Back to work and have a good breakfast

At 19 o’clock on the 28th, Beijing time, John Hopkins University’s real-time statistics of new cases of new coronary pneumonia exceeded 10 million. Among them, the United States contributed another “40,000+” on the 27th local time, which is the second consecutive day that the United States has confirmed 40,000 cases. American media sarcastically said that the expected economic V-shaped reversal has not yet been seen, but the US epidemic has taken the lead in “V-shaped reversal”. The Trump administration’s attempts to urge states to reopen the economy have been severely beaten for days: the nucleic acid testing field in Houston is full, the ICU ward in Mississippi is in an emergency, at least 12 states have been suspended from reopening due to a surge of new coronary pneumonia cases, and the epidemic has rebounded the most. What is actively responding to the call to restart the Republican-controlled states. Americans’ trust in the federal government is rapidly decreasing, and public opinion blames the government’s “politicization of the epidemic” for the country’s division and social harm that has intensified during the epidemic. “From now to November, people will become more angry,” Harvard professor Stephen Water published an article in the “Foreign Policy” magazine, saying that people will continue to get sick, some will die, more and more Will not be able to pay the rent, “Americans will envy watching the better-governed countries reopen and recover, and wonder why they cannot follow suit. And Trump will continue to blame China’s problems on China, the World Health Organization, Pelosi, Obama, Hillary, the news media…anyone but himself”.

Nucleic acid positive reaches 10%-20%

According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, as of the early morning of June 28, Eastern Time, the United States reported a total of 2510151 cases of new coronary pneumonia and 125539 deaths. According to the “Washington Post” report, the United States reported a record 44,782 new crown cases on the 27th. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Nevada all hit new highs in daily new cases. U.S. Vice President Pence announced on the 27th that he would postpone the election campaign scheduled for next week in Arizona and Florida, because the number of cases in both states is soaring.

According to the US financial website CNBC, as of last Friday, the average number of new cases in the United States in the seven days increased by 41% from a week ago. More than one US health official warned that there are currently 2.5 million confirmed cases recorded, and the actual number of infected people may be as high as 20 million. The Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, told the BBC that too many newly diagnosed cases have caused tremendous pressure on the city’s medical system. He said: “At present, we are imposing fines on people who do not wear masks. We may have to implement home order measures at some point.”

US VOX website said on the 27th that Trump once explained that the reason for the increase in cases was “a sharp increase in the number of tests,” but the data proves that the growth rate of the number of diagnoses exceeds the rate of increase in nucleic acid tests. The percentage of positive nucleic acid tests in some states More than 10%, 15% or even 20%. It is worth noting that in recent days, people under the age of 30 in some places have been infected with the new corona virus in an increasing share of all cases.

“Trump has repeatedly urged states to reopen the economy, and now it seems obviously too early,” the VOX website said on the 27th that whenever the president played down the threat of new coronary pneumonia and the benefits of wearing a mask, his followers would listen, so Most of the states most affected by the disaster now are led by Republican governors. “This is not a coincidence.”

“They fell asleep while driving”

The New York Times reported that Americans’ trust in the federal government has been declining, and the messy information transmission in recent months has made many people more skeptical of public officials. Curry, who runs a retirement agency in Florida, said: “I am not angry, I am disappointed, disappointed with the government, very disappointed. I think they really should have better control over this.” She lamented why the United States did not More extensive detection and contact tracking mechanisms, why other countries are doing better than the United States. She said that her native country Jamaica performed better than the United States in this regard.

“Washington Post” said that five months after the first discovery of the new coronavirus in the United States, a record surge in new cases is the most obvious sign of the United States’ historical failure to control the virus-exposing the governance crisis from the White House to states and localities . The report quoted a former senior government official as saying: “They are creating a cognitive disorder in this country. This is not only because they fall asleep while driving, but also because they confuse people when we need unity. “The White House Task Force on New Crown Outbreaks reduced its meetings in May and June and stopped public briefings. Trump seized the opportunity to divert American attention from the virus to what he called a “great change.” Economic recovery. From April to early June, Trump’s public mention of the new crown virus decreased by 2/3. When discussing the epidemic, he often spread misinformation about treatment, masks and testing.

Dr. Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University in the United States, said: “There must be clear, coherent, and continuous communication (with the public), and this has never happened in the United States. Our situation is exactly the opposite, and it is difficult to sort out everything now. “He also criticized public health officials from the beginning to be arrogant and arrogant, thinking that the United States can lock and control the virus like China. “This meaningless hope fuels an unrealistic expectation.”

