The most important thing is to use computer cooling in summer

The computer’s case is composed of different accessories, and their heat generation and heat resistance are different. In general, as long as we can take care of those big heat-generating households, and control the temperature of the accessories within the tolerance level, we can safely spend the summer.

Equipped with three fans means that the graphics card has higher heat

Who are the big fevers in computer hardware? The processor, graphics card and power supply are the three most important. It is precisely because they are the big heat generators in computer hardware, so they are equipped with fans to help them dissipate heat. In addition, the heat generated by recent solid-state drives, motherboard chips, and motherboard power supply units is often considerable. If the similar hardware is compared, the general performance is stronger and the heat is higher, so the more high-end processors and graphics card heat sinks, the larger and more complex.

What are the cooling equipment

Silicone grease

So, what equipment do we need to dissipate heat and maintain a stable operating temperature for these accessories? Let’s take a brief look at it. The first is heat-dissipating silicone grease, which is a material used to fill the gap between the CPU and the heat sink. It can transfer the heat on the chip to the heat sink as quickly as possible, while avoiding the appearance of a heat-insulating air layer. The second is the heat sink, which is made of metal, and the surface design will maximize the surface area, and cooperate with the airflow provided by the fan to quickly blow away the heat. Finally, there is a fan. Simply put, the more, bigger, and faster it can provide, the greater the wind power it can provide, and of course the greater the heat removal capacity. However, considering the space and noise issues, the number of fans actually available , Size, speed are limited.

In addition to these basic equipment, there are some auxiliary equipment or common high-end equipment. For example, the heat pipes that are common on processors and graphics card heat sinks are generally speaking. The larger the number and the thicker the heat pipes, the better the heat conduction effect. As for the water-cooled radiator, the water (or coolant) is circulated, so that the liquid with a larger specific heat capacity can quickly and greatly remove the heat of the accessories, and the heat dissipation efficiency is very high.

How high is the temperature?
Since overheating will cause problems, we need to continue to pay attention to the temperature of the computer and the operation of the cooling fan. Fortunately, the main heating hardware of the computer comes with a “temperature measuring head”. Many fans also have a speed report function. We only need to pass the software Just read the temperature data directly.

In addition to the Master Lu and GPU-Z introduced earlier, you can also use CrystaIDiskInfo to read the temperature of the hard disk/solid state drive, and use AIDA64 (trial version) to observe the temperature of most accessories and fans. In addition, it is recommended that you install the application software of the graphics card and the motherboard, which often also has temperature and fan monitoring functions.

·The temperature of many SSDs is also higher, which can be monitored through CrystalDiskInfo

·Monitoring page of MSI motherboard supporting software

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For temperature, fan speed, and stability monitoring, you can refer to the article in the fourth issue of 2020 of the magazine “Simple testing with a computer is the first step”.

Simple handling
If the temperature of the computer is found to be too high, we must first pay attention to whether the fan speed data is normal. At present, the speed of the general fan without any operation is from 1000 rpm to 2500 rpm, playing games and handling large-scale When working with documents, you can increase A3000 rpm to 5,000 rpm. If the temperature of the accessory is high, but its fan does not speed up, or the sound is very loud after speeding up, you must let a veteran friend or a professional store to help deal with it.

If the fan speed does change with the temperature, but it still can not suppress the high temperature, it is likely that the heat dissipation is blocked, that is, the external cold air cannot enter, or the internal hot air cannot be exhausted, we can simply handle it within our ability. Generally, the chassis has air inlets at the front and lower parts, and air outlets at the rear and upper parts, so pay attention to whether the air inlets and air outlets of the chassis are unobstructed to ensure that there are no obstructions at the front and rear of the chassis. , Don’t just stuff things in.

In addition, we can also remove the side cover to increase the heat dissipation capacity, but removing the side cover of the chassis may bring certain hidden dangers, such as easy to encounter internal accessories, a large amount of ash, etc., so only the temperature is not really controlled It can only be used as an emergency measure if you live. After removing the side cover, you can also observe whether there is a problem of dust accumulation inside the chassis, especially if there is a lot of dust on the heat sink and fan, you can find it with a soft brush and brush it gently, or use the cold wind of the blower and the low speed of the vacuum cleaner to remove These dusts, but be careful during the process.

If the temperature of the computer or some accessories is still high, you still need to ask a veteran friend or a professional store for repair. It should be noted when repairing in the store. If everything is normal at the time of purchase, it is generally only necessary to do basic maintenance within one or two years. Deep cleaning and replacing or repairing the fan and silicone grease are not necessary. It is not necessary to replace the radiator, so do not Easily agree to the store’s replacement requirements. The purchase time is longer, or the temperature at the time of acceptance inspection of the purchase machine is higher. If it becomes “high fever without retreat” in summer, it is necessary to consider replacing and upgrading the radiator.