Cultivate a few good habits to support the rest of your life

I saw a question on the headline: “What are your good habits and how did you develop them?” Originally, I wouldn’t read these questions very much, but I accidentally swept to one of the answers. It will definitely wake up at 7 o’clock on holidays, and then never get up after getting up, this habit has been seven or eight years. After getting up, look at the CCTV news and understand the essence of the previous day. The advantage this habit brings to him is that he has a special understanding of the changes in society. The administrative examination at work has never failed him. The rare thing is that the child has also been positively affected.

I suddenly realized that good habits are not about becoming good, but that I can get real benefits in those good habits. Moreover, good habits are not some big and empty ambitions or goals, like “study diligently”, “love to think”, “empathize with others”; but specific and small details, such as: how to get up early, what to do; read I will always have pen and paper ready; brush the bowl after eating, etc.

In fact, I also have a good habit of not drinking ice water, cold drinks, or hot feet. This habit originated from a stomach disorder that I had in my teens. Parents also often fall into trouble, only to feel annoyed. It wasn’t until I got sick that my stomach was sore that I couldn’t do anything. I suddenly realized that my body is my own. There are some things my parents can do, but no one can replace the pain. After my body recovered, I became conscious of not eating cold food. It wasn’t that I didn’t like to eat. It was clear that the debt was behind my indulgence. Not only do I not eat cold food, I also do very well in other things that need to be controlled, such as almost never staying up late, the things that must be done will not be delayed, otherwise it will accumulate more and people will easily collapse. I have friends who envy me and ask me how to cultivate good habits. This question reminds me that when people are willing to take responsibility for themselves and realize that only they will truly love themselves, good habits will naturally develop slowly. Too.

My friend Linlin’s good habit is to never play games while swiping her phone, nor to swipe her phone for more than two hours in a row, because her eyes and neck are particularly uncomfortable when she stares at the screen for a long time. Now she has subdivided this good habit again, for example, when she swipes her phone, she doesn’t look at the non-nutritious “shuangwen” which is easy to cause emotions; for the suspense movie commentary she likes to watch, it should not exceed three at a time; An “one-hour alarm clock” is set up, and when she is at home on weekends or holidays, she puts down her mobile phone to go to activities as soon as the bell rings: stretch out, make a cup of coffee to wake up, wash a piece of clothing, pour a pot of flowers, and squat on the ground Carefully wipe a small piece of floor. This is good for health, and second, it will not let you be overwhelmed by fragmented information. Many times she will find that even in the real world, just squatting on the platform to observe the leaves of a plant, you can get more energy than indulging in the virtual world, because the former is “connected”, the latter is “disconnected”.

Another friend, Xiaoxi, her good habit is to “eat a little bit less every day than yesterday”. Xiaoxi said that, rather than seeing this sentence as a lasting and painful measure to maintain her figure, she prefers to understand it as “enough is enough.” Yes, not much, only enough; not embarrassing yourself, only to give up those useless foods (things) that are “more and less, and less”. In the past, Xiao Xi’s weight was a little high. Not only did he not look good in his clothes, he also felt very unconscious. Since she learned to eat a little bit less every day than yesterday, the space in her stomach has gradually shrunk, coupled with slow chewing and swallowing, a relatively small amount of food can wrap her belly. After more than a month, she only lost housework and walked slowly without additional physical exercise. She lost four kilograms and did not feel uncomfortable dieting. This has increased Xiaoxi’s confidence, and in other respects has also learned to be firm on the principle of “just enough”, such as not hoarding too many clothes, not making too many friends, only making unique insights, traveling without scorn, only thinking inwardly Where to really go, etc.

Maybe you also have some good habits without knowing it, maybe you haven’t developed enough good habits, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that life is our own, as long as it is beneficial to our life and development, we must try it out. I don’t quite agree with the word “persistent”, because the formation of good habits is recognized and observed from the heart, not insisted on in order to insist. There are not many good habits, but fine, the ten “good habits” that come into effect when you think of them are not as good as a consistent good habit. Let’s start by loving ourselves and cultivate a few good habits. With the company for the rest of our lives, we can be our best self.