Tips for buying primary color tissues

In recent years, a primary color tissue with a “healthy complexion” has appeared in major supermarkets. So, is the primary color tissue really so good?

Primary color paper towels extract natural plant fibers and do not use bleaching agents and other harmful preparations throughout the process. In the production process, “primary color paper towels” eliminate the need for bleaching than white paper towels, but they also add more softeners and wet strength agents. Therefore, the statement of “primary color tissue” and “no addition” is not accurate.

So, how to buy high-quality tissue?

1. Look at the feel Good paper towels have a high content of wood pulp, which feels delicate and soft to the touch, and is not easy to lose powder or hair. Bad tissues are harder and looser, and tend to lose powder and hair.

2. Specific tenacity Take the wood pulp paper towel in your hand and pull it with a little force. There will be wrinkles in the paper towel, but it will not break. Unsatisfactory paper towels will break due to low wood pulp content and poor flexibility.

3. Observe the burning situation. The paper dust with excessive fluorescent agent is white or black after burning, while the qualified paper towel is natural gray after burning.

4. Test the soaking state. Good tissues have high density and high toughness. Even if they are soaked in water, they will not be deformed or loose.

5. Go to regular shopping malls and supermarkets. If you don’t master the identification skills, you can buy primary tissues dyed with dyes. It is still harmful to the human body. Therefore, you must go to regular shopping malls and supermarkets to buy well-known brands produced by regular manufacturers.

The shelf life of tissues is generally 2 to 3 years. In addition, once the paper towel is opened, it is equivalent to being exposed to the air and accepting the invasion of bacteria from all directions. To ensure safe use, the tissues should be used within 3 months after opening.