AM: The World of Adults Is Unexpectedly Bitter”, but it is quite interesting to take a closer look. Most of the articles I reposted around me were 25 years old. The young people around, and those elite professionals in the workplace are not interested in this topic.

I chatted with two friends and asked slightly sensibly: “Have you seen Shanghai at 3 am?”

“I saw it when I first started a business, but now it is rare.” A friend who started a business replied, “If a person who has started a business for 5 years still has to rely on his own hard work every day to maintain it, it’s really awful. Or scale It’s too small to recruit a team, or it’s too suspicious to let others go. No matter what, it’s not something to be touched.”

“I have passed the age when I need to show off that I am very busy and tired. I don’t need to compress the rest time to show loyalty to do performance.” Another HR friend said it more clearly. “A PPT does 80 pages. There must be a problem with the logical ability. After 80 pages, the problem is still unclear, and the working ability is even more worrying. Which kind of employee who does not have the focus and does not do good things will be the boss of the company?”

Some people think that working hard is a good employee, but now it is not a time of hard work and overtime. The boss does not care whether you work hard, the company wants high efficiency.

The brother of a friend was dismissed by the company the year before, and everybody complained: “I entered the company as soon as I graduated, and worked for the company for 15 years. I am conscientious. I have no complaints about all the things the boss has told me. After that, I haven’t been late for 15 years.” He said tragicly, but besides being a little sad for him, I was more puzzled.

After completing the tasks assigned by the boss, it is only a minimum to complete the work, and it cannot be regarded as a bonus item, let alone to work overtime and delay time. And how simple is 15 years of work, so I need to say “I have never been late”?

There is a saying that those who work overtime after the age of 30 fail like those who have not worked overtime before the age of 30.

When I was an intern, the American boss once told me such a sentence, which has benefited me a lot: the advancement of life is not based on hard work, but on learning to work smarter.

There is always a timing software on his computer desktop, how long it takes to do one thing, how long it will take to do this year and next year, you have to know what you want. If you have the same report, you just graduated that year After one hour, five years of graduation or one hour, that must be your problem. The recording of time can force a person to constantly reflect on: Is there any way to improve efficiency.

People’s physical strength, energy, and attention will definitely decline with age, and increasing age also means that you need to cope with more complicated relationships, love, marriage, parenting, etc. At this time, I would stay up late with the newly graduated young people and work overtime.

To take a step back, if your job is really boring and arduous, the boss will assign you an excessive amount of tasks every day, which can only be completed by simple repetition, and you have to work overtime until 3am, and have you left Ability is another issue. Everyone has a small abacus in his heart. Turning away or swallowing his breath is the result of the calculation.

There is no one-sided squeeze in the workplace, only the acquiescence of both parties. At the beginning of a person’s career, he is diligent and obedient, then experience and resources, and finally vision and insight.

You have to work very hard, but don’t just work hard. What is more important than suffering is efficiency, ability and pattern.