Go to a Spanish town to be a “Smurf”

“There is a group of blue elves on the other side of the mountain/they are lively and clever/they are naughty and sensitive/they live freely in the big green forest/they are kind and brave and rejoice with each other,” according to legend. My hometown is in a big forest, but there is a “smurf hometown” between the mountains and the sea in the province of Malaga in Andalusia, southern Spain. This is the small town Huskar, known as the “smurf town”. The magic of the elves is in their hearts.

From white to blue into a fairy tale world

Located between mountains and seas, with a population of two to three hundred, no one knows the world, the town is red and white, this is what Huskar looked like 10 years ago.

Whether it is the “romantic capital” Ronda, which is only 25 kilometers away, or the beach resort of Malaga, 140 kilometers away, Huscar is too bland compared to them: there is nothing “handy” The unique scenery is also not in a golden location with convenient transportation. The residents here live a leisurely life until the advent of a movie.

In 2011, Sony launched the live-action version of the “Smurfs” movie, Huskar as a shooting location and publicity base, ushered in the opportunity to change fate.

The red tiles and white walls were originally the “standard color” of many dwellings in the Mediterranean area, because white can reflect too much sunlight, so as to achieve the purpose of “cooling down”. In order to cooperate with the filming and promotion of the “Smurf” movie, Sony can be described as a “blood”, and signed a contract with the local people to transform the entire town into the hometown of the Smurfs. The most obvious transformation is: Huskar has changed color.

One night, the entire town seemed to overturn the blue paint bucket, from the church to the cemetery, from the resident’s house to the town government, more than 170 houses seemed to be wearing a uniform Smurf “uniform” and became the movie “Blue The home of Elves. Walking in the town, you will feel what a “fairy tale comes true”.

Painted walls, puppets on street corners, signs on the roadside… between the blue houses, you can meet Grandpa Blue, Dad Blue, Sister Blue, Aztec at any time. You can play the hide-and-seek with the Smurfs, “stuck” the 14 smurf graffiti in the legend, or take photos with their “concave shape” when they meet Sister Blue and Grandpa Puppet. I always feel something will be encountered at the next corner. The town is small, and the houses are built according to the mountain. Even if I have the same foot strength as the author, the whole town is just over an hour.

“Mushroom” makes Huskar stand out

Interestingly speaking, the reason why the bland Mediterranean mountain town Huskar was chosen as the home of the Smurfs is not because of the strong desire of local residents to cooperate with the film to paint the house blue, nor because it is related to the blue What is the origin of the elf writer, but because of the mushrooms here.

Everyone knows that the Smurfs live in a mushroom house, and there are really many mushroom houses in town. However, Huskar is more serious than we thought when it comes to mushroom production and mushroom research!

First of all, Huskar has a long history of mushroom cultivation. The surrounding mountains are rich in mushrooms with more than 150 varieties. It is simply a natural mushroom museum. Secondly, there is a special mushroom museum in the town, which attracts mushroom researchers and enthusiasts to find out. In addition, the town also hosts the theme mushroom festival every year.

It is worth mentioning that even though Huskar is famous for the Smurfs, the Mushroom Festival is still preserved as a tradition, but elements that are more up-to-date are added, such as organizing children to entertain the “Mushroom Family” The “Exam Team” activity can be described as a “quality activity” that combines “walking baby” and “learning”.

Unexpected encounter with the Smurfs

The “Gentleman Agreement” originally signed by Sony and the residents of the town was stipulated as follows: After the promotion period, it will help the residents to paint the house back to the original white. However, the publicity of the movie and the enthusiasm of the Smurfs fans make the residents of the town feel that it is also a good choice to be the “hometown” of the Smurfs. Therefore, Huscar still maintains the color of blue fairy tales, regardless of Both adults and children can release their innocence here.

In addition to unexpected encounters with the Smurfs on the street, the town also arranged a variety of ways to let you be “appended” by the Smurfs: paint your nails in the same blue, wear a Smurfs white hat, and put on the face Paint the Smurfs… There is always a way to “lasso” you.

Interestingly, the small bar in the town has also “renamed and changed its surname” into the Gegewu bar, where you will have a drink, you will be immersed in the pleasure of a drink, while you can’t help but secretly calculate: “Hey… My glass of wine has contributed a lot of badass capital to Grid Witch.”

If you catch up with the Smurf-themed carnival in the tourist season, it is even more lively. The whole town is a Smurf-themed park.

People will use the bubble machine in the square in front of the church to make countless bubbles. No child can refuse to have the fun of chasing bubbles, and no childish adult will ignore the bubbles flying around the sky.

Even if you miss the carnival, the square in front of this church is still a lot of fun. Like many places in Spain, the town’s weekend market tradition has continued to this day. However, at Huskar’s weekend market, the Smurfs are the eternal protagonist of the C position, and you can find various peripheral products at the market in the square in front of the church.

Huskar is “fired” by the Smurfs, because from the moment you step into the town, you can “reunite” with your childhood partner “away from home”, let go of the childlike heart, and feel the wonderful journey of “dream come true”. It is not difficult to explain why the original “gentleman agreement” has not yet been implemented. After all, there is a Smurf dream hidden in the hearts of Huskar residents and even the earthlings.