Legend of the Gejia Village: China’s last “Sun Tribe”

The buildings in Getang Village of Matang are basically bungalows, blue tile roofs and wooden houses. A more elegant house is also surrounded by floral railings, a house built on a slope, and a stone base as a platform. The house is built on a platform, and a wide flat ground is left in front of or around the house. The Gejiazhai village of Matang is surrounded by mountains, and the front of the village is a wide field dam. The front of the house is planted with bamboo trees and flowers, and the peach and cherry oranges. .

The folk customs here are simple, and they are very united and harmonious. The whole village is like a big family. Whoever has something to do, the whole village will stop to live and help. It is a pleasure and an honour for them to contribute to the clan. The Ge family has created an extremely rich culture with their ingenuity and wisdom in the long history. The Ge family has a complicated program for building a house. It contains a specific cultural connotation, has the value function required for people’s life, and permeates Strong folk culture.

The Ge family built houses, and the villagers spontaneously came to help. The people in the village have been busy working for several days before building houses. Large and small villages are all contributing to building houses, men are busy carrying trees and leveling the ground, and women are responsible for logistics. The whole village is busy, as if this is a big event for everyone. The custom here is that as long as the villagers know which house to build, they will pass the word ten to ten, and take the initiative to meet to help take care of it. The host family only pays for meals without paying, and the villagers live in harmony from generation to generation.

In the early stage of building, the homestead was selected, and the foundation was leveled. The woodworker made the beams and pillars of the prepared wood into a beam and column to prepare for the building. The host kills pigs to prepare a lot of meals, and feasts on all the villagers for two consecutive days. After the new house is set up, the owner needs to frame the purlins, order the rafters, tiling, siding, press the floor, set up the gate, dig the fire pit, etc. before the house can be officially used. A wooden house can live from one hundred years to hundreds, and thousands of years.

Living on the same land, breathing together, sharing destiny. The concept of having meals and eating together, singing and singing together, and having difficulties in helping each other, has deeply flowed into the blood of every Kejia family. From building a house to a red and white happy event, unity and cohesion are reflected in all aspects of the life of the revolutionary family.

All cultures wear
The Ge family has no words, they put all their cultures on them. From head to toe is full of history: the girl’s red spike hat is called the sun hat, the silver hairpin is the arrow, and the silver circle is the bow; the bun on the back of the head of the woman, the round ball in the head is the sun, and the curved bow is the moon. The jackets on their bodies are armor, and the patterns on the skirts, straps, and belts depict the history of the ancestors who had brought 9,999 soldiers to war.

Although they don’t have words, they have their own national culture such as life customs, language and complete clothing. The women’s clothing of Gejia is quite peculiar. The headdress is “Hou Yi Shooting Sun”, which is composed of red tasseled hat, silver hairpin, and silver circle. From the above, the bright red tasseled hat looks like the magnificent light of the sun; plug it in The silver hairpin is like an arrow shot by Hou Yi; and the silver circle that “hoops” the red tassel is the bow used by Hou Yi to shoot daily.

Wearing “hard armor”. The women of the Ge family wore iron armor-like clothing, which had seven or eight layers added up and down, and “armor” on their heads.

“Daggers, swords and hammers” hang on the body. On the neck of the young Gejia woman, heavy silver ornaments hang. If you look closely, you will find that under the silver ornaments, “18-like” weapons are hung, and swords, guns, swords and hammers are readily available. Majestic. There are also seven or eight layers of clothing: first wear a pleated skirt, then wear a “apron” with dragon and phoenix painted on the front, followed by a long-sleeved gown, then four pieces of armor, and then three pieces” “Aprons”, one black, the other two glittering, embroidered “scales”, and finally there is a layer of small batik embroidered with spiral patterns, and then tied with an orange belt, hung silver jewelry, even if it is complete. The young girl wore a red tassel, and the married woman wore a flower crown, a batik embroidered floral dress, a crowned armor-style shawl, and a pleated skirt. The waist is tied with a ribbon, a tasseled waist scarf, a silver collar on the neck, and embroidered leggings on the calf.

The red tassel in the Gejia women’s dress has a beautiful legend: the ancestor of the Gejia was a brave and warlike general. The emperor rewarded him with a beautiful red tassel, but he gave the red tassel to his daughter. The daughter passed on the red tassel to her own daughter. From generation to generation, the daughters of the Ge family have to wear red tassels.

The men’s and women’s headdresses have a sunburst on their headdresses and a sunburst on the back of their clothes. The red bows and white arrows enshrined on the shrines are their remembrance of their ancestors. After the old Ge family passed away, the sun was also engraved on the tombstone.

In order not to be harassed by foreigners, the Ge family lived for generations, and it is still not widely known to the outside world. Years of closed life have allowed the Ge family to have all the skills, and women are more ingenious.

Batik and unique festivals
Matang is a typical Gejia village. Villagers in Zhaizhong usually work in agriculture and do batik and embroidered clothes in their spare time. This can be seen from their customs, clothing and embroidery techniques. Different from the Miao people, their hospitality is to persuade rice rather than persuade alcohol, so when you come to the village of Gejia, you must first have enough food before drinking. The Ge family has always worshipped the ancestors, and every meal must be dedicated to the ancestors, and the family sacrificed a ancestral drum. “Ancestral Drums” are used for ancestor worship ceremonies that have been held only once every few decades. They call them “Harong Festival”.

The skills of the Ge family include batik, embroidery, silverware and weaving, the most famous of which is batik. Leather home batik has a long history. These simple and generous batik, unique patterns, most of the tigers and beasts, flowers, birds, insects and fish that express nature fully reflect the infinite desire of the Ge family for a better life and the infinite love of nature. The women of the Ge family are very talented in batik technology, and everyone is a batik expert. According to the customs and rules of the Gejia, when girls are 5 or 6 years old, they must learn to wax and embroider. The costumes worn by girls when they grow up are also made by themselves.

Batik originated in the Qin and Han dynasties. It was called wax valor in ancient times. There are many ethnic groups in Southwest China who are batik. The batik of the leather home is one of the best.

Matang Gejiazhai has the reputation of being the hometown of batik. The females of Gejia are known for their exquisiteness. In such a world where women’s red is admired, they are dyed with ears and ears. When they are seventeen or eighty years old, they naturally become experts in embroidery batik. It can be seen that Matang Gejiazhai as a hometown of batik is no accident.

In addition to the batik skills and dye workshops mentioned above, it is worth visiting. There are also performances in the village, and there are also Lusheng venues. The villagers dressed in costumes and performed their prepared programs for the guests. During the Chongyang Festival, the villagers of different ethnic villages around Matang gathered here, and the programs of bullfighting, bird fighting and Lusheng dance did not drop every year.

The Ge family can sing and dance, and the most distinctive thing is “stepping on pro dance”. It is said that “stepping on pro-dancing” originates from the love and love of young men and women, and it is a unique dance in the social activities of young men and women in Ge. .

Although the interior of the wall is fragrant, the Matang Gejia Village is rarely known to the outside world, but regardless of its natural scenery or ethnic characteristics, the Matang Gejia Village attracts foreign friends to visit by its own strength. Visitors can enjoy the Lusheng dance, bench dance, ancient songs, flying songs, wine songs, love songs, welcoming songs and exquisite batik and embroidery of the Gejia women here. Even if they enter the modern society, the Ge family still adheres to traditions in their own way, usually farms, and makes batik and embroidered clothes in their spare time.

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