The right way to open new consumption

Regarding the application of the new infrastructure, there are many “conjectures” in various sectors of society, which not only embodies the concerns of all parties, but also confirms the diverse connotation of the new infrastructure from the side. On April 20, 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission gave an authoritative statement, delineating the general scope of new infrastructure: information infrastructure, integration infrastructure and innovation infrastructure. It can be seen that the drive of technological innovation, digitization and information networks have become the main points for understanding the application of new infrastructure. The construction of information infrastructure, converged infrastructure and innovative infrastructure has not only produced many landmark changes in the adjustment of industrial structure and production methods, but also gradually affected people’s perception of their own needs, and then Allow brands to better meet diverse consumer needs.

The new normal: “cloud” consumption
Information infrastructure refers to the communication network infrastructure represented by 5G, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, and satellite Internet, the new technology infrastructure represented by blockchain, and the computing power represented by data centers and intelligent computing centers infrastructure. From this definition, it can be seen that the seven major areas that were previously circulated on the Internet are also included, such as 5G and Industrial Internet.

5G has a wide range of applications. It not only connects and integrates with the industrial Internet, but also covers the Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Things, Enterprise Cloud, and Telemedicine. In this era of mobile Internet, consumers are very concerned about how 5G is connected with daily life.

“The application of 5G will enable people to work, study, entertain and socialize normally at any time.” Wang Congqing, president of HTC China, said in an interview with the media that 5G will open up unlimited possibilities for life and also allow unlimited technologies such as VR. imagination. The epidemic catalyzed the popularity of online life, but in the post-epidemic era, life relying on 5G may become a “new normal” and may become mainstream.

How online life can better integrate technology to provide a more creative and more experienced online consumption scenario has become the key direction of brand enterprises.

“Online education has ushered in the industry with high concurrent traffic challenges. The large bandwidth and low latency of 5G enable high-definition live broadcast, game-like interaction, and video effects at anytime and anywhere.” Li Haitao, vice president of technology of New Oriental Education Technology Group, said In this way, 5G can be integrated with AI, VR and other technologies to accelerate the innovation of education technology.

In the field of information consumption, all kinds of media have also passed the immortals, showing their magical powers and creating their own brand image. New technologies not only bring huge changes in media analysis and user experience, from intelligent algorithm distribution to big data analysis, from 5G video calls to 8K experience, 5G will definitely bring more dimensions of consumer content.

In the reports of the two sessions this year, Xinhua News Agency launched a series of 5G holographic co-screen interviews in the form of “5G+hologram+interview”, which also used 5G network transmission and holographic imaging technology, allowing representatives and reporters in different places to cross time and space. Conduct interviews. Observing the experimental video, it can be found that under the 5G network, holographic imaging pictures do not need to be recorded in advance, and “representatives” of the same size as real people can be put into the studio in real time. The handshake and conversation between reporters and “representatives” are very natural. Zhao Zizhong, Dean of the Institute of New Media, Communication University of China, said that this series of interviews is a new attempt and highlight of 5G media applications, which is conducive to promoting the diversification of 5G applications.

People’s cloud model for new consumption goes from early adopters to gradual popularization, to accustomedness; from surprise to expectation to inspection. The endorsement of the new infrastructure for new consumption has made the brand more confident in adapting to the development of new consumption, and has unlimited possibilities for brands to participate in new consumer applications.

New demand: diversified development of consumption
Converged infrastructure mainly refers to the in-depth application of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to support the transformation and upgrading of traditional infrastructure, and thus the formation of converged infrastructure, such as intelligent transportation infrastructure and smart energy infrastructure. In the actual application range, the application of big data and artificial intelligence in people’s daily life cannot be ignored.

The consumption environment brought by the new infrastructure makes the consumption method more convenient, the consumption scene more vivid, and the consumption experience more humanized. People are eager to meet their diversified needs through new technologies, that is, where the demand is, the satisfaction of consumption will be realized. The big data center is one of the main contents of the new infrastructure. It has a very wide range of personal consumption applications, including finance and energy. It seems that as long as there is someone, there is big data. The data is not only used to analyze people’s consumption, but also shapes people’s consumption habits.

