Only when you see people can you see love

  I especially like to read hospital-themed books and TV series, because life, death, old age, sickness and death are things that each of us must face. Recently I was reading “The Life of a Witty Doctor”, which talked about the kinds of things doctors in five different departments have to face every day.
  A doctor had just completed a 10-hour operation because the patient in the ward was relieved to visit. The patient’s daughter snarled at him: you look at it all day long, are you just a doctor? Do you have a sense of responsibility?
  There is also a chief doctor who will tell the family members in detail every time the operation is completed: a major bleeding accident occurred in the middle of the operation, which is very dangerous, what measures we have taken, and there is a major problem in the middle, how do we deal with… the family of the patient… I was so scared that I cried and ran into tears. The assistant doctor on the side hurriedly said: “Some problems did occur, but they were all solved successfully, and the operation was very successful!” The family members were so excited and thankful again and again.
  The assistant doctor said: Professor, can you say the result first. Every time you say that, your family will be taken away and rescued. The chief doctor said, but our duty is to inform the family members about the operation.
  In fact, are there any problems with the family members in the front and the director in the back? No, they are aimed at the event itself, but they only focus on the event itself, but ignore the object.
  We always say that what is right is not right for people, but it is not right to leave the object right and not people.
  For example, the doctors faced by family members are really lazy regardless of the patient, or like in the drama, because observing the patient, researching the plan, performing the operation continuously, and having not rested for half a month, it is not a concept at all.
  If the director is facing a medical student, it is necessary to try to restore the difficulties encountered in the operation, but face the family members who are anxiously waiting for more than ten hours outside the operating room. It is more important to tell the other party if the operation was successful.
  So in things, if we want to see people, we must also see people.
  This is especially true of family life. Because in the family, feelings are the foundation of everything. If we only pay attention to whether things are correct and what the other party made mistakes, then it is easy to care about and ignore the feelings and the other party’s efforts. And if we can pay attention to people and see each other’s efforts, for example, although the wife’s dinner is simple, but she insists on cooking overtime, she will be moved; seeing that Mr. usually does not care enough for the children, but every weekend Will make up as much as possible, high-quality companionship, will also understand.
  Seeing people means seeing the emotions behind things and paying attention to people. It can make us jump out of the narrow self-consciousness. When we can see more people, see each other’s needs, feedback and love, we can understand more. And tolerate each other. Then the family relationship will naturally be more harmonious, and we can also be happier.