“The New York Times” said on the 27th that throughout the spring, Trump expressed his impatience and dissatisfaction with the alienating social measures taken by the states and his own assistants. “Trump can’t get rid of the current epidemic situation through bluffing,” the US “Atlantic Monthly” said on the 27th. The federal government’s response to the pandemic is incredible, in a devastating way of natural disasters- —The number of deaths is 10 to 20 times that of any natural disaster in American history. Now that a new wave of infections has swept through some of the areas that most strongly supported Trump, the government tried to take action again, but the president still refused to recognize reality.

Republican Governor “Political Station”

The division of American society has also intensified with the epidemic. According to the VOX website reported on the 27th, Pew’s latest survey shows that despite the rapid increase in new cases every day, 40% of Americans believe that the “most severe period” of the new crown crisis has passed, up from 26% in early April. And 61% of Republicans surveyed support this claim. 65% of Republicans now feel comfortable eating in restaurants, compared with 28% of Democrats who share the same view. 63% of blacks and 73% of Latinos expressed concern that they would be infected with the new coronavirus and need to be hospitalized, but only 43% of white Americans expressed the same fear.

Data show that in the United States, people of color are more susceptible to new coronavirus than whites, and the mortality rate is high.

Skidmore, a political scientist at the University of Missouri, said: “We are the only country in the world that will politicize the epidemic.” According to the British “Guardian” on the 28th, Texas Deputy Governor Patrick said in March that he Willing to “open the economy at risk of death.” On the 27th, he told Fox News: “Yes, positive results are increasing, mostly young people, they will not die.” Austin City Councilman Casal said: “The governor chose to put politics in the beginning Above health,” he said, the vast majority of hospitalizations are Hispanic, and the hospitalization rate for blacks is also very high.

The Brookings Institution of America said on the 27th that the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic made people see the profound differences in American society, the vulnerability of low-income people, and the severely inadequate health and social security system. Americans’ concerns about the virus are marked by profound class differences. Of those who oppose segregation, only 5% are unemployed minority workers, and 70% are white workers who are not unemployed. Among the lowest income 1/5 households, 59% said that they would maintain social distance, while in the highest income 1/5 households, this proportion was 71%. Among the 1/5 of households with the highest income, 71% can work from home, but among the 1/5 of households with the lowest income, only 35% can work from home. The epidemic exposed inequality. The huge gaps in wealth, health and work have changed from long-term problems to acute ones.

The British “Guardian” said on the 27th that when the number of new crown cases in the United States surged, Trump went to his private golf course on the 27th. A day ago, he also stated that while anti-racism protests are still going on, he will stay in Washington “to ensure that law and order are enforced.”

American media lamented the country’s “face sweeping”

While disappointed with the government, Americans also lamented that their international status was subtly declining. “The moment the world needs the United States to show leadership, the United States is more lonely than ever before,” CNN said on the 28th. The new coronary pneumonia epidemic has wiped out the United States and made it a more unreliable ally, while people watch the superpower. Struggling in the epidemic is like watching an international horror movie.

Is the world avoiding American tourists? A CNN article on the 27th said that in downtown Buffalo, New York, crossing the border into Ontario, Canada, it used to be only a mile drive across the Peace Bridge on the Niagara River. But now this route is banned. The high morbidity rate in the United States has led countries to introduce travel restrictions, and American travelers have become unpopular. An EU diplomat frankly told CNN that Americans’ chances of entering the EU are “almost zero”. New York writer Ai Zong cancelled her trip to Italy before, and she said she would not be surprised if certain countries did not allow Americans to enter the country for a period or years. After all, America’s response to the new crown crisis is too bad. The report said that most Canadians strongly opposed the entry of Americans. Canadians shook their heads when they heard that Oklahoma allowed indoor rallies.

Looking ahead, many American media are not optimistic. “Global confirmed cases of new coronavirus surged to 10 million, which is chilling,” Bloomberg News said on the 28th that this milestone is a heavy blow to health experts and global leaders (including US President Trump). It was hoped that in the early stage of the epidemic of the new coronavirus, it would disappear with the heat of summer. But now, on the contrary, the epidemic has spread at an unprecedented rate. It is reported that the situation may deteriorate when autumn comes. The flu season in the United States and other northern hemisphere countries will be further complicated by the epidemic of the new coronavirus, adding even more pressure to the already stretched medical system.