Looking for Sicily in the movie

Goethe said that not having been to Sicily (pictured) is equivalent to not being to Italy. There are many reasons to go to Sicily. This island is a fusion of the legacy of the tongue left by the various invaders in history. Because there is plenty of sunshine, the quality of the local olive oil and wine is excellent. There is no shortage of spectacular natural landscapes here, such as Etna, the highest volcano in Europe. When I went to Sicily, it was because of the movie. The directors took a fancy to Sicily’s unpretentious rural temperament, and made a film with a human touch and local flavor. They always have the color of honey and sunshine, with a little nostalgic color, portraying Innocent feelings about to disappear in big cities.

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, is really like a city of godfathers. The fierce fighting at the end of the third episode of “The Godfather”, the scene of random gunfire shots took place on the steps of Palermo’s famous Mosesimo Opera House. The theater, which was completed in 1875, once had the world’s largest stage. The design and sound effects are world-class. The city did not fall behind, and the stage was gradually ruined. It was closed in 1973 and reopened to the outside world after 25 years of restoration. Sicily’s drama lies in a melee battle full of tension and violent aesthetics outside the elegant and noble opera house.

The rampage of cars and the whistle of whistle one after another are Palermo’s modern movements. After finishing the check-in, the hotel owner reminded me to be careful of the car when going out, and pay attention to the thief in the city. One person should not sway in the poorer neighborhood at night. It seems that this is still a forest with coveted eyes in the depths.

If you want to vote for the oldest city in the world, Palermo may be shortlisted. Here was bombed during World War II, some collapsed buildings were not repaired, as if the war had just ended, it is said that part of the funds for the renovation of the city flowed into the pocket of the Mafia. On the other hand, Palermo has gorgeous churches and opera houses. In short, the history of mixing mixed the unique flavor of Palermo.

The car drove out of Palermo, as if driving into an oil painting. The gentle hills, like waves, were planted with grain, and the land without crops was covered with wild grass and wildflowers. The daily scenery was under the Sicilian sunshine. This kind of pure beauty. The old city of Syracuse is here. Afternoon walking on the local narrow streets, not many tourists, local people are taking a lunch break. The cat is also dozing off. The open and magnificent square echoed with the clanging high heels of “Marina” (the heroine of the movie “The Beautiful Legend of Sicily”), accusing the town of hypocrisy.

The story of the movie “The Beautiful Legend of Sicily” took place in the conservative town of Sicily during World War II. It was beautiful and guilty. The town man regarded Marina as an adult slut, but she tried every means to want a kiss. They are jealous of her and constantly hurt her with gossip Throughout the movie, the director asked her to walk around the town in high heels, ignoring others, without much dialogue.

Although the story takes place in a small town, Syracuse is the main city in Sicily. In ancient Greece, it was on an equal footing with Athens and had attracted many intellectuals, including Plato. Archimedes, a famous Greek mathematician, was born here. There is also a Greek theater dug out of the mine in the city, which is well-preserved. Classical Greek dramas are performed every summer, allowing time to go back in time.

In the film, the main church square where Marina often passes and is pointed by the residents of the town is in the center of the old town of Syracuse, one of the most beautiful Baroque squares in Italy. Tired of shopping, drinking a cup of fragrant Italian coffee at the outdoor coffee table in the square, watching people coming and going, is also a baroque lifestyle.

If it were not for “Paradise Cinema”, there should be no tourists touching the small town of Adino in the mountains. The small town of Adino is located in the heart of Sicily, and the transportation is very inconvenient. From Palermo, it is a 3-hour drive and there is only one bus per day. The town is not pretty, the design of the Amberto Square in the center of the town is very ordinary, the church is not extraordinary, and the buildings are also unique. But with a movie, everything is different. The director may be interested in the ordinary town, so he decided to let a moving story take place here.

No one will forget the scene at the end of the movie. The old man who died will leave a gift to the middle-aged child. The old man edited the kissing scenes cut from the movie into a short film, and the affectionate kisses reminded the children of the love and ideals that should not be forgotten.

If you still have a fresh memory of the movie, you may wish to pay attention to the elderly who often sit around the square. Many of them are temporary actors. You should also recognize the old wall around the square. The old projectionist once reflected the mirror and put the movie from the indoor to the outdoor, so that the residents of the town have free movies to watch.