A glimpse of the whole leopard shows this trend from the wide application of big data. For example, in the basic service field, the emergence of software such as police cloud, government cloud, industrial cloud, tax cloud, and meteorological cloud are all based on the application development of big data technology. At the same time, there are industries such as smart retail, cultural tourism, travel, and education that use big data analysis capabilities to provide people with more accurate services and products that demand a more accurate trend.

On the one hand, accurate data analysis helps consumers find their needs faster and be satisfied in consumption; on the other hand, all technology applications are centered around people, so as to realize people’s good wishes for consumer life. The same is true in the field of artificial intelligence.

At present, face-to-face payment and card verification have become the norm in many people’s lives. During the epidemic, emerging technologies represented by artificial intelligence played an important supporting and supporting role in epidemic monitoring and analysis, personnel and material management, medical treatment, and drug research and development.

The “localization” of artificial intelligence from the cloud has also become a reality. Many companies use AI + infrared for temperature measurement to reduce the risk of contact infection. The technical support of artificial intelligence also allows people to transport goods through drones and disinfect certain areas during an outbreak.

At present, the development of the new infrastructure has allowed enterprises to realize that they must fully pay attention to the diverse needs of people in order to truly develop the optimal application of technology and create the greatest social value and economic benefits.

New kinetic energy: consumption ignites everywhere
Innovative infrastructure mainly refers to the infrastructure of scientific research, technological development, product development, such as major scientific and technological infrastructure, science and education infrastructure, industrial technology innovation infrastructure, etc., UHV, intercity high-speed railway and intercity rail transit and new Energy vehicle charging pile is the main scope of its application.

Many experts pointed out that the development of UHV, new energy vehicle charging piles and other fields will bring a tremendous change to the automotive industry. Indeed, the effect of new energy vehicle charging piles and UHV on the Chinese automobile market is obvious.

What applications and benefits will the charging pile bring to the automotive industry? Liu Shijin, deputy director of the China Development Research Foundation, said that the potential of digital technology in the automotive industry is huge, and the integration with the real economy is getting closer and closer. With the support of data and intelligence, commuting efficiency will be greatly improved.

Xu Yanhua, the deputy secretary general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, shares the same view. She believes that there are many innovative models for the charging pile industry that can be tried. This innovation is not only reflected in the technical level, but also in the business model. The favorable policies not only bring opportunities for industry development, but will also further promote the cross-border integration of industries.

In addition to benefiting the automotive industry itself, the development of UHV and new energy vehicle charging piles will also affect the entire industry chain. The charging pile industry chain involves manufacturers of equipment required for the construction and operation of upstream charging piles and charging stations, midstream charging operators and downstream overall solution providers. As the development of the charging pile industry returns to the fast lane, the upstream and downstream industry chains will directly benefit. Ren Zeping, chief economist of Evergrande Group, said that assuming that the domestic charging pile market accounts for 40% of the global charging pile market, the domestic charging pile equipment and service market will exceed 500 billion yuan from 2020 to 2030, and is expected to become an important part of the new infrastructure. One of the grippers.

In addition to directly stimulating consumption in terms of economic value, innovative infrastructure such as charging piles is also conducive to increasing people’s understanding of new energy and their sense of psychological dimension, which in turn boosts confidence in the consumption field of new energy vehicles. Although the sales of new energy vehicles in China have decreased year-on-year in 2019, coupled with the epidemic situation and the overall automobile market, sales and profits have declined, but the country and various regions have also introduced a series of policies that are more intensive, not only can it bring New opportunities will also help to help the new energy vehicle market pick up, increase people’s recognition of environmental protection consumption and ecological consumption, and further provide new kinetic energy for consumption. In this sense, the new infrastructure is expected to provide new kinetic energy for new consumption, and to This gives back to industry development.

Technology leadership will still be the engine of industrial transformation in the information age, and the booster of economic progress will still be the tinder that triggers a new wave of consumer ignition.