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Infringement warning! After many disputes, the famous British rock band “The Rolling Stones” recently issued an “ultimatum” to US President Trump, prohibiting the latter from playing the band’s related tracks in political campaigns, otherwise legal proceedings will be filed.

According to a report by the BBC on the 28th, the legal team of the Rolling Stones stated that Trump recently used the band’s well-known tracks without authorization without authorization in the campaign rally held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “You can’t always get what you want.” The legal team has already contacted the authoritative music copyright management organization, the American Broadcasting Music Association (BMI), to stop the campaign team’s infringement. The Rolling Stones said in a statement that the band will take “further steps” to comprehensively ban Trump from using his tracks in “any political elections.” The statement also said that BMI has issued a notice to the Trump campaign team on behalf of the band; if the Trump side ignores the reminder and insists on acting alone, then he is bound to face legal proceedings.

The BBC said that since Trump resumed his campaign, he has received more than one “infringement warning” from musicians: about a week ago, the family of American rock singer Tom Patty sent a letter to the president asking his campaign team to terminate the use of pie Tee’s representative repertoire, and the wording strongly expressed that the singer is never willing to dedicate his work to a political activity with hate and racial discrimination. It is understood that Patty’s classic track “I Don’t Retreat” was also used by the Trump team in Tulsa’s campaign.

In fact, Trump has repeatedly had disputes with world-famous musicians since he was in politics. Those who are lighter will “draw a line”, and those who are more “true” will be sent a “lawyer letter.” According to the American entertainment news website “TheWrap”, at least 13 top musicians or bands in the world have publicly accused Trump of using their repertoire, including British pop singer Adele, British singer, piano performance Elton John, and music queen Rihanna, who has a lot of fans in China. The Rolling Stones is Trump’s “old enemy”. The former has repeatedly asked Trump not to “destroy” their classic tracks since 2016.

According to the National Public Radio of the United States, generally speaking, the repertoire of political activities in the United States is obtained through copyright agencies such as BMI, and musicians can propose rights protection on the grounds of “misleading political endorsement”. “USA Today” said that the rights protection of musicians involves complicated copyright and contract mechanisms, and they have won or lost in their confrontation with Trump.