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since mid-March this year, the “Stop Hate Asia-Pacific Notification Center”, an American group that tracks anti-Asian hatred, has recorded more than 2,100 related incidents. The group said it was a worrying number and was partly encouraged by anti-China political remarks made by US politicians during the epidemic.

“Voice of America” ​​claims that although ethnic defamation and other forms of verbal harassment account for the vast majority of these incidents, nearly 8% still involve personal attacks, businesses ban Asian Americans, and attackers cough and spit at the victims Unlawful acts such as water. The most disgusting case occurred in March of this year when a teenager stabbed an Asian American man and his child in a supermarket in Texas. The report stated that the suspect “thinks it is a Chinese family and is spreading the new crown virus.”

It is reported that, as during the SARS epidemic in 2003, Asian Americans were targeted during the public health crisis. This latest wave of anti-Asian hatred coincides with the intensification of anti-Chinese rhetoric by Trump and other politicians. In fact, Trump had praised China’s handling of the crisis at the beginning, but he accused China of concealing the seriousness of the problem and repeatedly referred to the new crown virus as “Chinese virus” and “Kung Fu flu.” According to a report from the US CNBC website on the 28th, the US Democratic presidential candidate Biden recently criticized Trump for calling the new crown virus “Kung Fu Flu” and “Chinese Flu”. “Asian Americans are being violently attacked and received by the President. The blow of xenophobic speech.”

Those who defend the interests of Asian Americans say that these Trump statements are full of derogations and further treat Asian Americans as scapegoats. “California Democrat State Assemblyman Bill Ting said that such remarks have a direct impact on anti-Asian harassment and a surge in hate crimes,” these words spoken by American leaders are tantamount to giving others the same views and taking (attack ) Action permit. “The Stop Hate Asia-Pacific Notification Center” found in a recent report that after Trump’s repeated use of the “Chinese virus”, reports of discrimination against Asian people began to surge. Although the coalition recorded the vast majority of the above The case has not deteriorated to the level of hate crime defined by US law, but more than 100 of them have already met the definition of crime.